Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Audio: Astronote - Weapon Of The Future // Free Album

We showed you the first two leaks a couple of days ago. Now the french producer drops the full album for free. The tracklist is stacked with dope emcees (Buff1, Edo G, Finale, Trek Life, King Magnetic, Magestik Legend, Rasco, Stahhr, Journalist 103,..) and the beats are outta space... Astronote! Don`t miss this. Did I say this is a free download?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Audio: Dirt Platoon - Deeper Than Dirt // LP

This LP is raw, filthy and totally back in time. Shit sounds like off the 90's and serves 13 dope tracks. No Fillers inside. Check all infos and the new Video (Dirt Platoon - Sing-A-Hymn/The Crook - Deeper Than Dirt) after the jump. Dont miss this°!


Video: The Feminists - Harvey Dent Shit

I have to let you alone with this. Shit is really amusing. Download the Mixtape  "The Feminists - better than Drake" via DatPiff...


Video: Drums And Ammo: DaVinci - Round Me (Prod. By Al Jieh)

I guess this must be the last episode promoting the four headed production team from Cali Drums and Ammo and their free beat tape which you can download here. This time it`s producer Al Jieh featuring DaVinci. Check out the previous episodes with REL and C-Plus, 6Fingers and Bambu and the first episode with Ammbush repping himself.
Don`t sleep on these guys.


Audio: Rafael Jove - The Spread // Mix


A selection of mostly european (predominantly german) tracks. Many of them edited. Just some rare or awkward stuff sitting on my shelves, that waited to be compiled into a mix for a long time. Starting slowly and getting library discoid towards the end.

Our friend Rafael is a lunatic when it comes to record diggin. Check out his latest adventure into funkyland. Crusty ass shit!


Video: Gil Scott-Heron - RIP // + Twit One - A salute to Gil Scott-Heron

I´m glad Gil Scott-Heron called some attention on his last record and made once again clear what a gifted & powerful poet and musician he was. He showed a last time that he still got it - putting all the struggle with life and drug abuse in the rear. He died 3 days ago 62 years old in a new yorker hospital.

The first time I recognised him was actual on a sample..   So here is a kmd for you + a late performance (probably not one of his best, but it´s touching that he did such a performance on a small stage in the park..) of the man himself.
For all who are interested in his lifework I recomend the documentary: Gil Scott-Heron – The godfather of rap.
rest in peace.

Twit One - A salute to Gil Scott-Heron:

A salute to Gil Scott-Heron by Twit One

Video: Masta Ace – I Refuse Feat. Wordsworth (Prod. by Marco Polo)

This sounds like some classic Masta Ace.
Wordsworth on the hook, Marco Polo on the boards. Fresh!
Shouts to John.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Audio: Eddie B And Harry Fraud – The Lucky 7 // EP

Slow Down Playboy feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq

Nice EP featuring Sean Price, Maffew Ragazino and Shabaam Sahdeeq. Download it here.


Audio: Action Bronson – Savage From Sarasota (Prod. by Karim Fonda) // Mp3

Something new from Action Bronson. Funky dedication to Macho Man.
R.I.P. Macho Man
R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Audio: Jon Phonics - Bruck Out / The One // (7" single/Digital) plus remixes from Blue Daisy & Naive Machine

A month ago i posted the video snippet of "Jon Phonics" new release "Bruck Out​/​The One". The 7" vinyl is already released and now its also available for digital download. Beats are fire, this "Bruck Out" track is !Off da hook!..Digital download includes 2 fresh remixes by Naive Machine & Blue Daisy. If you like what you listen to right now, support the artists and purchase their music. YoY°!


Audio: King Boom & Ka Sekhem - So Dramatical // LOW NOISE MECHANISM

King Boom & Ka Sekhem - So Dramatical by King Boom

Download: King Boom & Ka Sekhem - So Dramatical MP3

In preparation of his new album "Beats is Art", producer King Boom dropped this gift off his project with MC "Ka Sekhem", they released late September 2010. More previews and purchase options via itunes.


Audio: Sunrise Choir Japan Compilation // BADMINTON CLUB - ICHIRO

BADMINTON CLUB - ICHIRO_ remix / SUPALUGA from moda on Vimeo.

Thx to Cascade Records for sending this nice "Sunrise Choir" compilation, representing the  Japanese Beat/Rap scene this days. Nice to see homie Bugseed on it but either way its filled with dope names im familiar with owing to soundcloud like  Ichiro or Repeat Pattern. "BADMINTON CLUB - ICHIRO_ remix / SUPALUGA" is the official video and hella dope BTW. The comp will be available on 15/06/201.


Audio: Looping: Yesterdays New Quintet - Angles Without Edges Revisited

I dont really know, what to write about this project but im sure, if you like beats you know the original Stones Throw release of 2001?!....It rests with you, i like ThaT! (Who is looping?)
Play the complete Ep and get the Download link after the jump...


Friday, May 27, 2011

Audio: Atari Kid - Shalom Salon Mashup (podcast)

Atari Kid- Shalom Salon Mashup (Ssos22) by atari kid

Download: Atari Kid - Shalom Salon Mashup (podcast)

Welcome our latest, now afterall front row player, Atari Kid. One day he walked into our studio, and made himself a home. This release features a mix of our finest tunes from the early days of Shalom Salon till the year 2009. Pearls by Torky Tork, Anatol Atonal, Lucy Louder, and Cindy Sizer and a variety of tunable tunes. Brought together what was never meant to be...shalomsalon..

really enjoyed this...recognized more guests on the mix: Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Said, Hubert and so on....


Audio: Dice Raw - 1995 (Prod. By Rick Friedrich)

Dice Raw - 1995 by Raw Life
I guess I am getting old. I never thought I could fuck with this "I reminisce about the 90s" shit, but this hook is so catchy and just caught me at the right moment, I guess.
Good shit.'Preservation' of The Greatest Rapper Never trilogy...out June 7th.
Get this via Itunes or wait till the Album drops.



Ape9 and Dirtybird B released their scheduled OK YEAH EP we announced some days ago. All beats delivered by Dirtybird, all vovals by Ape9 featuring Devon Parker, Alanna Cruz, E.S.P. & Aklock. Laid-Back tracks for your regeneration at the weekend.
Stream the complete EP after the jump...


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video + Interview: DJ Vadim presents The Electric - Toot Toot

Some weeks ago we met the legendary producer Dj Vadim in his berlin part-time flat and had a little chat about past, present and future of production, changes in the music industry and his new record with The Electric. It was interesting to hear the opinions and storys of someone who is in the game since over two decades. Thanks again to Vadim for sharing views. // Check the new video "The Electric - Toot Toot" (produced by homie Benjamin Dormrich and Loris Lamuniere) and the interview after the jump....Thx 2 Jonas and Jimmmy°!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Audio: ASTRONOTE - Weapon Of The Future // Round Two Leaks // T.Calmese & Edo. G & Special Teamz

Ok, here we got the "Round Two Leaks" of Astronote's "Weapon Of The Future" dropping next week in full effect. Nice to see that "T.Calmese" is also on it, first time i recognized him was on a Dibiase beat (T. Calmese - Knowin Prod. By Dibiase) last year. The other leak features "Edo. G & Special Teamz", "We Don’t Change" is good bating the hook...Yo°! previous leaks right here...


Audio: Beatsofreen - 1965

Beatsofreen - 1965 by Beatsofreen

The idea of this beat has been inspired by the dreadful military conflict in Vietnam, back in the 60's and 70's. The title '1965' refers to the year that president Johnson from the United States started 'Operation Rolling Thunder', a aerial bombardment campaign against Vietnam. 864.000 tons of American bombs had been dropped on North Vietnam during Rolling Thunder, 200.000 Vietnamese civilians were killed. The theme in this beat speaks for itself. History repeats in '1965' !

ashraf "le" kool

Video: Substance Abuse feat. Tash (Alkaholiks) - Don't Get Us Wrong

Eso Tre and Subz are L.A. duo Substance Abuse. The former URB Next 100 picks dropped their debut Brand New Crime in 1998, following up with 2006's Overproof. Substance Abuse are big fans of Tha Alkaholiks so it was a "pretty surreal experience" to work with Tash. Check the result above...YePP


Audio: Decay - Let Her Have It (Cereal pt. 2) Produced by Nasrockswell

Let Her Have It (Cereal pt. 2) Produced by Nasrockswell by EmceeDecay

"Decay and Nasrockswell Collab with a little help from Dibia$e"
Peeped this song via Green Llama Music (Twitter), Nice collaboration between Mc Decay and Nasrockswell, with a dash of Dibia$e inside. Check more Green LLama at GreenLLamaMusic...

Audio: Samiyam - Where Am I // Sam Baker's Album (2011-06-28)


Samiyam is going to drop his new album "Sam Baker's Album" on June 28 via Brainfeeder. Where am I is the first preview, wonky, heavy basses and yes: LA beat maker fixings inside. goods are dope...


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Audio: Torky Tork - Sextape - Teaser // Rel. 2011-06-01

Official HQ HD Torky Tork album teaser. Sextape dropping next week via shalomsalon.de...Check the teaser track after the jump and download it for free. See you next week at bikini beach for some Sextape heat.... Yo to the homie lenny for this süpadope cover !


Audio: Sadar Bahar - DJ Set

SADAR BAHAR (Chicago) live @ Soul Train II, Pt.1 by J.A.W.
  SADAR BAHAR (Chicago) live @ Soul Train II, Pt.2 by J.A.W. 

Been away too long, working my ass off. I feel our blog misses some funky posts. So here is a very nice liverecording for you:

Pt.1 & 2 of Sadar's Dj set @ Soul Train in Paris, Nov. 2010.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Video: REL & JBILLION - Soul Clap // MVMNT

Some days ago we posted this incredible "MVMNT" LP by Rel and JBillion. Now i recognized the visuals for the album. MVMNT is available for free download, this is a rad fact and we are thankful, but one thing btw i would definitely purchase it. This is hot, dope, fresh and many other positive HIP HOP vocabularies. BigUP°!


Audio: Spacekid aka. Beat Maker Beat - Change of Scenery (to SouL) pt.1 & 2

Change of Scenery (to SouL) pt.1 by Space Kid
Change of scenery (toSouL) pt.2 by Space Kid

New Beats by Mr. Spacekid from Russia. His sound is so eclectic and sweeping. Take your trip. Check the previous posts...


Audio: Stalley - Chevys & Space Ships prod. by Rashad

Chevys & Space Ships by Stalley330

Download: Stalley - Chevys & Space Ships prod. by Rashad

To celebrate Maybach Monday, Stalley releases "Chevys and Space Ships", a FreeStalley produced by Rashad...

ashraf "le" kool


Mad Flows from cali dropped his debut album "CLASSICK" yesterday. We had the theme song "Classick", which is prodcued by Lee Bannon a while ago featured on the blog. The LP comes with a squad of dope producers (JP Deguzman, Styles1001, Rufio, Deign, Amatsu, Off Balance, Program2, Lee Bannon) and Mc's (Mad Flows, Task1ne, Konkwest, Luna, Chuuwee, Keno, Lifted, Jerry Done, Chris Reardon). It is an commendable project i wanna entrust to you. (Play the whole album stream after the jump)


Audio: A.U.D.D.A presents: BEAT POWER

A.U.D.D.A Label presents their new double vinyl with 31 beats, the featured tracks in the teaser are produced by "Dexter" und "Rob Who!?". Also on the compilation: "V.Raeter, Hulk Hodn, Hubert Daviz, FellaVaughn, QuoVadis, Noyland, Suff Daddy, C.A.Ramirez, Dj Adlib, , Tobrock, Dexter, Beatvadda, Sylabill Spill, Brous One, Mr. Boots, Asido Kids, Plastic Surgeon, Dj Ara, Retrogott, Illroyal, Roddy, Nico Soprano, Rob Who?!, MemyselfandI, TwitUno, LazyJones"...sounds great..(via homie eKrem)


Audio: O-Phrap - Ms. Starlight ( prod. Aspect 1)

LA-based Mcee O-Phrap sent "Ms. Starlight" over with Aspect 1 on the beat. If you're not familiar with O-Phrap and his fam, so check a bunch of songs right here..


Audio: MidWest Konnect - People Get Ready

Download: MidWest Konnect - People Get Ready

MidWest Konnect's (quatic Son & LeMons) new album "The Trailer" drops officially 5.31.11. To help pass the time, they shared "People Get Ready", a soulful track featuring samples of the "Impressions" and "Curtis Mayfield" and makes us snoopy on the LP. (Pre-Order the album via Fifth Element)...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video: Venomous2000 - Drop Of Venom feat. DJ Priority

"Drop Of Venom" is the latest song by Venomous2000 and features as often his homie DJ Priority. It is a pretaste on Venomous2000 upcoming album "A Moment To Reflect". This fam dropping dopeness straight out the underground (UG Flavoured) . Stay tuned...°!


Audio: Willie The Kid – Sunz Of Man Dart (Prod. By 4th Disciple) // Freestyle

Willie The Kid needs to do another project with Lee Bannon and this world would be a better place. What about a project with The 4th Disciple? Should be just as interesting.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Audio: First Word Records - First Word is 7

In celebration of their 7th birthday, First Word Records has this wonderful giveaway. "First Word is 7" compilation contains jewels of the last 7 years and serves "Funk, Soul, Raggae, Beats and beyond". Most of the artists will be familiar to you,(if you read this blog regurarly;) ), like The Haggis Horns, kidkanevil, Homecut, Mike-L, Souleance, Red, Herma Puma and more ...Compilation is available for free download the next 6 days, so hurry up and get your copy. (Whole album stream and download link after the jump)..


Friday, May 20, 2011

Audio: Bumpy Knuckles - Lyrical Workout Feat. Noreaga (Prod. By Statik Selektah) // Mp3

No hook. Just straight spittin. Crazy tune. There is a big storm approaching Berlin right now and this is the soundtrack. Let`s go.


Audio: Astronote - Weapon of the Future // first leaks with Buff1 & Magestik Legend

Astronote ft. Buff1 (Jamal Bufford) - Stellar:

Astronote ft. Magestik Legend - Big Trouble Little China:

There is mostly high quality stuff inside, when you have a email in the inbox with "Astronote" (Paris) in the subject. His new project "Weapon of future" drops in 2 weeks. 4 leaks will be released in the forefront, this here are the first joints you can relish, featuring Buff1 and Magestik Legend. If you missed his last project "Astronote - AstroNoMix" digg it right here.


Audio: Kabus Kerim - Kiki Set // Istanbul

Kabus Kerim - Kiki Set by Kabus Kerim

Download: Kabus Kerim - Kiki Set // Istanbul

Kabus Kerim delighted the weekend preparations with a new süpafresh Mixtape. This guy never disappoints. Get your beat on!° More Mixes and productions at soundcloud.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interview: Slug of Atmosphere // The Family Sign LP // Interview

Slug of Atmosphere Interview - excerpts (The Family Sign) by the-Rapohnelizenz

Homie G.Netzer did a phone-Interview with Slug of Atmosphere approximately a week ago, they spoke about the latest LP "The Family Sign", the Rhymesayers Label and some Hip Hop business rubbish. We have a short audio excerpt and the full interview in text format. Thx 2 Gerrit & Slug! (Complete Interview after the jump)


Audio: Aischa - What's Going On // MPM

Aischa - What's Going On by MPMCGN

Download: Aischa - What's Going On // MPM // MP3

MPM's latest signing is Aischa from Amsterdam. This lady has a beautiful voice and she sings so smart over Sotu The Traveller's production. Cheers MPM!


Audio: Ditch Effort - Castle // Free Album

When I saw the cover I was shure to be in for some average glitch-hop and I really seriously hate that shit!
Sometimes you press play and suddenly you feel that you have found something great, looking through the 1$ bin (this is a free download!). Read the very congenial message about how he is going to quit the hiphop hustle and fly into oblivion ...and also download and listen here.
Shouts to SoLO.
Ps.: Make shure you download REL and JBillion.


Audio: Kool G Rap - In Too Deep Feat. Heather Walker // Mp3

Salute the legendary Kool G Rap. This shit is smooth as hell. New album coming soon.


Audio: Vakill - Armorgeddon (Prod. by Jake One) // Mp3

These Jake One beats are sick. Each beat is unique, nothing repetitive.
This leak must be about a month old (and we already posted this), but Armor Of God is yet to drop.So I had to bring it back to the top.


Audio: Bugseed x Ill.Sugi - Flipping Formats // Album

Yeah, Blog familiar producer Bugseed dropped a new BeatTape in collaboration with Ill.Sugi. If you like BoomBapBeats, this is the right adress. They produced this project in one night and they only used Fruity Loops studio. I like it Raw! (Complete album stream and download link after the jump)


Video: DIE BELEIDIGER (sylabil spill, retrogott und hulk hodn)

..video zur vorab 12" (entLP013) aus dem album "die erde ist eine scheibe"


Audio: REL & JBILLION - MVMNT // Album

The Drums & Ammo Family entering the blog. This new Rel & JBillion album is fresher than raspberry ice. "BLOCK BUSINESS" & "ONCE IN A LIFETIME Feat. 1 O.A.K." are my favs after the first listen. I could write some more words, but I`m sure, if you press the play button above you will not be disappointed. Word!° 2 Tired...& Good Night..(More informations,Album stream & Download after the jump)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: Holder And Friends // Music By Naeem Oba

I love this song and now it`s been properly used in my opinion.
Back in the days when I used to hop on the skateboard a lot I saw this video by the company Real and it had a part with like the best skateboard pros riding the streets of L.A. or S.F. and Good Music by The Roots was part of the soundtrack. That was like the coolest shit ever. This gets close, though I don`t even have a bike at the moment. SoLo, I need my bike. Please help me, brother.


Audio: Count Bass D And Insight – Be Rocking It Feat. Pacewon // Mp3

This is for my man Anatol Atonal who is a big fan of Count Bass D. Their new album The Risk Takers is available through amazon.


Video: Drums & Ammo: REL - Go In Feat. C-Plus

Edit: After Blogger was down for 24 hours this post has been deleted. Know its back on tracks.

The homie jimmy posted episode 2 some days ago but i also playing this in rotation. REL at the production desk and C-Plus on the mic. Shit is wicked. And dont forget 2 download the "Drums & Ammo Vol. 1" Beat Tape with Ammbush, 6Fingers, REL & Al Jieh.


Audio: JAZZO & MELODIESINFONIE - Tree Times // Treeology EP

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, a production duo from Zurich released their debut EP "Treeology". Future Beats with a soulful mind, grumpy drums and synthie layers. If you like "Tree Times" (you can play above // free track)), check the complete Ep after the jump.


Audio: Edgar Wasser & Gossenboss mit Zett - Vdszbz

Edgar Wasser & Gossenboss mit Zett - Vdszbz [WildstyleMag.com Exclusive] by WildstyleMag.com

Download: Edgar Wasser & Gossenboss mit Zett - Vdszbz MP3

Edgar Wasser und Gossenboss mit Zett droppen ein solides Exklusiv bei den Freunden von Wildstylemag, welches ich dank Seff Wrights ein paar Tage vorher beliebäugeln durfte. Kräftiger Rap mit unterhaltsamer Deutschlandkritik in Richtung der HipHop Gamer die sich "Stolz" auf die Schulter klopfen. Nicht nur "Dies Das" sondern auch weit aus mehr, so Bert-mäßig. doppelYO


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Video: Random Axe - The Hex // Sean Price, Black Milk & Guilty Simpson

June 14th


Audio: 4-IZE & Senor Kaos are "ULTRA BEAST" - Wind Is High (radio edit)

4-IZE & Senor Kaos teamed up for a new group known as Ultra Beast. The first leak "Wind is high" promises a dope LP, beat is soulful (prod. by Beatminerz!) and offers a good base for these dope Mcees. Looking Forward°!


Audio: BEATS & BULLETS: A SOUNDTRACK TO A SHOOTOUT // Roc Marciano & Mok Vurban

Beats & Bullets : Soundtrack To A Shootout is a project designed as an instrumental sound score to a shootout cinema/street scene. Features all-star Digi Crates Records producers Kyo Itachi (France), King AL (Sweden), Miedlev (Sweden), Tape Roc (Sweden) and DJ Kryptonite (UK), as well as Roc Marciano of Fat Beats/Decon contributing his production to the project.


Audio: Danny Brown – Outer Space

This track is the reaction on some Beef (call it how you want) with the Odd Future kids. The reason is a concert in Detroit, where people threw bottles on the stage and the concert has been ended earlier than scheduled. Outer Space is making clear how dope Danny Brown is, line after line, pure entertainment. Successful answer.! (prodcued by xskywlkr)..(Read the complete story at Bears Eats Beats)...



Vor geraumer Zeit von Kehlkopf Aufnahmen im Email-Fach gehabt, wo es leider untergegangen ist. Aber besser spät als nie. Nomis und Döll sind 2 talentierte Rapper aus Darmstadt die mich echt positiv überrascht haben, technisch sowie textlich dope,tight,fresh und doppelYo. Das Album "ALLES IM KASTEN" kann man auf Kehlkopf erwerben.


Audio: Maker & Joe Beats - Falcon By Design LP // 2 Previews

Joe Beats_Seldom Seen by fieldwerk
Maker_Yap In My Pillow by fieldwerk

Fieldwerk Recordings announce that on May 24, they'll releasing Maker & Joe Beats's Falcon By Design on limited edition red vinyl LP and digital download. In preparation of the LP they dropped two tasteful starters, Seldom Seen & Yap in my Pillow, im ready for the main dish. LP will be available at www.fieldwerk.com. Get all infos after the jump...


Audio: Sair - Ein Andalusischer Hund // Album Download

Sair aus dem Zeltlager der Argonautiks hat sein Album Debut "Ein Andalusischer Hund" unters Volk gebracht. Der 17 jährige Berliner serviert 16 ordentliche Tracks und beweist auch beim Beats picken einen guten Geschmack. Storytelling, WhackMcee-Gebeiße und ein Andalusischer Hund, featuring Bens, Koholik & Flowris , N.D. Iron , Mortis One, Modus & Asket, Taktart Beats, WBE, Audioholik. Sair ist übrigens einer dieser Kids die da vorne Spaß haben. Herr Büssow!
Das ganze Album gestreamt und Download nach dem AbSprung°!..


Audio: Oddisee - I'm From PG // Odd Seasons

Today Oddisee's "Odd Seasons" comes out. "Odd Seasons" is the the culmination of four separate seasonal EPs created over the course of a year and for the first time, all four seasons have been mixed, mastered, refined and polished. Enjoy "I'm from PG", a soulful homage to his hometown. Purchase the album...check previous Oddisee posts...


Audio: Beat Conception - Beginning of the End Vol. 1

BEATSTRUMENTAL MIXTAPE features 8 tracks by a handful of talented producers, AngeredRebel (USA), Mozaic (USA) , and Skywalk3r (CAN), as well as some bonus content for those who purchase the album...


Monday, May 16, 2011

Audio: Esham Ft. Danny Brown – DMT Sessions

Detroit Niggaz aint nothing to fuck with!!...more volume on Danny Brown's voice please..SLICK!!