Friday, May 27, 2011

Audio: Atari Kid - Shalom Salon Mashup (podcast)

Atari Kid- Shalom Salon Mashup (Ssos22) by atari kid

Download: Atari Kid - Shalom Salon Mashup (podcast)

Welcome our latest, now afterall front row player, Atari Kid. One day he walked into our studio, and made himself a home. This release features a mix of our finest tunes from the early days of Shalom Salon till the year 2009. Pearls by Torky Tork, Anatol Atonal, Lucy Louder, and Cindy Sizer and a variety of tunable tunes. Brought together what was never meant to be...shalomsalon..

really enjoyed this...recognized more guests on the mix: Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Said, Hubert and so on....


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