Sunday, May 15, 2011

Audio: OptiMace - Used Future // EP

The début EP 'Used Future' by Dutch DJ's/producers Mace and Optimus, together OptiMace. This EP is the result of an intensive cooperation between the two, using all types of equipment like vintage samplers & synthesizers, fx-pedals, turntables, 'ordinary' instruments and materials like stoves and brushes. OptiMace created a playful mixture of dusty, jazzy beats, electronics and soundscapes. The two, who also combine forces in label Fremdtunes, invited Belgium saxophone player Erwin Vann to add some mind-blowing brass to the tracks. The digital version comes with a bonus-track, Flash, featuring DJ Vindictiv. Rush Hour distributes the vinyl. The superb artwork is done by Klaas Verplancke and Mister Adam.

Some very fresh instrumental shit from the Netherlands. Good Lord!
Spend your 5€ via Bandcamp or buy the Vinyl. More Info here.