Monday, May 30, 2011

Video: Gil Scott-Heron - RIP // + Twit One - A salute to Gil Scott-Heron

I´m glad Gil Scott-Heron called some attention on his last record and made once again clear what a gifted & powerful poet and musician he was. He showed a last time that he still got it - putting all the struggle with life and drug abuse in the rear. He died 3 days ago 62 years old in a new yorker hospital.

The first time I recognised him was actual on a sample..   So here is a kmd for you + a late performance (probably not one of his best, but it´s touching that he did such a performance on a small stage in the park..) of the man himself.
For all who are interested in his lifework I recomend the documentary: Gil Scott-Heron – The godfather of rap.
rest in peace.

Twit One - A salute to Gil Scott-Heron:

A salute to Gil Scott-Heron by Twit One

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