Thursday, June 30, 2011

Audio: Wu-Tang - Laced Cheeba Feat. Sean Price And Trife Diesel // Mp3

This sounds like stuff off the Forever album. Perfect Wu missile in your fucking face.
Today is stay home day. To much to drink last night. I`m a put these slippers on, roll up some green and relax while listening to this tune a couple more times.


Info & Audio: Miles Bonny - Lumberjack // Lumberjack & Gin Tour 2011

Teaser - Champion Sound w/ MILES BONNY & SUFF DADDY from on Vimeo.

Soul singer Miles Bonny released his new "Lumberjack" LP via "Melting Pot Music" featuring AHU and Fleur Earth with DJ Day, Suff Daddy, Hulk Hodn, Twit One, 74 Miles Away, Kova and Nicolas Kopernicus on the beats. Miles & Suff Daddy are on "Lumberjack & Gin Tour 2011" actually and now right in my vicinity at Champion Sound . Check the Teaser for the Live Gig above and check Miles album stream after the jump. Get your Wax at MPM.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Audio: Astronote - The Raw Tape // FreeBeatTape

Astronote is one the busy guys. After his recent dope Album "Weapons of the Future" he drops a free BeatTape.  The Raw Tape.

 Although most of Astronote’s current production is loaded with live instrumentation, for The Raw Tape he used an analog sampler to revisit a much more raw and gritty sampled sound.  The result is an epic 21 track soundscape that delivers even more proof of why he’s considered one of the best new producers in the game.


Video: Rasco - Home // Banger!

What a Banger! Right after The Untouchables Rasco proves again, why he is still a guy always to count with. He is dropping a new album in Sept. called "Yesterday is not tomorrow".


Video: Apathy - Check to Check // prod. by Evidence

The Homie Solo posted the Audio of Apathys "Check to Check" of his forthcoming Album "HongKong" Album. Here's the fresh visual. Nice Evidence Production, btw.


Audio: Smash Brovaz - Shut Up Produced by Junia-T & Rich Kidd

The Smash Brovaz second single off their forthcoming LP "Think Its A Game" which first debuted on We On Some Rich Kidd Shiiiit Volume 4: The Boiling Point.


Video: Riff Raff McGriff - Year Of the Ox (Mixtape Promo)

This is the illest shit I`ve heard a while.
Mixtape is coming July 18th. Ueber krass!
Shouts to ashraf.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Audio: Marc Hype & Dejoe - Versions // Mixtape

Marc Hype & Dejoe - Versions by marchype

Download: Marc Hype & Dejoe - Versions // Mixtape

Cover versions of classic Soul & Funk, carefully selected and conducted by Marc Hype & Dejoe. The two well known diggers from Berlin took a deep look in their boxes and came up with this stunning feel good mixwork. From reggae riddims to blockbuster funkbreaks to latin grooves & disco extravaganza, there's something for everybody in this !

ashraf le kool

Audio: Sepalot - The Beat Konducta Bavaria // Beat Tape

I don`t know! I just don`t know...
This is not the best beat tape I have ever heard, but I like the idea. I guess it is not the simplest of tasks to make great music with this kind of material either. Blumentopf`s own DJ Sepalot took some Bavarian Biergarten tunes, chopped them up and put a Madlib sticker on it. Well, well, well...
Listen to track No. 7.
Big up to P.Z. ZE ZELLE.


Audio: bit1 - Intravenous // EP

Blog familiar producer Bit1 got some new dope stuff for ya'all. Ep with 10 new Beats, filthy and willing to challenge your speakers. Let the machines speak. (Complete stream and Download after the jump) (Bit1 on soundcloud)


Audio: A.U.D.D.A. - Beat Power // V.A.

A.U.D.D.A Label presents their new double vinyl with 31 beats, the featured tracks in the teaser (check it after the jump) are produced by "Dexter" und "Rob Who!?". Also on the compilation: "V.Raeter, Hulk Hodn, Hubert Daviz, FellaVaughn, QuoVadis, Noyland, Suff Daddy, C.A.Ramirez, Dj Adlib, , Tobrock, Dexter, Beatvadda, Sylabill Spill, Brous One, Mr. Boots, Asido Kids, Plastic Surgeon, Dj Ara, Retrogott, Illroyal, Roddy, Nico Soprano, Rob Who?!, MemyselfandI, TwitUno, LazyJones. Now it's also available on Bandcamp, go and get your copy if you like what you listen to...(Check the complete Compilation stream after the jump) // Purchase the Vinyl right here..


Monday, June 27, 2011

Video: Action Bronson - Brunch

This is one of my favorite joints off Dr. Lecter and I have to say he knows the right guys when it comes to the visuals. Alexander Richter and Tom Gould did a great job. Check more stuff from this cat by clicking the tags below.


Audio: Noblique And Buddy Hotshot - Riot M.O.B. // Mp3

I don`t know much about this team, but Buddy Hotshot said these two are working on a new EP coming in the next few months. Chill out to this and light a spliff the size of a riot bat.


Video: Sand Essen Seele Auf / Deer - Projectionist's Nightmare / Giegling 05

Sand Essen Seele Auf (Sands eating Soul) is a short film shot on location in Peru on 16mm film. A security guard in the desert is waiting for his girlfriend and finally starts hallucinating. The music for the video is an edit of the track "Projectionist's Nightmare" by Deer, available on vinyl from Giegling Schallplatten...

I fu**ing love this song and im glad to have this on vinyl. Thx to the Giegling people and Deer for delivering such good music. Btw, the latest Giegling release by "Matthias Reiling" - "Doppelgänger" (Danke für die Platte Jungs, Geld geht gleich raus) is also off the hook. Today we celebrate the video premiere of "Deer - Projectionist's Nightmare", it is the 16mm short film "Sand Essen Seele Auf" by our homie "Martin Bomba" (Hallo Nachbar) off his Peru trip 2 years ago. Enjoy...


Audio: Headnodic feat. Mr. Lif, Gift Of Gab & The Grouch - Turn Your Radio Up

Producer and bassist Headnodic is a musical time-traveler. His exploration into the furthest reaches of rhythm and melody, from golden era rap to 70's fusion jazz, has inspired an original and profound voice in hip-hop. Whether he's sampling, chopping, and re-constructing breaks, or fluently performing on any number of vintage instruments, the aesthetic of a well seasoned crate-digger is apparent....(continue reading)

Audio: Union (Music) (Analogtronics) feat. Elzhi - Wings // MP3

Union (Music) (Analogtronics) (Fat Beats) from Paris featuring Elzhi (so smoove on that perfect süpa beat), made in Detroit. Wings is extraordinary good, looking forward on the upcoming album.


Audio: Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun - Roses Feat. Freeway // Mp3

Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun "Roses" feat. Freeway by duckdown

Latest track off Monumental dropping tomorrow. Paul White used the same sample featuring Marv Won, just incase you were wondering where you have heard this before.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Video: T.Shirt - For The Record

Check T.Shirt's album "I Should Just Chill" and download options at Bandcamp....


XXX: Game Over

Little Brother - I Got Work For Ya (Prod. By Hi-Tek) // Mp3

Unreleased freshness from somebody`s hard drive. How many songs are waiting to be found on dusty hard drives and 2inch reels? How many artist have stored unreleased material like an investment for the years to come?
Via DGI.


Audio: Keor Meteor - Cornerstone Cashiers

French producer Keor Meteor released "The Manchurian Candidate" album some weeks ago which is highly recommended. Cornerstone Cashiers is the continuation, delightful beats combined with vocal samples giving it a narrative style. Dj Ivan6 enriches most of the tracks with his scratching skillz. Also involved: Somepling, CPrim3& Stereobit & IM ENO. dope°! (Complete album stream and download button after the jump)


Audio: Jay Spaten - allthesecretplacesonthetoppofthekoppofjayspäytns

allthesecretplacesonthetoppofthekoppofjayspäytns by Funkverteidiger

Downlaod: Jay Spaten - allthesecretplacesonthetoppofthekoppofjayspäytns

Vorgeschmack auf das neue Schaufel & Spaten "Unter'm Untergrund: 29 harte Jahre unter Tage" welches eventuell am 11.07.2011 erscheint. 30 min. jazzige Beats mit Bar-attitüde und Sportzigaretten-flavour von Jay Spaten aus dem Funkverteidiger Zirkel. Exklusiv bei Herrn Merkt...


Friday, June 24, 2011

Audio: Sahtyre - The Buddha // 3 track preview

On "The Buddha" I take you on an introspective yet extroverted journey through my mind as I say what the fuck I feel about everything from the current conditions of our world, to havin wild casual sex, partyin wrecklessly, whatever. You can listen to 3 tracks and pre-order your digital copies here...

ashraf le kool

Video: Megunica - BLU's incredible journey through South America // Lorenzo Fonda

Italy's street art legend Blu with filmmaker Lorenzo Fonda on a trip across South America. Megunica is the story of their meeting and their travels through South America: Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Argentina. It’s a unique documentary film about the incredible journey of one of the most interesting and mysterious artist of our times, directed by a raw talent mixing together different media: graphics, animation, and digital effects. Via


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Audio: Jean Grae - Cookies or Comas // Free Mix

07 Jean Grae: Assassins ft. Pharoahe Monch & Royce Da 5'9:

Download: Jean Grae - Cookies or Comas // Free Mix

Blacksmith Music emcee Jean Grae is giving away her cookies. Free mix cd, 'Cookies or Comas' out now. The album is hosted by DJ Drama (A Gangsta Grillz Special Edition) & features Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Styles P & Royce Da 5' 9.". // This is for the hmie Rayan, big JG fan... // Some Heat inside...

// Tracklist after the jump //


Audio: Ye Mighty - Beyond Cairo // EP

The best introduction to the band is to hear some of their peerless music, so we're offering a free track from the album for you lucky people. 'Beyond' sums up the Ye Mighty sound perfectly: the influences of Galt McDermott, Axelrod, Ethiopiques, Mulatu and Fela Kuti are writ large across the track along with the duo's own unique modern twist.

// check the teaser video after the jump //


Audio: Dexter - Gimme No More // MPM

Dexter - Gimme No More by MPMCGN

Gimme No More originally made for the "SAE & SPLASH Mag" "Beat Fight", won by Dexter. MPM delivers the extended versions of his Battle pieces on 7".  Fresh°! Dood got skillz.


Video: My Little Wu-Tang Clan

My Little Wu-Tang Clan - Shame on a Nigga von walt74

The real world of the Wuff-Tang Clan...peeped by P. to the Zeller...



German producer "KUNTA SHYTOOTH" with his latest project "THE GOOD BEAT AND THE UGLY 2", a sample Odyssey underpinned with filthy raw drums and a big thrill factor. Must Download if you need a new audio drama...KunTa°!


Audio: Paper Tiger - Worldwide Takeover feat. Dudley Perkins (BUG Remix)

Paper Tiger's debut release "Worldwide Takeover" will be available on of july and in celebration of the debut we have a BUG remix of the lead track (featuring Dudley Perkins/Declaime) for FREE! Thx Juslikemusic.


Audio: C-RAYZ WALZ - Black Red + Blvck

Here is two C-RAYZ WALZ exclusives taken from the Dub MD presented concept album, first entitled "Blvck Red + Blvck" over some 9th Wonder production with cuts by DJ True Justice.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Audio: So Crates & Sour Beats - Hippie Sabotage Vol. 2

A while ago we introduced "So Crates & Sour Beats" with the "Hippie Sabotage Vol.1" instrumental album with slick sample-based beats. Today they dropped "Volume.2" which is also filled with Bangers hammering your neck. Some fresh samples and some familiar samples over heavy drums with nice bass-lines in tow. May Vol. 2 is a bit more diversified with that Synthie influenced beats like "Heist"..Vol.2 also featuring Chase Moore..Dope work Guys..! (Check the complete stream after the jump + "The Devil Made Me Do It" by Chase Moore)...


Video: Nutso ft. Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush - This is my Hood // Amazing Maze RMX

This is the latest leak of Nutso's upcoming LP "Remix Crate" dropping 07.07.2011. Dope beat produced by Amazing Maze. 
Compare the Remix with the Original Version after the Jump!


Video: Vakill - Armor of God // prod. by Jake One

This is the latest Visual of Vakill, the title track of his new Album "Armor of God" dropping 7th July at Molemen Records.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Audio & Video: Quenzo Flax - Mein Synthesizer Kann Karate // Es Wurde Zeitalter

Quenzo Flax - die zarteste Versuchung seit es Synthesizer gibt. // 
Thx. Tivi...mucho unterhaltsam..

Ok , nun hab ich das album bei Bandcamp entdeckt und es ist wohl mit das unterhaltsamste und entspannteste was ich seit längerem auf doitzsch gehört habe. Schöne Beats mit Boogie Effect und ein vom Rap-Hype losgelöster Mcee Galaxy aka. Quenzo Flax. Der Antiwitz ist Hammer. Album Stream hier...


Audio: Vast Aire feat. Guilty Simpson - The Verdict // prod. Ayatollah // MP3

Really like that song with Vast Aire and Guilty Simpson, two big underground smiths. For me, the beat of Ayatollah makes it special, great production°! purchase "Vast Aire - OX 2010: A Street Odyssey"...



Ferg Brim Infamous DoeBoy  the cousin of Havoc of Mobb Deep. New Visual shows the Ancient & Mystic Symbols & Films Video in Masonic Lodge. You can Judge for Yourself this is def going to cause controversy.....

solO (hhmmmm)

Audio: Illregular Music Collective Compilation - Instrumentals // Bombay, J. Bizness, and Captain

The homies over at Illregular dropped their family album last month, here we have the instrumental version of it highlighting the producers: Bombay, J. Bizness, and Captain. Play one of my fav's above and check the complete Beat Tape after the jump.


Video: Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon

 Download: Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon MP3

Stones Throw's latest signing Jonti with his new Video for his first 7" release “Firework Spraying Moon” on ST. His album Twirligig coming out in fall...


Video: The Black Opera - Sleep Tight

The Black Opera is a counter-cultural musical movement/organization consisting of an endless collective of emcees, singers, producers, musicians, actors and agents.  "Sleep Tight" is the first visual/audio arts presentation from the The Black Opera.


Audio: Soosh - Soosh (EP) // FUSELab & Jumble

Bayán by Soosh

Yuri of Fuselab hit me up with their latest release by "Soosh - Soosh Ep" featuring Lapalux on a remix. This Ep is art, real underwater music. Relaxing and De-noizing your daily routine with cotton mess to lie on. Bigup 2 Soosh. Ep is available for purchase @Boomkat
&Alpha Pup Records. (Stream the complete Ep after the jump)


Audio: Negundo - 2011: A Remix Odyssey

09-Edgar Wasser - Tecla hat gesagt RMX by GrammatikFreieZone

Der Beatschmied Negundo (33) ist für seine jährlich erscheinenden Produceralben bekannt. Für sein neustes Werk "2011: a remix odyssey" konnte er Etablierte und Newcomer der Deutschrapszene, sowie 2 englisch sprachige Artists, gewinnen.
(Download Link,Album Stream usw. nach dem Sprung)


Audio: King Boom - Beats Is Art // Album

 King Boom:
The Latest Beat Tape From Jams DaBoombox Aka King Boom.
Beats Is Art Is A Simple Concept, The Creation Of Beats IS An Art.
A Simple Dedication To Each & EVERY Producer. Keep Flippin!


Audio: El Iqaa - Circulate نشر // EP // Electric Kahraba

El Iqaa:
Circulate (EP) نشر is a collection of tracks created within the past year in dialogue with various video/photographic/installation art projects. These research projects, and the musical asides they inspired, all carry overarching themes I'm continually struggling to define; issues of language and translation (specifically around the languages of Arabic, English, Music and Love), memory, movement, electricity (power) and appropriation. Circulate (EP) نشر explores these issues through quotes and cuts from specific definitive samples (ranging from Abdel Halim Hafez to Pierre Boulez, Amiri Baraka to Trisha Donnelly, + many more). These splices are mixed with original recorded sounds to create connections between the past and the future, in hopes of trying to make some sense of this present. (Complete album stream after the jump)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Audio: Apathy - Check To Check prod. by Evidence // Honkey Kong LP

Apathy is preparing to take his career to another level with the release of his third-solo LP, Honkey Kong, which will be released on 8-23-2011. The Connecticut emcee and The Get Busy Committee (Apathy, Scoop Deville and Ryu released Uzi Does It in October 2010) and AOTP member has undeniably crafted his best project to date and it includes production from Apathy, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Statik Selektah, Evidence, Da Beatminerz and Teddy Roxpin among others. Guest appearances on Honkey Kong include Xzibit, Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Esoteric, Ill Bill, Celph Titled, Action Bronson, General Steele (Smif N Wessun) and Mad Lion.


Audio: Jesse Abraham - Words Past The Margin feat. Blu // prod. by illmind

"Words Past The Margin" ft. Blu is the second single off of Jesse Abraham's debut LP, "One Day." Produced by !llMind, the song pairs the up-and-coming Brooklyn emcee with Blu.


Audio: Gameboi - Freshman Of The Year // EP

 Download: Gameboi - Freshman of the Year EP

Ann Arbor, Michigan up-and-comer Gameboi presents his debut release, Freshman of the Year EP. The project features six tracks from the 15-year-old emcee. Joining Gameboi on the guest tip are Rapper Big Pooh and L05. Production by Astronote and 14KT.
(Stream the whole EP after the jump)


Audio: Dibia$e - Unreleased Beats // 10 Thirty Records

Kingbowser [produced by DIBIA$E] by 10thirtyrecords
Dontholdback [produced by DIBIA$E] by 10thirtyrecords

Mr. Dibia$e published some new tracks via 10thirtyrecords soundcloud page. i quoted at the comments that the new tracks are mostly produced with the Native Instruments Maschine. Tracks will be part of an Green LLama crew album which will drop on BTS Radio (peep BTS Radio,one of the best radio spots). More new Dibia$e beats after the jump.


Video: Reggie Brown - Obama Extra Juicy // Comedy

This dude is all over the news right now, because some republicans couldn`t take his jokes at the RLC.


Audio + Video: Sean Boog - Phantom of the Jamla // Free Mixtape

Sean Boog dropped his second Solo-Mixtape "Phantom of the Jamla" at the good folks of DjBooth.. 16 Tracks produced by 9th Wonder, Amp and Khrysis with features of HaLo, Sundown and Tyler Woods.

Checkout the Split Teaser Video with the Title Track "Phantom of the Jamla" , "Natural" and "Fuckin wit' who"to get an Impression.


Audio: Paul Nice - soul on the grill

   Soul On The Grill (mix) / Paul Nice by paulnice
Daamn! What a mix. Finest selection of common and not so well known soultunes in a classic mix with some perfectly tight backspins and scratches at the right place.. Big up DJ PAUL NICE. Tipp!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Audio: Oddisee – Al Mawrada // Mp3

This is one of the two bonus cuts of the very fresh Odd Seasons LP.
Party on people.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Audio: Koolade – The Makings Feat. Diamond D And Sadat X // Mp3

Croatian producer Koolade chops up this Curtis Mayfield sample for these two NYC veterans. Remember Koolade`s song with Masta Ace? Classic.
Looks like there is a new album coming... Hell yeah.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Info: Splash Festival No. 14 // 22 days 2 go!!

22 days until the "Splash Festival" (europeans biggest Hip Hop event) will open its gates. The Line-Up is off the hook and the location "Ferropolis" is a fantastic place 2 celebrate the event. Check out the teaser above and the Line-Up in the link below. See you there and don`t forget ya KUSH....

Tickets and further Informations right here!

Line-Up right here!


Audio: Remy LBO - Resolve // Exceptionalism LP

For the past year, Remy has been quietly working on what he considers to be his greatest work. Exceptionalism is a culmination of everything and every style that Remy has dabbled in over his career. With each song, Remy stretches farther away from his Hip Hop roots, briefly touching on funk & psych, but settling into someplace uniquely his own."Exceptionalism" drops June 28th.. Download!


Audio: Apollo's Sun & The Boomjacks

Briefly a solid single incl. remix delivered to us by the The Boomjacks. In Summer this collaborative project with Apollo's Sun will give birth to a full EP. Enjoy.

"The project is a collaborative effort between the lyricist Apollo's Sun from York, Pennsylvania and the Finnish beatmaker duo The Boomjacks.
The music could be characterised as alternative hip hop/boom bap with it's heavily sample based production and conscious lyrical content."



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Audio: Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun - Monumental // MP3

Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun "Monumental" featuring Pete Rock and Tyler Woods by duckdown

The title track from Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun's upcoming album 'Monumental' out June 28th on Duck Down Music. The song features Tyler Woods and vocals by Pete Rock.


Audio: Philosophy Cole - The Warpath Chronicles Vol: 2

Found "The Warpath Chronicles Vol: 2" via Philosophy Cole's facebook page. Got no further informations right now. Only 2 facts, He is from Detroit and the album is hella dope. // Complete album stream after the jump...