Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audio: E THE REAL - KING SHIT // "Don't Be That Guy" LP

E the Real off the Kindadusty family, dropped his new album "Don't Be That Guy". KING SHIT is the official video. "Don't Be That Guy" is a dope album, slapping sample-based Beats (Big Up 2 Forth Star) squeezing across my speakers and "E the Real" enriches them with entertaining stories...Fresh Dood....Roundly a strong LP you have to digg if you like classic-ish with a touch of 2011. Dont Sleep....Play the complete album stream after the jump..


100% independent, do it yourself Hip Hop music. Boston emcee E The Real (aka EtheReal Plains), gears up for his latest album "Don't Be That Guy" which marks his 8th official studio album since his first release in 2003. E The Real re-connects with his long time friend and collaborator Forth Star who handles production duties. The two have been recording together for over a decade and continue to grow with every bar. Dusty loops, dirty drums, a little soul, a little rock, a little jazz, a little bugged. Thought provoking concepts, tight rhyme schemes, and graceful flows. "Don't Be That Guy" will make you laugh all while dropping knowledge and wisdom. Guest emcees include Louie & Spec Boogie (of the Lessondary). DJ Manipulator provides scratches on selected cuts. This album was recorded in Forth Star's lair in Brooklyn, NY. Don't sleep, and more importantly, Don't Be That Guy!

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