Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Audio: El Iqaa - Circulate نشر // EP // Electric Kahraba

El Iqaa:
Circulate (EP) نشر is a collection of tracks created within the past year in dialogue with various video/photographic/installation art projects. These research projects, and the musical asides they inspired, all carry overarching themes I'm continually struggling to define; issues of language and translation (specifically around the languages of Arabic, English, Music and Love), memory, movement, electricity (power) and appropriation. Circulate (EP) نشر explores these issues through quotes and cuts from specific definitive samples (ranging from Abdel Halim Hafez to Pierre Boulez, Amiri Baraka to Trisha Donnelly, + many more). These splices are mixed with original recorded sounds to create connections between the past and the future, in hopes of trying to make some sense of this present. (Complete album stream after the jump)


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