Thursday, June 30, 2011

Info & Audio: Miles Bonny - Lumberjack // Lumberjack & Gin Tour 2011

Teaser - Champion Sound w/ MILES BONNY & SUFF DADDY from on Vimeo.

Soul singer Miles Bonny released his new "Lumberjack" LP via "Melting Pot Music" featuring AHU and Fleur Earth with DJ Day, Suff Daddy, Hulk Hodn, Twit One, 74 Miles Away, Kova and Nicolas Kopernicus on the beats. Miles & Suff Daddy are on "Lumberjack & Gin Tour 2011" actually and now right in my vicinity at Champion Sound . Check the Teaser for the Live Gig above and check Miles album stream after the jump. Get your Wax at MPM.


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