Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Audio: Sepalot - The Beat Konducta Bavaria // Beat Tape

I don`t know! I just don`t know...
This is not the best beat tape I have ever heard, but I like the idea. I guess it is not the simplest of tasks to make great music with this kind of material either. Blumentopf`s own DJ Sepalot took some Bavarian Biergarten tunes, chopped them up and put a Madlib sticker on it. Well, well, well...
Listen to track No. 7.
Big up to P.Z. ZE ZELLE.



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  2. Hallo, schon mitbekommen, dass Sepalot 2015 richtig groß am Start ist mit neuen Solo-Zeugs, Jesper Munk auf dessen "Claim" und TNT (Texta und Topf)? Mehr dazu hier: http://popshot.over-blog.de/2015/02/tnt-texta-und-topf-hmlr.html