Sunday, July 31, 2011

Audio: DJ House Shoes x Rapping with Paul White Mixtape // One-Handed Music

Rapping With Paul White - The DJ House Shoes Mixtape by alexchase

Download: DJ House Shoes x Rapping with Paul White Mixtape

Paul White and DJ House Shoes present the "DJ House Shoes x Paul White Mixtape" including Seven unreleased new beats, Six tracks from Rapping With Paul White, Five remixes from Paul's vaults including Nas and ATCQ and One exclusive remix of a Rapping... album track. Cant wait to hear the whole album. Paul White is fucking talented, im curious about the feature with Danny Brown. The RMX included in the Mix is a dope foretaste. Shit is fire, the rough side of "Alice in Wonderland".


Audio: SKOR72 - Sunday Sessions Nº54

Sunday Sessions Nº54 by SKOR72

Skor72, Champion Sound resident, enriches sundays with his "Sunday Sessions" series. The credo of episode Nº54 is "NoRapAtAll. OnceAgain. BeatsBeatsBeats". Get your Skor.°! Good beat choice and fits perfectly into the final of the weekend.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Audio: Skratch Bastid - The Entertainer Mix

"THE ENTERTAINER" - A Skratch Bastid Mix by Skratch Bastid

Two years since his last mix excursion 110%, Skratch Bastid drops another classic mixtape for your ears, hips and feet. Arriving just in time for your summer road trips, barbecues, and rooftop parties, The Entertainer delivers 55-minutes of classic style mixing with top-of-the-line skills, selection, and turntable expertise. Download available via 
(Get the Tracklist after the Jump.)


Audio: BK-One & Benzilla - Tema Do Canibal Mega-Mix feat. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Tema Do Canibal Mega-Mix by BK-One

Minneapolis DJ/producer BK-One has announced the follow up to his Brazilian inspired opus, 2009's Rádio Do Canibal. The forthcoming EP, dropping on Rhymesayers Entertainment August 30th, is comprised of remixes of... (continue reading)...

Video: Schaufel & Spaten - ONKORRENFOA

ONKORRENFOA ist das Video zu einem TräCk vom aktuell erschienen "Schaufel und Spaten - Unterm Untergrund: 29 harte Jahre unter Tage" Album. Funkverteidiger SHeeezz. Ich hab das Album noch nicht gehört, aber ONKORRENFOA deutet auf Spaß hin.


Audio: Wilson Gunz - Benjamin Griffey (ISWACKISWACKISWACK)

Mensch Leute,
ich bin's Wilson. Sowas lass ich mir ja nicht bedingungslos gefallen.
Hier meine Antwort auf Caspers Diss gegen mich:


"als dankeschön für das liebe mir gewidmete Lied hier ein swagged out based freestyle für meine freunde! absolut rare und produziert vom wunderschönen Stute Fotzenknecht!!!!!! Swag on."

Schön das ich im Verteiler von Wilson Gunz gelandet bin. keine Ahnung was hier abgeht, aber der erste SWAG-IsWACK-würdige song in der BeeRDee...wer Infos hat muß sie direkt weiterleiten...Hoher Unterhaltungsgrad... 
Benjamin Griiiffeyyy, Benjamin Griiiiffeyyyy...SWÄÄÄÄKKK


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Audio: Dexter - Ultimate Breaks & Dexter (7" via MPM)

New Music from the house of MPM. Dexter's "Ultimate Breaks & Dexter" is off the Hook. Beats originally made for the Beat Battle in Duisburg (Germany) some months ago and now available on wax with the extended versions. MPM has also a gift for you, download the MP3 of "Gimme No More (Psycho Theme)" for free right here (doubledope). Purchase your wax at MPM store. The Sola Rosa - Turn Around 7" will be available in august with remixes produced by Suff Daddy, TM Juke and DJ Vadim. Play and download the Suff Daddy RMX below, as a foretaste. WhOOpwhOOp.

Sola Rosa - Turn Around (Suff Daddy Remix):


Video: MC ADaD - P.S….IM NEXT // Teaser presents: Mc Adad promo video for september's "P.S....IM NEXT" mixtape featuring production from Waajeed, Exile, Illmind, Tensei Beats, Ta-Ku (austrailia) ADaD and many more. Look out for the "U N ME" 7" limited Vinyl featuring production of Wajeed and Dibiase.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Audio: Knxwledge - Hexual​ Sealings ​LP

 Free single download: Knxwledge - Loavhorts MP3

Knxwledge of the Klipmode Krew, dropped his brand new LP ( remix project) today "Hexual​ Sealings". HipHop, Soul and RnB with dope drum programming, nice sample choice and some suspects edited to the mic like Bilal or Andre3000. (Comple album stream after the jump)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Audio: Actual Proof - Still Hotter Than July // Album Download

Actual Proof - 2 High (ft. Thee Tom Hardy // prod. Enigma):

Download: Actual Proof - Still Hotter Than July // Album

Sundown and Enigma aka. "Actual Proof" crew released their new album "Still Hotter Than July" in cooperation with LRG, Jamla Records and 18 relaxed and reliable songs widely produced by 9th Wonder and features Thee Tom Hardy, Sean Boog, Rapsody, Chuuwee, GQ, Drique London, Median, Bluu Suede on the mic and Enigma, Sundown, E. Jones, Ka$h, Khrysis and Amp on the beat..must-download


Video: Aloe Blacc – Billie Jean (Live Cover)


2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Aloe Blacc live, it was prodigious. Now get a listen on Aloe Blacc's live performance of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean with violins and contrabasses in the back. achieved.


Audio: Stalley - Pound (Directed by Walu)

"Pound" is off Stalley's Lincoln Way Nights, he dropped in february. Stream and download available at Bandcamp. 


Audio: Scarub - The California EP (Download)

Just Like The Sun by Scarub

Today is a good day, a new EP by Scarub, Living Legend's vet and Bay Area underground MC for many years. It's good to listen to some new L.L. joints with the old spirit inside. I was a bit disappointed of the productions, "The Grouch" dropped the last years. Anyways, this is bracing, laid-back and also available for free.(EP-stream after the jump). youp. Via // Download


Audio: Malkovich Music - Palms // MP3

Malkovich Music aka. Ayatollah Presley sent his latest song over. Big and edutainment story behind this and it is also sing-along song.
Read the text after the jump...
"Palms, California
brought to ya by big bad Los Angeles, throw up ya handkerchiefs
I'm worldwide, grab your atlases
but when you wanna come see me, you know where the palace is
and I'm the landlord here, fuck the managers"...
// video dropping next week...//


Audio: Shuko & F. of Audiotreats - Brooklyn Night / Smile // Cookies & Cream LP

Shuko & F. of Audiotreats - Brooklyn Night / Smile from SHUKO on Vimeo.

Beatsmiths Shuko and F. (of Audiotreats) teamed up for a common instrumental album. Though this new Instrumental album "Cookies & Cream" shows off their more soulful side.  Hard hitting drums and warm basslines compliment the finely chopped samples that make this a must have for the summer months. (Purchase right here // Released via Jakarta Records).


Monday, July 25, 2011

Splash 14 - Festival Impressions by Rapohnelizenz Thx. to Jakob Hoff

K.I.Z. Splash 2012

  Rapohnelizenz "Beasts of the Leaks" Vol.2 mixed by Dj Geraet (Cutcannibalz) by the-Rapohnelizenz

Vor 2 Wochen feierten wir gemeinsam mit 15.000 anderen Hippel Hopp Hörern das Splash Festival nr. 14. Mein letztes Splash lag jetzt 5 Jahre zurück , es war sehr verregnet und die Stimmung war teilweise wie die explodierenden Gas-Kartuschen auf dem Camping Platz. Splash 14 war anders. Wir durften 3 Tage lang bestes Wetter genießen mit Ausnahme des Sonntags, was aber den Feier-Modus in keinsterweise eingeschränkt hat und die Atmosphäre war sehr entspannt und Guter Dinge. Danke ans Splash-Festival für Akkred. & Fotopass dies das und Danke an Jakob Hoff für diese schöne Foto-Serie. Wer alle Fotos sehen will geht auf Flickr oder checkt das passende FB-Album. In diesem Sinne Aloha & Ahoi und auf ein hoffentlich genauso schönes Splash 15 in 2012.  Mehr Impressionen nach dem Sprung


Audio: DOOMSTARKS (MF DOOM And Ghostface Killah) - Victory Laps // Mp3

This is the proper Cdq version provided by DGI. Anybody knows when the album drops? I couldn`t make it to Doom`s concert in Berlin, so I hope to see him once they tour together.


Video: Kanye West And Jay-Z: Watch The Throne // Mini-Documentary

This gives a nice insight look into how they recorded their latest project. Pretty well done documentary by photographer Robert Lupuski. If you want to see how Jay-Z "writes" his verses skip forward to the 8 minute mark.


Edit: Universal blocked this video because of a few seconds of two songs from the new album with talking over it. That`s just insane. Post will stay like this until Kanye starts screaming as loud as he can until they finally stop the ban.

Video: Vakill - Appetite to Kill // Armor of God

Vakill's current album "Armor of God" got some fuck*n heat inside. Appetite to kill is the latest video single, directed by Davey Greenberg. "Quote" AA.: Dope! I saw him 10 years ago at a live show and this reminds me to the vibe of  Percee Pee and Lord Finess.  
Purchase the album here... /// Previous Vakill posts right here...


Audio: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire - Pussy Three Times Feat. and Prod. by SicksentZ // MP3

New tracks by Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. Pussy Pussy Pussy featuring and also produced by SicksentZ (couldnt imagine to hear Exquire on  such beats). If you missed his video single "Huzzah (Prod. By Necro)", you have to catch up on and dont miss to take a look on his loopy "dont eat my mind" blog. Check his "About" text and 2 more (vintage) songs after the jump.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Audio: Praverb Dot Net & FWMJ's Producers I Know Presents: Behind The Beats Volume 1

Behind The Beats is a collaborative effort between Praverb Dot Net and FWMJ's Producers I Know that showcases the production talent of beatmakers all over the globe. This compilation includes instrumental tracks as well as remixes. Further informations..// Complete album stream and DL-Link  after the jump.


Audio: Mister Bibal - Losange Jaures // EP

Sexy synths and funky rhythm is the new Mister Bibal's EP: Losange Jaures. The idea is very simple... Take "Los Angeles", write it like "Losange Les", then add the name of the street where Mister Bibal lives, "Jaures"... and you get... that's right, "Losange Jaures".

Blog familiar producer Mr. Bibal released his new EP "Losange Jaures" via Trueflav Record. Sexy synths and funky rhythm are the ingredients for this futurebeat, bikini and icecream EP. Also check his exclusives on our Beattapes. Thx. Mister Bibal.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Interview: Retrogott & Hulk Hodn sprechen Dies Das // Splash Mag

und sprechen für sich selbst... THX 2 Splash Mag


Audio: Teeko (F.A.M.E.) - Bridge To Truth feat. Coultrain // Light Up The Darkness


Today freshselects hit us up with the album preview of Bay Area-based producer Teeko called "Light Up The Darkness". Bridge To Truth feat. Coultrain is the opening track and available for free download above. Album is a perfect cocktail of cheerful synths, jazz basis and liters of Bay Area sun. Smooth, Laid-Back and shortly available on CD-R via Mellow Orange label to delight your player. Read further informations and check the album snippet after the jump.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Audio: Dennis Coffey - Outer Galaxies: Dennis Coffey Reinterpreted

Miss Millie feat. Kings go Forth (Dabrye's Synthesized mix)

Dennis Coffey - Outer Galaxies is an official Re-work project of Detroit's Funk & Soul (guitar) legend Dennis Coffey featuring 14KT, DeepSeeSoundSyetem, Shigeto, Recloose, Astronote, Dabrye, Nick Speed and Ectomorph. Check the original album here. Get the RMX project for free and check all further informations and tracklist after the jump.



Embedded from SpineTV Find out more at SpineTV
Guest Mix - Suff Daddy
We welcome Melting Pot Music's Suff Daddy for our 18th Guest Mix for Spine Radio. The Berlin-based gin enthusiast lays down 60 minutes of laid back beats amongst some classics from the likes of Mobb Deep and Common. Kick back and enjoy!

New Mix and interview at Spine TV featuring Mr. Suff Deezy. Dope selection of songs representing his taste, nice to see Action Bronson and Tone Liv on this one. Get your Suff on and download your copy here (via Spine Tv) and check the interview.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Audio: Flying lotus - heave (n) mix2 & lullaby

Flying lotus - heave (n) mix2 by Flyinglotus
Flying Lotus - lullaby by Flyinglotus

2 new Flying Lotus songs on his soundcloud account. Im tired ass fu** so i will leave without writing anything..check the show with VJ Fader below, slick.


Audio: O.T.O – Most N!ggas (Prod. By Rah Intelligence) // Mp3

Best song in a while. Solid stuff. Raw and intense. More from those two fellahs over here.
Via DGI.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Globalfiction is a collaboration between UK's finest Underground Mc's Phoenix Da Icefire, Logic, Rewd Adams, Cyrus Malachi, Skriblah and Melanin. This Banger is produced by Good Guy Chemo. Picked at Kilamanjaro Music. More UK Hip Hop updates @ Hypedog Fam..


Audio: Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey - Volume // Daily Bread

 Download: Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey - Volume

The new album from producer Apollo Brown & emcee Hassaan Mackey, Daily Bread, is officially out today. Ascending production star Apollo Brown started making waves in 2009 after winning the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Championship. The next year he signed to Mello Music Group and released a series of critically acclaimed albums: The Reset, Brown Study (selected by iTunes as one of the Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2010), Gas Mask (with his group The Left, which made DJ Premier's Top 25 list in 2010), and most recently the instrumental opus Clouds. It's been a busy couple years. Add into the mix Hassaan Mackey of Rochester, New York, and the new group Daily Bread was formed. (Peep the Album after the Jump)


Audio: form & Dr. Eck - format C:

Ja, an dieser Stelle könnte man die Pfeiler dieses Releases nochmal kompakt wiedergeben aber stelle euch lieber den Pressetext zum Eigenkonsum nach dem Jump zur Verfügung. Dr. Eck hat da einige Schmuckstücke an Beats aus seiner Asservatenkammer geholt und 9 bereits erschienen Form Songs neue Kleider verpasst. Und wer keinen Fick gibt sollte es halt nicht betonen und Bauernfrühstück brauch ein neues Gesicht. Ich schenke euch noch ein "Camut" Zitat: "Der Mensch ist nichts an sich. Er ist nur eine grenzenlose Chance. Aber er ist der grenzenlos Verantwortliche für diese Chance."
(Komplette Remix Ep klickKlick hier)


Monday, July 18, 2011

Video: Metasyons - Blackman // Unemployment LP

In preparation of Metasyons "Unemployment" LP dropping August 12th, USM-Detroit fam dropped this video single. Blackman is a song about Detroit's economic doom in the last years and its many ramifications and drawbacks. Thx 2 Aaron...


Audio: Damu The Fudgemunk ft. Buff1 - Truly Get Yours // MP3

Download: Damu The Fudgemunk ft. Buff1 - Truly Get Yours // MP3

Redifinition Records released this singles (instr.) back in March, The A side "Truly Get Yours" featuring Buff1 is now available for free download. Purchase the instrumentals via RR on Bigcartel. More informations at Wonka Beats.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Video: Bambu - Fish

Fish. The newest video from Bambu finds him in front of Los Angeles’ infamous photographer Estevan Oriol! Fish was originally recorded and released in conjunction with Frank 151’s Chapter 45 on the Philippines (fish being one of the countries main sources of food), in which Estevan and Bambu collaborated for and has now transformed into a larger visual piece. Taking place on Venice Beach’s pier, we watch the journey of the fish from its contaminated habitat in Los Angeles, to a Pilipino seafood market in Historic Filipinotown and finally to the table of Bambu’s family. Fish.

Produced by Bonstro and directed by Estevan Oriol.
Download this song here.
This one is for Dirk McDirt!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Audio: Dibia$e – Live Set in Montreal // July2011

 Download: Dibia$e – Live Set in Montreal // July2011

Dibia$e's live set last week in Montreal at the ArtBeat & Music Is My Sanctuary event. More than an hour full of Dibia$e science, Heat & Exclusives inside.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Video: Obia Le Chef & El Cotola - État Policier

Received this new "Obia Le Chef & El Cotola" video by our french friends of Metazon. More infos coming soon....


Audio: Curtiss King - DIY EP // Pres. by Ashley Outrageous & Black Cloud Music

2. Sinbad (Produced by Curtiss King) by curtissking

Download: Curtiss King - DIY EP

After much anticipation Curtiss King drops his 9 track "DIY" ep, presented by Ashley Outrageous and Black Cloud Music. DIY includes features from Sean Falyon, Dirty Birdy, Noa James, Faimkills, and Faye Valintine as well as production from Curtiss King, Tae Beast, Skhyehutch, and Jynxx.(Complete EP stream after the jump)


Video: The Doppelgangaz - Get Em // Lone Sharks

New Doppelgangaz visuals, Get Em is off the new Lone Sharks album you can purchase via itunes.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Audio: Mark E - The Day

Mark E - The Day by lejohan

After Blaq Poet´s, kind of aggressive one, here´s something different: slow, moving, uplifting, warm - I really like this. Btw. - where´s the fucking sun? it´s july!. ..Now released with a Prins Thomas Remix on the new mark E 12".


Audio: Blaq Poet - Bushmaster Music Part 2 feat. Roc Marciano & Wais P // MP3

"Bushmaster Music Part 2" feat. Roc Marciano & Wais P (prod. by Stu Bangas) is from Blaq Poet's upcoming "Blaq Poet Society" Remix EP on Brick Records featuring Roc Marciano, Blacastan, Wais P, Reef the Lost Cauze, Meyhem Lauren & Big Noyd


Video: shoRdy - Lernen, Lernen, Popernen!

Yop!Yoop!Grade die leckerste Spaghetti Bolognese seit langem gegessen, da danke ich mir selber. Kurz darauf erhielt ich den Tip zu diesem schmackhaften Song. shoRdy mit "Lernen, Lernen, Popernen!" produziert von Andreas K. & Yo!Da. Fresh gerappt und Super Beat, ÖäHHÖÄÖ was ist Popernen??


Audio: FRSH SLCTS & DaveNotti present NECK BRACE III // Free Beat EP

Xperiment - Hard to Fathom:

Download: NECK BRACE III // Free Beat EP

In 2010, producer/MC, DaveNotti, started the Neck Brace Producers Showcase in Portland, Oregon to showcase & bring together some of the city's best beatmakers - both established & rising talents alike. After putting on two successful installments on his own, Notti partnered w/ FRSH SLCTS for the series' third showcase in June 2010,
w/ its first national guest, L.A.'s own Exile - who was joined by a panel of four PRTLND resident producers, this time including DaiN (Wandering Worx), Xperiment (Humble Beast), DJ FlipFlop (of CunninLynguists) & Theory Hazit (Humble Beast). Here is the official free 6-track EP featuring an exclusive instrumental track from each of the producers.

VTech & DaveNotti present The Neck Brace III - Resident Producer #2: XPERIMENT from Fresh Selects on Vimeo.

Check the other videos of the event here...


Audio: Vakill ft. Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice & Nino Bless - Beast Ballad


Vakill drops another leak with a lineup of Rhymefest, Juice, Nino Bless and Crooked I. "Armor of God" is in stores now!


Audio: Enginear - RCT Beat Tape Vol.1 // Beat Tape

With just two years of beatmaking the 17 year old producer Enginear drops this solid beattape. With influences of J.Dilla, Black Milk, Boon Doc etc this tape shows a variety from boom bap, soulful and atlantish synthizised beats. Check it!


Video: Curren$y - Flying Iron Feat. Fiend // Creative Control

Oh crap! I didn`t know that they there was a video for this song. They should do an entire album together. Great song. Download this song here.



Steve Arrington x Dam Funk - Goin' Hard by stonesthrow

12" single of Steve Arrington's upcoming album entirely produced by Dam Funk. get more informations about the front man of "Slave" at his Stones Throw artist page.

dj ashraf

Audio: Daily Breed Mixtape // MMG - Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown

The MellowMusicGroup provides this highclass one week freedownload mixtape. Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown) will be in stores August 9th.

The House Shoes mixtape features a variety of past tracks, collaborations, features, rare and unreleased tracks, along with new material including a sneak peak at the track "Weak Won't Do" from the upcoming Daily Bread album, and the Apollo Brown Troubled Waters Remix of The Trenches featuring Sean Born. Other mix guests include Invincible, Nick Tha 1Da, Danny Brown, Black Milk, Emilio Rojas, Diamond District, Kenn Starr, The Left, Elzhi, and more.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Audio: Venomous2000 feat. Infinite Mind & Ego-Himself - Mental Projections prod. by Le Machinist

Mental Projections ft. Infinite Mind & Ego-Himself (produced by Le Machinist) by Venomous2000TheUltraEmcee

Dope "Mental Projections" Remix by french producer Le Machinist off the Path of Light album by Venomous2000. If you missed this cats check Venomous2000 or the previous posts.


Audio: Schaufel & Spaten - Unterm Untergrund - 29 harte Jahre unter Tage Snippet mixed by Cutcannibalz

Schaufel&Spaten - Unterm Untergrund - 29 harte Jahre unter Tage Snippet mixed by Cutcannibalz by Funkverteidiger

Snippet zum am 19.07.2011 erscheinenden Schaufel & Spaten (Funkverteidiger - Aktionsgruppe Magdeburg) Album "Unterm Untergrund - 29 harte Jahre unter Tage" gemixt von den Freunden der Cutcannibalz Crew. Snippet lässt vermuten das es sich um ein Super Album handelt welches an den Unterhaltungsfaktor vorriger Releases (z.Bsp. Die Kraszesten) anknüpft. Schöne Beats und Raps auf ice.


Audio: Naeem Oba - N*gger feat. brikAbrak Prod. By King Karnov

"Nigger" featuring brikAbrak produced by King Karnov by Naeem_Oba

Here's the lead single of Naeem Oba's same-titled "N*gger" EP featuring production from King Karnov, Khrysis, Boonie Mayfield and CsD. 

frosch mit maske

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Audio: Sareem Poems - Black & Read All Over

Mello Music Group continues it's Free Fridays Summer Giveaways!
This weekend MMG is offering up one of their earlier projects from former LA Symphony emcee Sareem Poems. "Black & Read All Over" brings the luminous side of life to light. Inhale and enjoy the revolution that has nothing to do with guns.(Complete album stream and download link after the jump)


Audio: Max Tannone - Ghostfunk - Ghostface x Afrofunk

Ghostfunk by Max Tannone

Hey, this is Max Tannone! You may be familiar with my prior work like Jaydiohead or Mos Dub. I'm excited to share Ghostfunk, my new project! I just uploaded it (a few moments ago)! It is a remix album that combines Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah with the sounds of vintage African funk, high-life, and psychdelic rock.

Audio: The Magnificent Ruffians & Five O' Clock - Wizards of CA

Album Download: The Magnificent Ruffians & Five O' Clock - Wizards of CA

The Magnificent Ruffians are back at it again with there first character album entitled, Wizards of CA. This time they colab with an artistic, abstract emcee by the name of Five O' Clock. The characters are as follows, Specific as the Tinman, Master Chief as the Cowardly Lion and Five O' Clock as the Scarecrow. The original movie Wizard of OZ is a very significant movie because it was the first to be shown in color instead of black and white. It also has a lot of hidden messages, ideals and morals that each character brings to the table.


Video: X.O - You Not Like Me

Nice to see that X.O. still working hard. You Not Like Me??. 


Monday, July 11, 2011

Audio: Wu-Tang Clan - Meteor Hammer feat. Ghostface, Action Bronson and Termanology

Meteor Hammer (feat. Ghostface, Action Bronson and Termanology) by user5191738

Latest leak off "Wu-Tang" Clan's new album "Legendary Weapons". Fuck*** kool to see Action Bronson is taking part. Meteor Hammer is Wu-Tang-ish..


Audio: Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind Feat. Tyler The Creator (Prod. By The Neptunes) // Mp3

The video is coming tomorrow. Dope shit.
The Neptunes should produce an entire Wu-Tang album.


Audio: Paul WHite - Trust ft. Guilty Simpson

One-Handed Music:
The story thus far: from the moment that the young Paul White's craft crash-landed in the jungle, he wanted nothing more than to make a banging hip-hop album. From the moment his first beat tape dropped down the chimney of our corporate HQ, we wanted nothing more than to help him do just that. Rapping With Paul White has been a long time in the making and features some of his favourite MCs over brilliant production. We're proud to offer you the first single.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Audio: Consequence - On My Own Feat.Kid Cudi prod. Kanye West

On My Own (Full Version) by Consequence

"On My Own" was recorded over a year ago and was initially slated to appear on Consequence's "Cons TV" project. A snippet of the track was released awhile ago and it generated quite the buzz, so as a thank you to his fans for their continued support; Consequence offers up "On My Own."


Audio: Brenk – Perdido // Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) // MPM

Brenk - Predido by MPMCGN

Download: Brenk – Perdido // Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) MP3

Brenk Sinatra did it again, His 3rd instrumental album is going to drop via MPM in september. Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly) is the title, and if the rest of the beats (songs) will be candy like Predido im sure the pretty ugly will change into pretty beautiful.


Audio: Seph Jones - Long Road // EP

The "Long Road" EP showcases his skills in 9 tracks that detail the emcee's ongoing journey for respect and recognition.  With beats by veteran producers Tom Delay, SideFX Studios, Nick Tha 1da (Mello Music Group), and Rosirus, Jones provides a taste of what's to come on his long-awaited full length album..(complete EP stream after the jump)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Audio: Evidence - To Be Continued... // Cats & Dogs

Evidence - To Be Continued... by rhymesayers

Lead single of Evidence's debut release "Cats & Dogs" on Rhymesayers dropping in september. This album is highly anticipated, indeed.