Monday, July 4, 2011

Audio: Creatures Of Habit - Creatures Of Habit // Wormusic

Id Obelus and Richard Cook are Creatures of Habit, Doods have been making music since the early 80's, so maybe they are at the age of 40 now. Anyways, the sound is 100% oldschol-ish. Slapping BoomBap beats with 2 entertaining veterans on the mic. Thx. CoH, enjoyed that. (Album stream after the jump)


‘Creatures of Habit’ is the new project from Id Obelus and Richard Cook. These two Indiana natives
have been making rap music independently since the early to mid 80’s. On this their debut album together, Richard Cook provides the beats while both mc’s showcase their unique lyrical skills.
The album provides an onslaught of self deprecation, braggadocio, and tidbits of off kilter subject matter.
These two veteran mc’s go off on a rant of epic proportions, tackling subjects that most "Local Cats" consider taboo. This album captures the essence of the music they grew up on and; at the same time, is not your typical throwback rap. If any of this interests you in the least bit, please investigate the situation further

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