Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Audio: Angeredrebel - Emotion's // EP

Cincinnati based producer Angeredrebel released his Emotion's EP today, a while ago we introduced him with a preview on this EP. Laid-Back beats vibing between Jazz, Soul and BossaNova. Im in Greece actually and Emotion's is my companion for the Beach trip tomorrow. Support independent music and invest 3 bucks. Yo.
(Complete Ep and Bio after the jump).


“Music is life, that’s why we have a heartbeat”. I go by Rebel. Not to cause any

confusion, just Angered Rebel for print. My real name is Emmett McFarland. I am a

25 year old producer/engineer with a style that’s cool, relaxing and delicately complex

with passion and precision. I work out of NI Maschine, but have used Cubase, Acid Pro,

Sound forge and Fruity loops Studio. My mother uses the term “Old School”; she is one

of the biggest influences in my life so I’ll take her word for that. I am from Cincinnati,

Ohio but my roots are from the South. I am eminently captivated by Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul

music, RnB, Drum and Bass and Reggae too. Some of my other influences are J Dilla, 9th

Wonder, Hi Tek, Illmind, Alchemist, Black Milk and Apollo Brown.

Late December of 2010, I formed a production team by the name of “The

Beatconceptionists”; our plan was to release a debut EP by mid-March, titled, “Beginning

of the End”. It was released as planned and consisted of eight tracks. Each signature

artist had at least two tracks aside from the intro and outro to showcase the work. I’m

now currently working on numerous tracks for groups all over the country as well as my

artists, finishing up school for respiratory therapy and planning my second instrumental

album in August called “A Flying Start”, followed up by the third titled “Emotions”, in

late September. 2011 has been a great year thus far; a year for me to grow as a producer/

business man and to put my focus and passion into what I love to do.

On the behalf of my staff and people I work with, two friends and I, Marcus Boyd and

Jeff Strover, are in the works of branding our label (RMG Entertainment). Jeff (Primo)

the lyricist, is planning to release a new mixtape in May; Marcus (Tweese) our journalist/

promoter/blogger, is setting up the website that will feature our music, Twitter/Facebook

updates, topic of the day and artists we collaborate with to showcase their talent as well.

Many new opportunities have come along for me and my production/staff unit team, and

I am excited to see the paths that we have been taking open up to positive experiences.!/profile.php?id=502474779

Special Thanks to;

Redjsd, JBlackz, SeeingTao, Ready Redd (RMG), Reks, L.A, Brollya, Levll’d Up,
Beatconceptionists (Mozaic, Skywalker).

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