Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Documentary: Art Pepper - Notes From A Jazz Survivor

When I was young I thought Jazz is something for the well situated, older people who like to sit at home listening to that harmless tootling. Then, when I got a bit older I grabbed Coltrane´s "Impressions" and Hancock´s "speak like a child" from my mum´s crates and realized that the music is actually extremely wild and intense. But somehow I still had an image of an reputable disciplined musician in mind (maybe because of the fine suites). So I was shocked getting to know some of the jazz greatest biographies. And still, I find it quite funny that a lot of the prudent upperclass listen to music of some hardcore drug addicts. 

Notes of a jazz survivor allowes an intimate view in the life of an jazzlegend. Although I´m not his biggest fan I liked this well filmed documentary with and about Art Pepper.
(via shookmag )

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