Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Audio: Brenk - Gumbo 2 : Pretty Ugly // MPM

Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly) marks a new state of the art for sample-based productions. Taking his trademark formula to perfection, Brenk brings together 70's soul with twisted electronica, analogue korg lines, Lil John ad-libs and police sirens, all backed by the most relentless grooves and drum-loops. While every track works for itself, „Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly)“ takes you on a heavy ride through music history: From the embracing brazilian sounds of „Perdido“ to the grimey talkbox craze of „Wolves 2 (Still Hungy)“ or the prog-rock stompin' „Hit U“.

Austria representing, Brenk's new instrumental album "Gumbo 2 : Pretty Ugly" is available on Bandcamp, the wax will be released september the 23rd via MPM. Album has no competition, definitly one of the best sample-based instrumental releases in a while. (Stream the complete album after the jump)



  1. Hmmm, I'm gonna check the track, thanks a lot.

  2. Why Tom? It looked great... It's not my type of music but I'll still listen to it.

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  3. Never heard of them before so I'm gonna look them up..

  4. Never seen them too.First time here.Thanks for sharing