Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Audio: DTMD - Makin' Dollas

A while ago we posted the first 2 leaks of this album, but the DTMD (Dunc and Toine) Bandcamp is'nt longer available. Now its officially released by Mello Music Group and available on itunes.
MMG: About the Song: The title track, Makin' Dollas, kicks off with Toine announcing his intentions: "The syntax is stress relief, in other words, if we speaking candidly, I be spittin' for the sanity, not really for the vanity."  This style of articulate, sharp wordplay infuses Dunc's production with the kind of wise, intelligent raps that make listeners hit rewind.  The beat itself is a working man's boom bap replete with lush guitar and vinyl scratches.


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