Monday, September 12, 2011

Audio: jonWayne - i dont care // Mixtape

Experiment 17 feat. Blqbrd - prod. Jonwayne

Outsider's Asylum - prod. Dibia$e

FatBoyFace - prod. Flying Lotus

I really like jonWaye productions, fat Hamburgers and Spiderman. Listened to his Mixtape "i dont care" yesterday while enjoying a Hamburger with a mountain of onions and a cold (cheap) beer. Raps got a gustatory aura like my meal. Big, vigorous and unpredictable side effects. The production credits are like the chili sauce i used. Dibia$e, Flying Lotus, Dak, Samiyam, Delofi, Dizz1 and himself on the beat. Tracklisting


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