Thursday, September 8, 2011

Video: Geraet | Cutcannibalz - Wasser ('Sampo' Beat-Album Teaser)

Here it comes: 'Wasser', the first Beat of the 'Sampo' Beat-Album by Geraet (Cutcannibalz) dropping on Sept.14.2011 here, at Rapohnelizenz! (Video by Hannah Harkes)
The Video is kind of unexpected and odd. Have a look!

While cutting down trees as a Lumberjack in north european forests, Geraet used his Wurstbrot-breaks to compile an utmost sturdy Beattape in his coat-pocket whilst watching swimmers at the lake pretending to be ostriches. Dusty Finnish-Tango samples tripping over wooden MPC-Drumsets. Get the whole Beattape here in one week and see the wonderful Cover-Artwork below (illustrated by Meikel Neid)


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