Monday, October 31, 2011

Audio: yU - Disturbed Feat. B.Jamelle (Prod. By Usef Dinero) // Mp3

yU`s new album The Earn is dropping Dec. 13th. This is not off the actual album, but a little digital Halloween gift in form of a mp3.


Audio: V.A. Rapohnelizenz "i Love Beats" Soundcloud Group Round

Here we have some fresh & new productions out the "I Love Beats" soundcloud group. Always good to catch good stuff out there. This episode comes with the likes of Mezar Turizm, Bugseed, KingBoom and more contributing beat cats. Feel free to join the group and share your stuff. yo. R.O.L. (get the beats after the jump)


Audio: Time Wharp - GRN // EP

Download: Time Wharp - GRN // EP 

Time Wharp's latest release "GRN", appeared as an free download exclusive on Freshselects. "GRN" is the first EP in a series of instrumental EP's, which will be released in the coming month's. (Also available on Bandcamp for purchase). Vibe$ is my favourite on this one, you can play it above.


Audio: Boombap meets Green Tea Session // Mix

Boombap meets Green Tea Session by boombaporg

The homie Ekrem teamed up with Green Tea Session to bring this nice mixtape to your speakers. It features Onra, P.U.D.G.E., AL_PD, flako and more freshness of the usual suspects. Via and Tracklist.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Video: Snoop Dogg - In The Studio // Doggisode 9

Dj Quik, DJ Battlecat, DOC, & 1500 or Nothin came together to create some new music for Snoop Dogg. I (Snoop) would have been happy with the first beat at 4:48 min, but he wasn`t. Would be interesting what they actually came up with at the end. Epic finish at the end of pt.2!


Audio: Paul White - Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP

Paul remixed six tracks from his recent Rapping With... album, slipped in five outstanding new instrumentals and an interlude, and there we have it. What's more, three of these remixes feature Paul White playing live, no samples. We'll leave you to figure out which ones.

We love Paul White`s music. Now we get the Remix EP for free. The bandcamp player has only two songs, but once you`ll download the EP you will hear the rest of the joints.


Audio: Ali The Son Of Abdul - Year Of The Satellite // Free Album

Never heard of Ali The Son Of Abdul, but I like what I am hearing. If you dig Indian samples chopped into ruff beats, you should take a listen. There are a couple of beat tapes on his bandcamp site, but we have picked out the one with him rapping on his own beats. Smoke a sunday spliff to this.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Video: M.E.D. - Blaxican prod. by Madlib

Great M.E.D. video of a great track of a great Album. Classic!! This Madlib beats are sheer Dope...


Audio: Hail Mary Mallon - Grubstake

Grubstake is off Hail Mary Mallon's (Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock) "Are You Gonna Eat That?". 


Audio: Random Axe – Live in Berlin (Video)

The good guys of German Rhymes got some nice "Random Axe" live footage for you from the Berlin gig a few weeks ago. Thx 2 Tobias Phyreworx.


Audio: 0hbliv - New Black Renaissance(Side A)

Ready for some relaxing, sample-based and blunted beats.? OhBliv has this gift for ya'all. New Black Renaissance with a taste of BlackBerry Kush. pääfff..


Audio: BluntGutsNation - EAT MORE BLUNT GUTS // Free Beat Album

Dope Future Beat Compilation by BluntGutsNation. Some fresh upcoming Beat Cats participating with the likes of heRobust, eLan, Handbook, Sompling and many more. BTW, Im a huge ProfLogik fan and always happy to get my ears on new stuff. So go and get your copy, im sure the 200 free downloads will be exhausted in some minutes. Burn a blunt and enjoy! (Complete Stream and Download after the Jump).


Video: Pixelord & Kidkanevil - Fish Touch

Pixelord / Kidkanevil - Fish Touch (Official video) from Dan Medhurst on Vimeo.

Official video for Pixelord's Fish Touch (Kidkanevil Rmx). If you missed the Fish Touch EP cop it via "Error Broadcast". Kidkanevil is a beast, dood plays a show in Berlin on 19th of november at Finest Ego Monthly Trip. Video is damn good. BigUp 2 Dan Medhurst, Campbell Beaton, Johnny J. Rayner, Marty McMullan, Guy Hancock and Max McGill.


Audio: Busdriver - No Blacks No Jews No Asians // MP3

Busdriver's first leak of his "BUSDRIVER - Beaus$Eros" album dropping in january via Fake Four Music. Busdriver with politically charged lyrics over a wobbeldy beat. i like.


Audio: Keor Meteor - Stealing Music // EP

New Keor Meteor Ep, Fellah has a big output. Stealing Music is dope like the previous releases, soulful sample-based beats provided by the Woman with the Sun in her Hair, DJ Ivan6 & Art Vandelay. Quality beats from Paris, also received a banger for our new Beat Tape dropping next month... (complete album stream after the jump)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Audio: Willie The Kid – The Guilt (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth) // Mp3

A couple of these rappers I will always check on just for their taste of instrumentals. Willie the Kid is one of them.. and take nothing away from this cat, he`s got lyrics for days.
Another example is Lloyd Banks I always check him out, because I think he picks some of the illest beats you will find.
For his new project Willie is working with guys like Alchemist, Lee Bannon and Bronze Nazareth.


Audio: DDay One - Stems of Hip Hop // Mixtape

Stems of Hip Hop” was created circa 99/00 (Pre Internet Download Era) with a turntable, mixer, tons of vinyl and a four-track as a tribute to advancements in experimental hip hop music and drum and bass that spawned from the pioneer days of hip-hop production (sampling). Now its re-released by Rhythm Incursions “In session” which is a tribute to the Art of Preservation and Mix-Tape culture. Get your copy right here.


Audio: Taprikk Sweezee - Repolyx // Error Broadcast

The Friends of Error Broadcast got a new eclectic "Taprikk Sweezee" release for ya'all. With Repolyx you can find the four original tunes of his recent Poly EP (2011, Musik aus Strom) re-modelled by artists from the immediate and extended EB family including Montgomery Clunk, Jameszoo, Pixelord, Monolithium, kidkanevil, Digi G'alessio and more. Purchase the digital release via bandcamp or cop the cassette via Bigcartel. (Complete Stream after the Jump)


Audio: L Dash - AC DC prod. by Mr. sickVisionz // download

City Cruiser Gem by L Dash, straight from Atlanta. High Voltage. whoopwhoop...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Audio: Audio88 - Die Erde Ist Eine Scheide Feat. Yassin (Torky Tork Remix)

Natürlich kennt jeder schon diese neue Audioscheide, aber wie es halt so ist, machen wir auch ganz gerne nebenbei Werbung für unseren Torky, der sich mit einem Remix an dieser schönen Scheide beteiligen durfte. Hört einfach mal rein und denkt mal drüber nach und so.
Hier gehts zur Scheide. 
Cover Artwork: Neo Judas!


Audio: Black Milk and Danny Brown - BLACK AND BROWN EP // Full Stream

Black Milk and Danny Brown - Black and Brown EP by BLACK MILK

Fantastic to have this one in the inbox, was waiting for this like a sicko. I hope this team will come to europe for a tour soon and we'll have the chance to catch Danny Brown live. Last time i've seen Black Milk was at the interlude of MF DOOM, and Black Milk was the better reason at least. yarp! Detroit !!


Audio: Paradox & DJ Sean P - Mending // Album Stream

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Last Time:

Thx to Paradox & DJ Sean P from Texas for hitting me up with their latest album "Mending". Perfect interaction between the Mc and the DJ. Paradox is a good storyteller and technician, Dj Sean P rounds over the tracks with multi-layered boom-bap beats and scratches galore. Exclusive Rapohnelizenz Download above. Stream the album after the jump.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Audio: Drewtradition – Carry On Tradition // Free Album

You heard the first two leaks now we get the album. Features by B-Real, Freddie Gibbs, Apathy, Chace Infinite, Ryu, Ras Kass, Young De, El Prez, Planet Asia, Sick Jacken, Krondon, Davinci, Tristate, Damani,... should make you hit the download link.


Audio: Dimlite - New Better Pain // Grimm Reality // MP3

Now-Again Records is going to release the third Dimlite album "Grimm Reality" in a 3x10-inch record set at the end of november. If you ask me, Dimlite is one of the freshest MO''erfuckers in the Beat-Scene out there. Draw the curtains! Yo Jonas...


Audio: MED - Privacy, feat Steve Arrington prod. Madlib // MP3

Next week Stones Throw Records releases MED's "Classic" album. Privacy features Steve Arrington and is produced by Madlib. We got the press release for Classic, shit is fire, especially the Madlib prodcued stuff. Yo


Audio: BMB aka. WayneTweed - GP​-​FUNK EP (BeatMakerBeat)

Mr. Spacefunk is back. BeatMakerBeat aka. Spacekid aka. WayneTweed has a G-Space-Cadillac-Lazer-Funk Giveaway for ya'all. Check his recent release "The Sound of Tomorrow" and other BMB prodcutions right here. // (Complete Stream & Download after the Jump)


Audio: Has-Lo - Never Was Yours (Prod. By Kev Brown) // Mp3

I like the message he`s presenting with this one. Good idea to provide the lyrics aswell for all the non-native speakers like myself. The booklet days seem far away.
Here is another free Has-Lo track.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Video: Quelle Chris - The Son

Hell yeah! This is the title track off his latest EP that you should download here.
Again... click the tags below to find more music of the artist.
Detroit - shi**ing on ni**as, it`s the son...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Audio: Jedi Mind Tricks - Design In Malice Feat. Young Zee And Pacewon (Prod. By Mr. Green) // Mp3

I guess they should just form another supergroup. I mean JMT and Outsidaz?? With producers like Mr. Green and Stoupe the outcome would be epic. This is off the new JMT album which is fucking nuts. Get here.


Video: Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix) Feat. Rick Ross

Before you guys start crying about how this blog is going mainstream because of a Rick Ross appearence, you should consider listening to Stalley`s music first. We are great fans of the dude and it is good to see that he finally gets the attention he deserves (and yeah... let him show off his new toys...why not?). I recommend watching this video or downloading his last album for free which is now being re-released and remastered through Ricky`s label. Check Stalley`s blog for more videos and music. Oh yes, almost forgot. We did an interview with Stalley in 2010.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Ad: - Making Of zum Shooting Herbst/Winter 2011 Katalog Katalog Shooting Fall/Winter 2011/12 from on Vimeo.

Die Kollegen von präsentieren ihr Making Of zum neuen Herbst / Winter Katalog 2011. Für mich ist beim ersten Gedanken, genau der Shop wo ich damals zum ersten mal Dosen bestellt habe als die Homeboys aufgehört haben den örtlichen Baumarkt zu besuchen. Ich weiß jetzt nicht mehr genau wie der Wortlaut eines Kollegen war, aber in etwa "Yo, bei Inflammable kann man bestellen, die sind Real wegen Stieber Twins und so". Und wie es der Zufall so will kollaboriert man viele Jahre später genau hier und jetzt. Eigentlich gibts im Shop alles was euer Hip Hop Herz begehrt, Carhartt Shop, Sneaker und natürlich den Graffiti ShopViel Spaß im Catalog und bis bald. P.s. Der Rudi wirft das Messer neben den Baum, aber lässig.

Euer Antoine.

Audio: Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled // WAV

Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled by jonphonics

Download: Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled

2 of my fav prodcuers collaborating, thats nuts fam. Jon Phonics and Jaisu produced this neck cracking Banger. Keep it Garfunkled Ladies and Gentleman. BojaHH! Also check their appearances on our Beat Tape series after the jump.


Audio: Hourglass Sea - Dream Warrior

The homies of "thewordisbond" recommended Bradford producer Hourglass Sea to us. Dream Warrior is one of his latest singles and caught my attention. Sidechain MO Mo...Shit is nice for the disco. I never visited a disco but in 2011 i would, but all that fancy locations use fancy and hip names like "white trash orgy" (only skinny jeans allowed) or "my sister is a fat lazer" club (only peops under 60 kilo).  Anyways, I run off the topic. whÖop..


Audio: Tony Ozier - BeatsGalore Vol. 1

Tony Ozier sent his new album BeatsGalore Vol. 1 over. 24 tracks and skits categorized with doodoofunk. Electronic beats with playful gimmicks, slapping snares and instant microwave boogieness. Put it on your ipod for your next bike ride with bright sunshine.
(Album stream right here)


Audio: Onra - A New Dynasty // Chinoseries Pt. 2 // MP3

"A New Dynasty" is off ONRA's new album Chinoseries Pt.2 dropping in november. Sample-Based Beat Art, Banger!! Need a Rapper on this one. Almost a month till the album is available, hope he will drop one more preview or an album snippet soon.


Audio: Thundercat - $200 TB feat. Austin Peralta prod. Flying Lotus // MP3

Thundercat - $200 TB prod.Flying Lotus ft. Austin Peralta by Flyinglotus

Thundercat's "$200 TB" appeared on the Japanese release of “The Golden Age of Apocalypse”. Beautiful song, featuring Austin Peralta & produced by Flying Lotus. Via.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Audio: Fiend - Smokin Champagne // Mixtape

Buzzin Ft Nesby Phips

Florence Italy

I promised myself: never ever will I support DJs who scream, talk or drop bombs on records, but on the other hand I really do enjoy listening to Fiend when he rocks over these smooth blaxploitation beats. It all started when I heard his joints with the Spitta. No Curren$y appearences on this tape though. I think I have picked my favorite two songs above, but try it for yourself. Maybe we get a chance to get this tape without these awful tags in the future.


Audio: Joel Siméus & Smokey131 - No Rules No Frames // Instrumental Album // PostRap

The good guys of PostRap sent us this nice collaboration by german prodcuer Smokey131 and swedish producer Joel Siméus. Two sides full of versatile instrumentals, with a note of film score? For further informations about the project visit the PostRap site and share this album if you like what you hear!


Audio: Company Flow - Hit Me With That Shit (unreleased) & Krazy Kings Part 3 (3 33 RMX)

Hit Me With That Shit:

Krazy Kings Part 3 (3 33 RMX):

I Randomly found this dope "3 33" remix of Company Flow's Krazy Kings and afterwards "Hit Me With That Shit" an unreleased track, flying through the web since 2009. Company Krazy Flow!!


Audio: GONJASUFI - EATFISH feat. BLU // Mp3

GONJASUFI - "EATFISH" w: BLU (Produced by Johnson&Johnson) [aif] by

Next week Gonjasufi will drop his new "The Ninth Inning" EP in collaboration with Fader magazine. Ep will be available for free download. Be rich "eat fish" and die!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Audio: Sick Jacken ft. Slaine - Slained Sick // MP3 Download

Sick Jacken and Slaine teamed up for a track of DJ Booth's 20/20 Mixtape dropping soon. "Slained Sick" is a soulsample based track produced by G Rocka.

Stream @ DJ Booth.


Audio: Megabone - Cocaine Lady feat. Kool Keith // MP3

Latest leak of Megabone's album "God Don't Like Ugly" featuring Mr. Glitter "Kool Keith". Can't imagine what these guys doing in their leisure time.


Video: Mr. Muthafuckin' Exquire - Interview // SHHO

This is two months old and some of you might have seen it already. Really just a good little interview with the dude. If you don`t know what his music sounds like, click here.


Audio: Scottie Yellows Deutschräp xTra mit: der Täubling, Ratisbona Calling, Jaycop, Benman

Guten Tag, hier ist "Scottie Yellow" mit dem Deutschräp xTra. Normalerweise werde ich gebucht um den ein oder anderen Supermarkt oder das ein oder andere prächtige Festzelt zu eröffnen. Heute ist es eine Rubrik über Doitschsprachigen Rap und der Kunst die richtige Farbkombination an Eiskugeln in die Eiswaffel zu manövrieren oder auch: wer kriegt die meisten Zwiebeln auf die Mettbrötchenhälfte. Diese Rubrik bedient sich größtenteils aus eingesandten Material des Email-Fachs meiner Agentur "Reden ohne LudwigBörne". Schunkelfaktor, Käsehäppchen und Autoscooter sind im Gegensatz zu meinen üblichen Veranstaltungen leider nicht im Programm und meine Assistentin ist auch leider im Mallorca Urlaub (mit DJ Ashraf). Das wars auch schon von mir, der Rest kommt ohne Worte aus, viel Spaß mit Räp. Zick Zack, Fuffi verdient. Tschüssi und machts gut, Euer "Scottie Yellow". (Zur Rubrik hier klicken).

Video: KA - Every

Every is the 2nd preview on KA's album Grief Pedigree dropping in autumn. Even now it has the potential for the "Album of the Year". Really feeling this. BrownsvilleKA! If you missed Cold Facts, get it here.


Audio: Quelle Chris – Shotgun Ft. Danny Brown & Roc Marciano

Nice to meet such dope cats on one track. Shotgun with Quelle Chris feat. Danny Brown and Roc Marciano is off Quelle Chris upcoming album "Shotgun & Sleek Rifle". Cop It - Via


Audio: Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Cocoa Butter feat. Nina Sky

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah "Cocoa Butter" feat Nina Sky by DCide
Action Bronson and Statik Selektah going to drop their collabo album Well-Done in a month. Cocoa Butter is the latest candy bar. This Nina Sky feature is funny, Move Ya Body Girrlll!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Trebles and Blues - The Eastern Wind:

Jaisu - This is:

Herma Puma - Business as Usual:

Al Jieh - I'm Dangerous:


The Potholes in my Blog fellows, released their own instrumental compilation some hours ago with exclusives by PIMB'S favorite prodcuers. All beat styles wrapped and provided for your enjoyment. Check my personal favourites above and grab the complete compilation. Probs 2 Potholes (Tracklist after the jump)


Video: PERCEE P - RAW HEAT prod. by Madlib (Reissue)

Reissue of "Percee P's" "Raw Heat", all Percee P / Madlib fans know the orginal by "Quasimoto". This was added as a promo 7" to all the people ordered the Chrome Children LP. Hope i got the right infos. Banger!


Audio: Has-Lo - Maxell UR // Download

Has-Lo is preparing for his new project "Conversation B" which comes out November 15th.  To give people a taste of what's in store, Has-Lo is giving away the first track "Maxell UR".


Audio: Knxwledge - Randomb.EP

Knxwledge cleans up his machines and harddrives to bring you a wave of beat Ep's. Good as always. Klipmode sound.


Audio: The Roots - Make My feat. Big K.R.I.T. // Stream

The Roots "Make My" featuring Big K.R.I.T. by okayplayer

Make My is the first leak off the new "The Roots" album "undun". It features Big K.R.I.T. and is co-produced by Khari Mateen of Elevator Fight. Great Joint. Via.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Video: Brenk Sinatra - Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)

I like footage videos. This one features a crowd of wolfes and is the latest teaser on "Brenk's Gumbo 2" album. Cop the wax at MPM label.


Audio: Lee Spacey - Mesosphere

Lee Spacey's new album is a bit maverick, dusty and floating. Cydonia is catchy and spiritual, maybe this sample makes me feel like highlander. Play the complete album after the jump and name a price if you wanna cop the wav's or flac's.


Audio: Byron the Aquarius - Blueberry Kush Project Vol.1 - T.A.L.K.N.O.I.S.E.

Last time i heard something about Byron was the digital release of "Byron & Onra - The Big Payback". Now he's back with "Blueberry Kush Project Vol.1". Enjoy his free EP with sample Beats containing head nodding and boogie dance stuff. fräSh...peeped by Jay Scarlett. (complete album after the jump)


Audio: Peripheral & Nigel One - Sun Flight

Peripheral and Nigel One started making music together in Asheville N.C. in the summer of 2009. They instantly connected more musically and have been working together ever since. Peripheral a classically trained pianist and Nigel a seasoned dj and multi instrumentalist so with their combined skill and knowledge of music came what you hear now.

Nice and relaxing Ep. Periphal highlighting it on the keys. Support good music and cop it right here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Audio: Drumat!c – Brighten Up the Son feat. Need Not Worry // MP3

Philly based producer Drumatic released his new album "Skool - 1st Semester" via "Digi Crates". Brighten Up the Son is a free single and explains the classic sound of the album. Check the preview on itunes. Dope!


Video: Dimlite – Fridge Note


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Audio: Gorq Lana - Spekter

I don't understand a word, but anyhow it's dope. Good productions and the featured Mc's know their craft. (Rap from Estonia - Complete album stream after the jump)


Audio: Neat Beats - Cosmic Surgery

All that glitters is not gold. All's well that ends well. (complete album after jump)



Paul White - Rotten Apples ft. Tranqill (Remix) by alexchase


Rotten Apples is off Paul White's "Rapping With Paul White". The Remix is the first preview on "Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP". If you ask me, this team never fail the targets. Pretty and unpredictable.



Rigor mortis (Latin meaning "stiffness of death") is one of the recognizable signs of death that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate.[1] In humans it commences after about 3 hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates until approximately 72 hours (3 days) after death.[citation needed] Heat sources such as fire can speed up the process of rigor mortis. (


Friday, October 14, 2011

Audio: D.M.P. - Angry Birds (Prod. By Nottz)

After releasing two stellar projects off the Raw Koncept imprint, "You Need This Music" and "Rawth EP", Nottz is back in the lab hard at work, this time cooking up new material with his group D.M.P. (Durte Muzik Prahdukshun). The group is assembled of Virginia-based emcees Bigshot Manceeni, Cutlass Reid, Khizman, Starboy, Ivory Keyes, Boogie and Nottz himself


Audio: Ill Bill - We Not Playing Feat. U.G. Of Cella Dwellas (Prod. By IDE) // Mp3

When I hear his voice I immediately remember this U.G. line: "...lick a cactus, spit the thorns in ya back, kid."
Classic shit on a perfect beat by IDE. This is off Ill Bill`s new album Howie Made Me Do It 2. Random picture... that has nothing to do with the guys involved.