Thursday, November 3, 2011

Audio: Hey!zeus - Dopamine Doppelgangerz feat. Radimo // Sichtexot

The friends of Sichtexot present their latest release, "Hey!zeus - Dopamine Doppelgangerz feat. Radimo" in cooperation with London-based label Chakra Sounds. Hey!zeus is the man behind the productions for Obba Supa and also part of Chakra Sounds. He features Radimo (saxophone and flutes) & Anthony Drawn for his jazz winged instrumental album. Dopamine Doppelgangerz is available for digital download and the new Obba Supa will be released in january on wax. Great album! (For the moment check the album stream + further informations after the jump.)


Hey!zeus: „Neurotransmitter duplication via audio stimuli is an experiment for none other than a delusional and grandiose pseudo jazz fusion hip hopper such as Hey!zeus from Obba Supa. Some music written, some sampled, some played, mostly improvised, 1st takes only, blemish’s kept and warts highlighting delayed wanderings, lost echo’s of un-consented apparitions from the upmost purest experience in creation was the working process between Hey!zeus and the heavily featured Radimo, in bringing to life Doppamine Doppelgangerz, recorded in London, Rum in snow, cheese in rizzla, Jamaican beauty overseeing from beneath her frame at the RDL lodge. I hope your endorphins are induced and your serotonin excelsior’s beyond the beyond…………………“

released 04 November 2011
All music by Hey!zeus from Obba Supa
Flute & Saxophone: Radimo
Saxophone on track 2: Anthony Drawn