Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Audio: M.E.D. - Classic // Album (Mini) Review

M.E.D. has a new album out and it is pretty fucking classic. I guess M.E.D. is one of my favorite rappers just because of the fact that he`s been involved in so many classic records. I don`t know how many times I listened to The Unseen.
They allowed me to stream a couple of the tracks from the album, so here are my favorites (that have not yet leaked as free tracks):
M.E.D. - War And Love ft. Oh No (Prod. By The Alchemist) by rapohnelizenz.com

First up I wanted to share this gloomy beast produced by The Alchemist and Oh No as the sparring partner. The beat is very simple at first, but opens up once you focus on all the little details and sounds. Heavy bass accompanied by strings and distant screams. Styles P would have been crazy for a third verse.

M.E.D. - Medical Card (Prod. By Madlib) by rapohnelizenz.com

Second track I like a lot is the "smoke-a-tree-in-the-whip" song. Medical Card is produced by the Beat Konducta who did half of the beats anyways.In this song he praised the californian invention of the medical card. Madlib chops this thing into funkyland!

I guess my personal Classic by Medaphor would sound like a mixture of those two tracks. A bit more into the direction of a Madvillain experience. Madlib and MED locked in the bombshelter.
Though I don`t want to take anything away from this project. Good to see Kurupt on here, Hodgy Beats, Oh No and Planet Asia are some of the features.

Check out all of MED`s free leaks and videos that we have posted over the years and make shure you watch the great Blaxican video.

Get the 3LP (with instrumentals) here.

Shouts to Jan.
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