Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Audio: See Saw Kids - Beat Tape Vol. 1 // (Xperiment & B.Lewis)

Download: See Saw Kids - Beat Tape Vol. 1

Oh my goodness, out of thin air i received this fantastic Beat Tape. Xperiment and B.Lewis are the "See Saw Kids" with 9 stations of sophisticated and futuristic beats. Multi-layered soundscapes taking you on a journey to Cockayne. Dope!! (via HB)



  1. The link & beat tape came from the Humble Beast site. A simple Google search yielded that info. I know we want to get stuff up as soon as possible but a little effort goes a long way...


  2. this is off the humble beast homie, also the download link is the official humble beast link. we always try to get the official credits. only forgot to link'em up. thats all...its all humble beast!! anyways, thx adam..