Saturday, December 31, 2011

XXX: felice Anno Nuovo!

Happy New Year ya'all! Minimize your Expectations! It's all good.

Rapohnelizenz Family: Thx 2 all participants:

jimmy. solo. geraet. atzetol, yackfou, jo!, mandy mozart, wilson gunz ,der fernbediener, else, poulou, olga, ottenzeller, mazedes, abusakina, vacLov, der bÄr, BenJammin,85, hassmobb, ekrem, cutcannibalz, mortis. koVa. Mogda. Jakob Hoff.atarikid.Cindy Sizer.Shalomsalon,silo magazin , hao, LINA, rollo, fÖxn, thiem& krusche, barufke ,Scu das Raptiel ,das Schmott, concubine, jonas schulte, plus our big Beat Family highlighting your Speakers. YO!

The Rap of

Audio: Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape Vol.2 Bonus Tracks

Download:  Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape Vol.2 Bonus Tracks

Considering that we received a bunch of dope unreleased Beats for Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape 2 we released this Bonus tracks Ep some days ago. Thx 2 Telemachus, Mr. Bibal, Proflogik, Tightface, Jimbo Matsumoto, Thallus and Anatol Atonal. Stay tuned for Rapohnelizenz Vol. 3, "The best things come in threes". We also have a 7" inch in the lab coming soon. Have a good one!


Audio: Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape Vol. 2 // Album Download

First of all we would like to thank all the producers and beatmakers around the globe who took part in this beautiful experience. We received an unbelievable amount of fresh beats and had a real hard time to choose who gets to shine. No violence was used creating the tracklist although it was kind of close at one stage. Everything you hear is previously unreleased material. So turn up the volume and enjoy the ride.

If you appreciate what you`re hearing, you might want to consider donating a few bucks via bandcamp (for free download put in 0). Make shure you visit the artist`s bandcamp-sites or websites and show your support.

Artwork: Jonas Schulte
Mastering: martin hirsch @

You can find the Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape Vol.1 here.

Hit the jump for the extended player, alternativ (shalomsalon) link and back cover.

Audio: Anatol Atonal - REPÈRE // Soundtrack

Anatol Atonal with his MPC and a camera on a journey to find his mothers father. Here we got this special soundtrack of this crazy journey. Download it for free on Bandcamp or Play the complete album after the jump!


Exclusive: Torky Tork - Sextape // Free Beat Album

I guess Torky Tork`s initial intention was to put out some music that you could get laid to. Once he knew that he had failed with his original approach while still being in the process of creating this project, he decided to make each beat resemble a certain sexperience in his life. Good and bad memories unite and fuck their way out of the MPC into your ears. Don`t try this on a first date! As a matter of fact don`t try this at all if you have serious plans on getting jiggy wit` it..

Released by: Shalomsalon
Cover Art by: LNY

Complete Album Stream // Download link // & More..after the jump


Audio: Mortis One - Crate Killer Vol.2 (Orange Sunset) // Beat Tape // R.O.L. Exclusive

<a href="">Intro by Mortis One</a>

The homie Mortis One comes with his second installment of his Beat Tape series and he decided to drop it via ...hell yeah!
This time it features a couple of verses by Cyrus Da Zine, Whyldbunch, the guys from Epsilon Project plus a Morlockk Dilemma/Hiob Remix... the rest is a good variety from all kinds of hardknockin rapbeats.
My personal favorites are Stalk The Walk (Track 4) and Get Busy (Track 14), but that is only choosing two out of an overall sick tape. Big Up, Mortis.
Make shure you check this out and also catch Crate Killer Vol.1 here.


Audio: Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape Vol​.​1 // Album Download

Hello Digital World // Hello Hip Hop People

Here it is. Our first very own Beatcompilation.

When we started this blog about a year ago, living together in the same building, sharing the same passion for music, we were passing on links of the stuff we found online. It´s a bit like digging for wax - a lot of crap but then at the end of the box you find a beautiful piece of music. So the next step was to share what you find on an bigger platform. While browsing the web and selecting everyday what stuff is worth promoting, we meet artists who catch our attention. We just wanted more of their dope music. We invented this compilation as fans and asked our favorite underground producers to contribute. We´re happy to deliver you a selection of mainly unreleased beats. We thank all artists for contributing with us to make this happen. At the Bandcamp site you will find all important links about the artists. Feel free to post & share the Beat Tape // Please use our Bandcamplinks // Thx. Get your Mp3-Player ready, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Download // Stream // and More -> after the Jump

Exclusive: Geraet | Cutcannibalz - Sampo (11 Track Beat-Album)

Here we go again!
After the first Video from last week finally SAMPO  a Beat-Album from Geraet of the Cutcannibalz drops right now! 11 Tracks whittled from rich Finnish Tango and 'Iskelmä'-Samples with crunchy Drumsets. The appearance of the Tracks are underlined by an utterly beautiful artwork by Meikel Neid.

 Check all Infos and Download options after the jumpy..

Exclusive: Kova - Lost Beat Crates Vol 1 // Album Download

We proudly present to you the new beat album of Kova "Lost Beat Crates Vol 1" as an exclusive Rapohnelizenz release. Kova is a Hannover-based producer and member of the 121Crew ("Chris Nerd", "Skan91","DJ Frenetikk", "Kova") who have been working together for about 10 years. He also participated in Germany's first SAE BeatFight with Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk and many more producer cats out the german and austrian beat scene. "Lost Beat Crates Vol 1"is a very smooth train ride into distant land. Everybody who likes jazzy laid-back beat soundtracks to chill out to, should download this immediatly. Whatever mood you`re in this will make you feel better. Works just aswell under bright sunshine as under thunder and lightning. Good stuff. Play the complete album and get your download after the jump, you will also find a video summary of the BeatFight made by the good guys of

your Rapohnelizenz Fam...

R.O.L. Podcast nr.1 feat. "Flip & Swift" - Error Broadcast

Today we bring to you the first episode of our Rapohnelizenz podcast series featuring "Flip & Swift", the heads behind the glorious "Error Broadcast" label. We say "Thank You" and hope all you cats in the field will enjoy this. Spread the Beat!

"Error Broadcast" (est. 2009) is a record label run from headquarters in Modena and Berlin. The imprint for forward-thinking beat music is home to critically acclaimed producers like Pixelord, Shlohmo, Monolithium, and B-Ju, to name just a few."

solo.. (Get the tracklist after the jump or via mixcloud) // YO to dasschmott !

Friday, December 30, 2011

Audio: Chris Medleigh - The Tree // Resistant Mindz

Chris Medleigh of the Resistant Mindz (Leipzig) family, released his new instrumental album some days ago. Jazzy, narrative and playful like your moggy. Relaxed future beats without interference factors, im sure you peops know what im talking about. Yo 2 Chris Medleigh. (Full Album Stream and Buy Options).


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Audio: Madvillain - Madvillainy Instrumentals

Fancy Clown

Money Folder

Nothing for free in this post, just a little reminder. Now is your chance to buy this classic LP again! This time without raps.
I could have randomly selected whatever beat is on this record to promote buying it. Fancy Clown is one of my favorites, but at the same time I feel bad, because I didn`t choose the Meat Grinder or Rainbows. Whatever! All beats produced by the Beat Konducta himself. Nuts!
Learn more about the cover design by Jeff Jank and Eric Coleman here.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Audio: Roc C And Guilty Simpson - Ox 2 The D (Prod. By Soul Professa) // EP

This is about a year old, but I just discovered it now. I am really diggin the song above, but make shure you grab the entire Ep for free. Dope!
Roc C has a new album out and Guilty Simpson and MED are coming to a European city near you.


Audio: Bambu - None Left (Prod. By Josh The Goon)

Bambu is starting another riot. For this one he teams up with producer Josh The Goon. SA!
Grab his previous tape here.


Video: Maffew Ragazino - Blue Rubies produced by C. Jonah

Brownsville's next talent on the way, unsigned, unfazed, Dope. Maffew Ragazino.
Previous posts.


Video: La Coka Nostra - Malverde Market

Here is the first single of the upcoming, unfuckable La Coka Nostra Album "Master of the Dark Arts". Although my childhood hero Everlast is missing, its a nice preview, whats coming towards us. Produced by Ill Bill.


Video: T.Shirt - Angst prod. DJ Cool C

Angst is the latest track by mr. T.Shirt, influenced by "Home Alone 2" and "25th Hour". Keep in sight that fellah, new album on the way.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Audio: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire & Danny Brown - Killah Tofu

Killah Tofu appears on Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire's "Merry eX-Mas & Suck My Dick". Most invigorating Rappers in 2011. Fuck E-o-Y reviews.


Audio: Malkovich Music - Jim Kong Ill

A rap song has surfaced from recently deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. In "Jim Kong Ill", the late Mr Il tells U.S. President Obama to "stay the [expletive] outta L.A." and recommends Iran's President Ahmedinejad to "get a job", among several barbs throw at a range of world leaders. The song was recorded and released by Los Angeles-based emcee Malkovich, who claims that Mr Il in fact died last July, and has inhabited his body for the last several months. A short biography on provides all that is know about the Persian-British emcee, who was born during Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution and narrowly escaped death in Libya when an American bomb meant for Colonel Qaddafi almost hit his home.


Video: Tope - Home (Remix for Kelli Schaefer)

Recently released, the new video from Portland MC/Producer, TOPE (of Living Proof and TxE). The video is for a remix he did for fellow PRTLND artist, Kelli Schaefer - a popular indie folk/pop singer & is also the first from his upcoming solo album, Until The Next Time We Meet, which will be dropping in early 2012 on FRSH SLCTS & features appearances from TiRon, TxE, TROX, G_Force/Calvin Valentine, Tony Ozier, Stewart Villain and more...


Video: B.A.D Company (Bars and Drums) - B.A.D!

Los Angeles' very own Rap Trio B.A.D Company (Pawz 1, Destruct & Asterix) raise the bar with the release of the second single from their much anticipated debut album "Bars and Drums".


Audio: Santa's Magic Trees by and friends

The only useful symbols representing states are on such hash tarts.



Decycle Traditions, the Power of the Langenrooster! Call it Shitmass! Radicals!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Doku: Roma - Die Anderen essen Hunde

XXX: Video Interview mit Audio88

Foto: Mogda Webesi

Vor geraumer Zeit trafen wir Audio88 an einem entspannten Abend zum Gespräch. Die Video Dokumentation gibt es oben. Es gab leichte Spirituosen und es wurde viel geraucht. Danke an Audio88 für die Zeit und Mile of Style für das Live Material.
In diesem Sinne "Einmal Scheide für Alle".


Friday, December 23, 2011

Video: Jedi Mind Tricks Feat. Young Zee And Pacewon – Design In Malice (Prod. By Mr.Green)

My christmas wish: A brand new Young Zee album! Actually I`d a new Outsidaz album aswell. Young Zee kills it on this one! Grab the mp3 here.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Audio: Tranzformer - Raw & Homemade Pt.2 // NYP Tape

The Producer Tranzformer appeared in a couple of post at this blog. Here he is with a compilation of 25 Tracks. "Raw and Homemade 2" includes classic raptracks as well as some instrumentals from the period of 2008-2011. Featuring Planet Asia, Ill Bill, Co$$, Blame One and many more.

Download @ Bandcamp = Name your Price Deal!!

Yack.Fou aka Grinch

Audio: Fashawn - Gettin It (Prod. By Nima Fadavi)

Pretty hypnotic g-shit.
Hope you have some sort of sub when you decide to give this track a listen. Once the hook comes in, things start falling from my table.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Audio: Planet Asia & Madlib - Cracks In The Vinyl EP // Free Download

Planet Asia & Retrogott - Carrying Crates

Download: Planet Asia & Madlib - Cracks In The Vinyl EP

Planet Asia recorded this Ep while some days off and spendin his time in Germany. Recorded at the Treehouse COLOGNE (yoooo..the treehouse is TWIT ONES HIDE OUT STUDIO...PURPLECRACKMANSION).
Ep comes for free in honor of Stones Throw 15 year anniversary.


Gewinnspiel: Hia Kannste watt jewinnen! XXX


Guten Tag verehrte Zuhörer, die Musik Copy Paste Seite eures Vertrauens hat wunderschöne musikalische Datenträger zu verschenken. Ein gemütliches Danke Schön geht an Melting Pot Music, Rollo & Foxn und Geraet (Cutcannibalz) & Meikel Neid. Gewinnen kann man indem man erklären kann:

1. Was ist eine Rosine ?
2. Wofür steht Alpha privativum ?
3. Wer spielte die Hauptrolle im Original von "Der Abenteurer" ?

Man kann eine der Fragen beantworten und eine Email schicken an mit Betreff "Jewinnspiele". Es gibt dann für jeden Preis einen Gewinner. Oy. Gewinner gibts Heute noch so ca. 20 Uhr...

Zu gewinnen gibt es die MPM Vinyl Ausgabe zum diesjährigen Beat Fight Event.

Von Rollo & Foxn gibt es das frisch gedroppte "Der Fööön vor dem Sturm" Album (CD)

  12 Rollo & Foxn - Eighty5 Shit Iz Hot by Rollo & Foxn

Geraet und Meikel Neid (Illustrationen) verschenken eine Ausgabe vom "Sampo" Beat Album (CD)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Audio: O-phrap vs. Dibia$e - Rush 'n Attack (prod. Dibiase) // MP3

Download: Here Comes a New Challenger // Compilation

The fellow O-Phrap hit us up with a track off the "Here Comes a New Challenger" compilation (Is an album looking to create bridges and close gaps between the many varied but all incredibly talented areas of Video Game Inspired Music), i never heard about before. Even better to get it know. Rush 'n Attack is the contribution of O-Phrap and his homie Mr. Dibia$e. I think this is released back in 2007 or 2008. Rush 'n Attack = Nuts.


Video: Ramson Badbonez - PUMP DAT BASS

Boot Records released the video single of Ramson Badbonez's debut LP 'Bad Influence' dropping on Boot in early 2012. "Pump dat Bass".... (yo hypedog)


Audio: Knxwledge - WrapTaypes​.​Port​.​1 // Album Stream

This kid Knxwledge is kicking out project after project. "WrapTaypes​.​Port​.​1" is his latest remix assassination. The lo-fi remix of "Camp Lo's Luchini" is my favorite so far, unblemished!
(Album Stream)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video: Ka - Chamber // Grief Pedigree

More than impatient about the Grief Pedigree album release, since Cold Facts dropped. Album with Roc Marciano also on the way. oY..via


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Audio: Lee Fields - You're The Kind Of Girl // MP3

Download:  Lee Fields - You're The Kind Of Girl // MP3

Legendary "Lee Fields" career spanning 43 years, releases on twelve different record labels, and having toured all over the world. Truth & Soul Records releases Lee's new Album, Faithful Man on March 13, 2012. You're The Kind Of Girl is the first (beautiful) single an now available to provide the Soul. One 4 Jo!


Audio: The Black Opera – ThrILL (prod. 14KT) // Mp3


The new album is now available on itunes. Check out their last video if haven`t seen it yet. Great stuff.


Video: Alaclair Ensemble - Teflon dons

Really down with that Alaclair Ensemble stuff. Most diverse styles in all directions. If you missed the "Le roé c'est moé" album and the instrumental project "Un PIOU PIOU parmi tant d'autres", downloadable here. Crazy video by the way, tribute to Rick Ross (äöfff). There's more to come.


Audio: Beatsofreen & Medaforacle - Global Soul // Album Download

Beatsofreen (Netherlands) and Medaforacle (United States) present their EP ‘Global Soul’. The 19-year old producer Beatsofreen released his well-received beattape Future Memories last year, and Medaforacle did the supporting program for Pharoahe Monch. After collaborating on a number of separate tracks, they dedided to create an EP together. (EP Stream & Download).

der fernbediener

Friday, December 16, 2011

Audio: Atmosphere - Somebody, MN Feat. Kill The Vultures, Big Quarters And Mally // Mp3

Somebody, MN feat. Atmosphere, Kill The Vultures, Big Quarters & MaLLy by rhymesayers

Oh! Awesome song to celebrate their upcoming Minnesota Tour.
This one`s for the homie.
Picture = atmosphere!


Audio: Exile & Blu - give me my flowers while i can smell them // Album Stream

Some unverified stories about a new Exile and Blu album in the last few weeks. Now it happened. "give me my flowers while i can smell them" is now available on Bandcamp. Some funny notes also: unfinished, unmixed, unmastered,...haha..! You will hear it.
(Album Stream) (Via PIK ♥)


Audio: Vinyl Frontiers - Everything Is Vinyl

Lyricists, Attention please! The homies of Vinyl Frontiers have a open call for ya all. 15 beats are provided to work with, the best transmittals will be part of the final project! Check all beats and basic conditions right here. whOoP.

dj notYourHood

Audio-Geschenk: Rollo & Foxn - Rap Fönomenom // Der Fööön Vor Dem Sturm

Download: Rollo & Foxn - Rap Fönemenom

Die Freunde Rollo und Foxn feiern heute hier Release zu ihrem Debüt Abum "Der Fööön Vor Dem Sturm". Deshalb gibt es von den Jungs ein kleines Geschenk zum runterladen (äÖff). "Rap Fönomenom" auf einem Hammer Al Dente Beat und gewohnt freshen cuts von Tivi da Kid (Cutcannibalz). Weitere Songs vom Album und Bestell-Optionen gibt es nach dem Sprung. FÖÖÖn !


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Video: Mr. Green "Live from the Streets" featuring Neil and Tim

Always good when a new Mr. Green episode drops. Really looking forward to the final result of this album he's working on. By the way, everybody has a chance to submit his vocals, the best entries will be finally part of this project. Check all conditions here. yO


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Audio: OneofUs - (Kitty Wong & Sinitus Tempo) - Disengage // Album Download

OneofUs are Kitty Wong & Sinitus Tempo. Disengage is their first common project, Sinitus productions are a mix between, indie, jazz, jazz-fusion, soul with a bit of hip-hop feel and features Singer, Song Writer Kitty Wong from Sydney. Definitely a piece of music you should check out.(Album Stream / Download)


Audio: Homeboy Sandman - New York Nights // MP3

Homeboy Sandman's first track on Stones Throw, "New York Nights" taken from the forthcoming Stones Throw/Serato double disc in 2012. DOWNLOAD


Video: The Roots - undun // Short Film

The best couple of songs off a very good album get the treatment. Great video. Directed by Clifton Bell.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Audio: Chase N. Cashe - Trill Living 2.0 // Mp3

This is called Surf Club music? Sounds like HipHop/Rap to me. I can vibe to this. Going to check on this dude in the future.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Audio: Jonti & Jonwayne - Uh Oh // MP3

Download: Jonti & Jonwayne - Uh Oh // MP3

In celebration of various gigs at the next weekend like L.A.'s Low End Theory, Futura and Stones Throw's 15 Year Celebration where Jonti & Jonwayne will play, Stones Throw dropped this crude gem today. yuMMy yuMmy


Video: Danny Brown - Monopoly (Prod. by Quelle Chris) // XXX

The Rolling Stone magazin premiered Danny Brown's Monopoly video today of one of the best albums of the year: XXX. Kool vintage and tripped-out video. Danny Brown!


Audio+Video: B. Dolan - Film the Police feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X prod. Buddy Peace // + MP3

B. Dolan, Toki Wright, Jasiri X and Sage Francis teamed up for a rework of "F*ck the Police," as a tribute to N.W.A. in consideration of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement.
Free Download and further informations at Strange Famous Records soundcloud. 

der fernbediener

Audio: Radixx - Raamses

RawTapes: Radixx had always said that without electronic music and the ever-developing technology, he would have not made what could nowadays be called music. We guess that these are the times of Radixx. Some people cry about the analogue days, some people praise the new technologies that allow more artist to express their thoughts and emotions. (Album stream after the jump)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Audio: Blu – The Clean Hand (Prod. Pete Rock)

I´m always a bit sceptic what´s the use of twitter and all that.. and whether it´s most of the time filling your life up with bullshit you never felt the need of before... but if it brings you such good things.. I´m in!
Blu shared this track he made on a pete rock beat twittering: "yo Pete, peep, from the first batch you sent". Fine combination - I hope there is more to come.. free download

Friday, December 9, 2011

Durch die Nacht mit Sharon Jones und Charles Bradley (English+German subs)

photo credits: Sound Tracks &

Auf Arte gibt es in letzter Zeit schöne Beiträge zum Thema Musik. Hier gibts ein schönes Gänsehaut-Portrait von Sharon Jones und Charles Bradley. Es bedarf keiner vielen Worte. Persönliches, Kochkünste und Studioleben, die in allen Facetten die gewaltige und gefühlvolle Musik beider Künstler wiederspiegeln. Wer keine Geschichte hat, hat auch nichts zu erzählen. (Daptone Records!) Auf auf zum wunderschönen Play-Button.

der fernbediener

Audio: V.A. - Beat Fight #2 (LP Stream)

Beat Fight 2 competition beats are now available digi and on wax. Link
Some so-so joints on it, but mostly banging fiGht shit. (Further informations)
(LP stream after jump)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Interview: Robot Koch (German + English)

Our Friend Mandy Mozart (co-owner and artist of net-label  Shalom Salon) sat down with Robot Koch to discuss music and everything around it. Take your time with it. This is truly great and highly interessting.

Photo by Mandy Mozart himself.
Full interview (English/German) after the jump.

Video: The Doppelgangaz - At Night

Lone Sharks! The Saga continues...Dope...Like that @RickyShabazz clique videos...