Friday, December 2, 2011

Audio: Alaclair Ensemble - Le roé c'est moé // Album

Peeped "Alaclair Ensemble" some days ago via Kidkanevil's Birditter. Alaclair Ensemble is a group of artists from canada enriching my speakers with a bunch of good music. "Le roé c'est moé" is one the best hip hop projects i heard recently, prodcutions are insane (Raps fitting dope, but seriously i dont understand french). Make sure you download "Un PIOU PIOU parmi tant d'autres" also, album is full elusive beats. Im not sure if i got all specific informations right, so i have to let you alone with the hunt. All important links: & Alaclair Bandcamp. Artists: accrophone, bosslab, bueller, k. mcdermott, k6a, korey hart, m.i.m.s., maybe wats, phelipe sd, s. l'hérault, subv & word up.


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