Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Audio: Taurus Scott - The Intro // EP

Here you can digg Taurus Scott's official debut EP "The Intro". If you're down with arcade beats and heavy dub attacks with a fresh SP handling, you need this in your playlist. Visit his Bandcamp page for the complete release and purchase it for 5 bucks. Yo Nasirah.


Audio: Tensei - ONE EP // Plug Research

Tensei - ONE EP by Plug Research  

Tensei is back with his latest Ep "ONE" which is released by Plug Research. ONE is like a musical candy bar, ingredients are Jazz sugar, ambient caramel weed, stamping drum nuts and the love for the detail. It is eclectic, effortless and slightly palatable.
Plug Research knows how to drain.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Video: J Dilla Rebirth of Detroit Chuck Inglish x Boldy James Studio Session

I don`t know if you had this on your radar? Come Febuary 10th (damn it`s been 6 years!) there will be an album and a concert in memory of J Dilla. The line up is crazy and you will be able to watch it online... live! More informations right here. We love you Dilla!
By the way the best part is the first few seconds with Ma Dukes nodding her head to some Danny Brown shit. Does anybody know who the pretty girl with the hat is? If that`s Dilla sister, I`d be standing patiently in line to make that proposal.


Video: Moka Only & Chief - Crickets

We already had this on here a while ago, but now that I saw the video I had to remind you again. Pretty solid project. Peep it.


Mix: Geraet (Cutcannibalz) - Bruce Willis

Just because Bruce asked to get a mix to pump in his whip... here you go, Bruce. Some funky tunes compiled by Geraet. Non genre. Some Rap, Groove, Breakbeat, Raggae, Beats even Iskelmä... No shame.

Michael Ammer

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Audio: Gangrene f. Evidence & Roc C – Dark Shade // MP3

Playing Vodka & Ayahuasca the whole day. Gutter team with Evidence and Roc C. The dark shades are ready for punishing your philosophy.


Video: Quelle Chris - Bones For Girls (Teaser 1)

New project from Quelle dropping on the 31st of January. Best news of the day.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Video: Cypher Cyndicate - Fo' Leaf feat. Mad Flows, TASK1ne, Konkwest, Chuuwee & Lifted (Posse Cut)

Check out the New Visuals for Cypher Cyndicate's Posse cut Remix of "Fo' Leaf" which dropped on #TWENTYTWELVE New Years Day featuring Mad Flows, Task1ne, Konkwest, Chuuwee, Lifted and Vinny Vrendenburg for the capturing/editing.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Audio: Dead Obies - vnce​.​001 // Album Stream

Ready for Hip Hop from Montreal, some good Post-Dilla era stuff by Dead Obies? Album is consistently good. A while ago we also introduced Alaclair Ensemble to you, check the french-canadian underground here. There's more to come.
Stream "vnce​.​001" after the jump and spend some bucks if you like it.


Audio: Radio Love Love - Die Champagner Episode

pic. r.winter

Die Champagner-Episode by RadioLoveLove

Radio Love Love's latest episode is devoted to champagne. Studio guests are Suff Daddy, Robert Wintah, Mr. XXII, Memyselfandi, Daniano and Twit Uno. Fresh music - No Bla Bla!!


Audio: V.A. Rapohnelizenz "i Love Beats" Soundcloud Group 6.th Round

Some delicious fish straight out the "i Love Beats" group. Thx to all the cats keeping us updated with their latest productions.
And never forget: "Only dead fish swim with the stream"! Aloha!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Audio: Dj Werd - Democrazy // Mixtape

Pic by http://roarmag.org

Download: Dj Werd - Democrazy Mixtape

Berlin's own Dj Werd presents his latest mix called "Democrazy". The mix is dealing with the current situation in world politics and the associated momentousness. Great selection of critical tracks by the likes of Brother Ali, Immortal Technique, Amewu and Braintax. Let the silly clot blood flows!


Audio: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Spottie // MP3

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Spottie by ArtDontSleep

Download:  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Spottie // MP3

In celebration of the "Homage" event, presented by EVFA & ArtDontSleep, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have a gift for ya'all. Its a cover of Outkasts "Spottieottiedopaliscious".


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Audio: Black Spade & Knxwledge - Spand // MP3

Download: Black Spade & Knxwledge - Spand // MP3

Black Spade digged Knxwledge's "Spand" for his same-named song. Good vibe right here, fellas should thinking about a common project. Btw, the Spand instrumental appeared on Knxwledge's "Komposure" EP, released back in august. Exclusive brought to you by FrshSlcts


Audio: 1773 x Trishes - The Luv Bug

Good guy Trishes sent his latest project over. The collaboration with Chicago based Mc 1773 is pleasant and achieved. 12 tracks with well-rounded beats and a narrative 1773. Check the free track above and play the complete Deluxe Edition of the album after the jump. (Released by the friends of http://www.duzzdownsan.com/)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Audio: Sylabil Spill - Weisserstrand prod. Olek // MP3

Sylabil Spill - Weisserstrand by Step Forward Booking

Download: Sylabil Spill - Weisserstrand prod. Olek // MP3 
Frisch aufgetauter Song von Sylabil Spill, Rauh und Auf die Nuss. Der  Hammer Kuckuck Beat kommt von Olek. DoppelYO. // Booking


Video: Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No) - Vodka & Ayahuasca

Gutter Gutter Gutter! The Gutter Team is ready to dazzle you. Rap's 2012 starts heavily armed. GANGRENE - Vodka & Ayahuasca is out today!


Audio: Zilla Rocca feat. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle - Full Spectrum 2 (Prod. By Dr. Quandary)

Good song. Take it or leave it.


Audio: Papervehicle - Papervehicle

Papervehicle dropped this album already last year via Decorative Stamp. Obviously a netlabel which drops quite unorthodox gloomy and always slightly crooked hip hop affiliated music. Their whole catalogue is worth a visit if you are into so called "experimental" Rap... Going through there already the entire morning.

About this album:

"Birthed in San Francisco, breathes a new odd complex weave of unpredictable sound structure, eclectically dark & captained by four cynical gut spilling poets rhyming without the blind folds of stanza. Independent in all aspect of creation, design and production. Papervehicle is a living entity of sound alive artists reaching further within themselves and deeper into the unknown. The west coast super-group consists of the near-legendary Edison, Home, Mildew and The Beastmaster. Expect impossible musical perfection at every turn."

Günther Netzer

Monday, January 23, 2012

Video: Maffew Ragazino Sr. - Short Yellow Bus Theory

Maffew Ragazino's deduction with Major labels and the music industry establishment. 
Quote: "Salute to all entrepreneurs and independent artist...THIS IS YOUR ANTHEM!..."


Video: FatKidsBrotha feat. Key! and Snubnose Frankenstein - 187 (FuckLePolice)

Like the Vibe! No disagreements. As long as "they" pretending a pretence of democracy, ah forget it, i hate cops anyways...
FatKidsBrotha @ Bandcamp


Audio: Ab Soul - Black Lip Bastard (Prod by Willie B of Digi-Phonics)

Back into my grizzly mode again. Another Black Hippy member drops yet another a bomb.


Audio: BJ The Chicago Kid - His Pain feat Kendrick Lamar

So while I am at it I will post some more super mellow shit. I still can`t get over this ScHoolboy/Kendrick song that I posted a while ago.


Video: JR&PH7 / Brokn Englsh / St. Joe Louis - New High / Try

These two guys from Cologne are very well known for their super mellow production style and this is no exception. Grab the entire EP here.


Audio: DāM-FunK - Fadin'

Fadin' - DāM-FunK (unreleased) by DâM-FunK

Mista Space Funk, the ElectrizA himself, with a new and unreleased good mood song. Dam Funk quote: "(No loops, no samples, no sequencers...just Funk)"


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Video: Electro Chaabi - Islam Chipsy // The only real Electro-Pop

Video: Jee4ce - Higgs Boson

Download: Jee4ce - Higgs Boson // MP3

Latest promo video from "Jee4ce" taking excerpts from the 1920's silent film 'Faust' for his track "Higgs Boson". His album "Gingers Have Souls" ready to drop in 2012. FB. 


Audio: Blindspot - Apart

Dot from Blindspot sent their new 16-track album "Apart" over, an eloborate progressive rap trip you should give a listen. Apart is the 7th release by the Augsburg (Germany) based team and now available on CD and for digital download. Check further informations at http://www.blindspot-music.com/. (Stream the album after the jump) // (Album Teaser)


Video: Hiob - "Spröde Lippen" Live im Calabash // 19.11.2011

Im Novemer fand in Berlin eines der besten Konzerte des Jahres statt, Hiobs Record Release Party zur "Drama Konkret" LP. Das Album das in 2011 wie Antibiotika auf den Underground wirkte, sollte auch Live ein totaler Abriss werden. Hiob unterstützt von Morlockk Dilemma, Sir Serch, Dj V.Raeter und Dj Breaque und Gastauftritten von Pierre Sonality, Audio88 und Yassin. Wir hätten gerne etwas mehr vom Abend dokumentiert, aber dann hätten wir das wesentliche verpasst. Super Abend, Super Crowd!


Friday, January 20, 2012

XXX: Whoop Whoop Beatcase mit Geraet, Torky Tork und Kova Freitag 20.01 im Multilayer Laden

Freitagsprogramm im Multilayer Laden:

Beatsets von: TORK, KOVA, GERAET.

Dj's: ALTA KRASS & Jones, Dj Kool Herpes & G-Rahyd
+ Cartoon Schau von Meikel Neid vom Bildwerfer
+ speziellem Spezial Rap-Gast Eintritt frei! (Spende wer will)

BEATSETS WERDEN BEREITS UM 21 UHR ANFANGEN UND BIS ca.23 UHR VORBEI SEIN. -> Früh kommen erwünscht!! Im Anschluss Djeeletten!


Video: Verrückte Hunde - G.T.Z.S. prod. Lump & Fetterjunge

Unsere Homies von Verrückte Hunde mit neuem Video - G.T.Z.S. vom Album 1 x 1 = 1 , dass am 29.02.2012 auf Vinyl erscheinen wird. Beat. Lump & Fetterjunge Cuts: Da Kid "Cutcannibalz". dOppelYo.


Audio: Small Professor - Spare Razor Feat. Guilty Simpson And Reef The Lost Cauze

That`s what I am fuckin taking about! The album is dropping Tuesday and the tracklist looks pretty damn good.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Video: Dope D.O.D. - Gatekeepers

Dope D.O.D.'s "What Happened" was like a surprise impact for rap music in 2011. 2012 the story continues. Gatekeepers means Gamekeepers. Dope! previous D.O.D. posts.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Audio: T.Shirt - The Fuck // EP

T.Shirt - I Want It All

Download: T.Shirt - The Fuck // EP

You may know T.Shirt's dope "For the Record" song/video appeared on "I Should Just Chill"?.! Dude is back with the free download Ep "The Fuck". Guess what the dominating topic is?!. I want it all!



A four track 7inch it features production from Detroit’s Houseshoes, Berlin’s Suff Daddy and Birmingham’s Kelakovski and Myke Forte. Behind Closed Doors Vol 3 EP is made up of exclusive beats from the artists featured in the Louis Den producer DVD of the same name, a myriad of styles make up the EP the classic boom bap sound of Suff Daddy, to the classic Detroit sound of Houseshoes through some nu school 80s funk from Myke Forte and the bass heavy synth stylings of Kelakovski. Pre-order.


Video: Shafiq Husayn - Album Preview

Shafiq Husayn is preparing to release his new album called "The LooP". Here we have a little peak into the recording process. Looks like fun. Oh yeah and look at that view. Shiit!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video: Planet Asia & G-Force - Cruise Control // + Album DL

Cruise Control is off  the common album "Camouflage Jackets" by  Planet Asia & G-Force. Album appeared on Kenny Fresh's exclusive series. Get your download, tracklist and artwork after the jump. 


Audio: Suff Daddy - Brewsters (2008) // MP3

Suff Daddy - Brewsters (2008) by MPMCGN

+Efil4ffus” ( read “Suff for Life Plus”) is an extended re-issue of the very first Suff Daddy EP “Efil4ffus” from 2008, which has been out of print since 2010. Featuring Miles Bonny, Oddisee and Kissey Asplund plus two extra tracks: “Kill Bill” and “Drama Pt.2” (both have only been available on 7” before). Updated artwork based on an unreleased Suff photo by Robert Winter from 2009. For the first time available on CD.

In celebration of the Re-edit version of "+Efil4ffus” and to shorten your waiting time MPM and Suff Daddy dropped this gem for free download today. Check the Phat Kat remix here and the original issue of "EFIL4FFUS" right here. oY


Monday, January 16, 2012

Audio: Mndsgn - EXTS // Album Download

Download: Mndsgn - EXTS // Album

The day starts good, Mndsgn dropped his new album EXTS. Take a trip across Mndsgn's warped samples, off-tune instruments and other sound carnage. Get it at the link above for free but make sure you donate some bucks at the download site. Check his Natalie Portman rap on track 11, dood is slick!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Audio: Gergaz Netlabel - Beat Garden Compilation

Some fresh instrumental joints right here, with the likes of "Proflogik", "Anthony Drawn", "Moon", "Ta-ku" and many more. Compilation published by sound collective Gergaz from Slovakia. Get further informations about the project and the full stream + download after the jump.


Video: C Plus - 10 Feet Tall Feat. Street Knowledge

Produced by Hippie Sabotage. Off Viernes Negro 2. Listen and download here.


Audio: Nocando - Zero Hour // Free EP

2. Nocando - Night Night feat. Kevin Hart prod. by Nosajthing:

Download: Nocando - Zero Hour 

Nocando, the L.A. spitter drops songs and videos in series actually, here is his latest project with productions by Nosajthing, Busdriver and Mexicans with Guns. Check previous Nocando posts here.


Audio: Dj Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – We are at War (Radio Rip) // MP3

Bumy Knuckles and Dj Premier working on a common album, called “The Kolexxxion" with feature appearances by Nas and Flava Flav. Dont know if this one convinces, it keeps gripping.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video: Juan Deuce - Krill Pill

Krill Pill (Juan Deuce) from Ricky Shabazz on Vimeo.

Ricky Shabazz and J.Goldwatch have a very unique style. Juan Deuce's Krill Pill is the first one-shot video for the upcoming second annual mixtape compiled by Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys with exclusive tracks from some of their favorite underground hip-hop acts. rätätätät


Audio: ScHoolboy Q - Groovline Pt. 1 feat. Dom Kennedy & Curren$y prod. Lex Luger

ScHoolboy Q - Groovline Pt. 1 Feat. Dom Kennedy & Curren$y Prod Lex Luger  

ScHoolboy Q released his new project Habits & Contradictions today. Groovline Pt. 1 feat. Dom Kennedy and Curren$y is the latest condiment off the project (stream).


Termanology & Ea$y Money - Derelict feat. REKS & Artisin prod. by Lee Bannon)

1 of the best songs of Termanology's & Ea$y Money's S.T.R.E.E.T. mixtape entirely produced Lee Bannon. Get the complete mixtape at Dj Booth.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Audio: ScHoolboy Q – Blessed Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. By Dave Free)

ScHoolboy Q – Blessed Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. By Dave Free) ScHoolboy Q - My Homie (Prod By Alchemist)

I discovered this dude just now. Checked out his stuff and present to you my two favorite joints. One quater of the "Black Hippies" ScHoolboy Q is ready to release his new project Habits & Contradictions this Saturday. The song with Kendrick Lamar is off that tape.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Video + Audio: Sahtyre - The Buddha // MP3 Download

I never got in touch with Sahtyre before, although blog member ashraf posted a 3 track preview of Sayhtyre's "The Buddha" Mixtape.
Nevertheless this video and track is a banger. Plus Sahytre is giving his tape away FOR FREE now.
Sceptic heads can listen to the stream here.


Video: M.E.D. - War & Love feat. Oh No Prod. The Alchemist // Classic

This is Dope as Fuck, Alchemist beat is Harsh! Looking forward to meet M.E.D. next week for an interview. Classic!!


Audio: Edgar Wasser - Dope

Dope (feat. LUX) by Edgar Wasser

Edgar Wasser hat Style und das Geld.


Audio: Warren Xclnce - Last Train Home (Björk x J Dilla)

Warren Xclnce - Last Train Home (Bjork x J Dilla) by W∆RREN XCLNCE

Like this liaison between Q-Tip's - Let's Ride and Björk's - My Spine, cross-linked by Warren Xclnce.


Video: Freddie Gibbs - Illegal prod. Ski Beatz // 24 Hour Karate School p. 2

Freddie Gibbs raps illegal. Def* underrated, maybe 2012 will enlightens his shape.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Video: Chefkoch - Friss Oda Stirb prod. MecsTreem

Chefkoch's neues Album "Friss oder Stirb" kommt am 18.02.2012 über "i Luv Money Records" und wird im Streetshop.at erhältlich sein. Als Appetizer gibts das Video zum Titelsong des Albums auf einem Abriss-Beat von MecsTreem. #OpRap


Audio: The Bad Seed – Go Back

Bad Seed and the "Pockets" song brings back memories. Some clever ass shit! Listen above.

This new song is pretty cool, too. He and Slick Rick should get together and make something like "The Art Of Storytelling II". Just dreaming...


Monday, January 9, 2012

Audio: Planet Asia - Goldenstate prod. Dirtydiggs // MP3

Named after a 1980s Saturday-afternoon TV show and inspired by Planet Asia's favorite films, Black Belt Theatre combines the violent precision of classic kung-fu flicks with the calculated cool of classic blaxploitation movies. "I wanted to make the album like a movie, something you would see in a theater," says Asia. "That's why it has so many features. All the guests feel like different characters in the movie." These guests include veterans like Raekwon, Talib Kweli, Paul Wall, Ras Kass, Camp Lo, and Strong Arm Steady, as well as newcomers like Fashawn, Willie The Kid, Torae, and Nio Tha Gift. // hits stores on February 28th, 2012. (Full Tracklist after the jump)


Video: Hazeem - Alchemy of Sound (Isis Bells) / Rawcut

HAZEEM - Alchemy of Sound (Isis Bells) from Hazeem on Vimeo.

Hazeem: "I recorded some chimes few months ago and did a track based on that sound...holy smoke music -enjoy!" Good to get some new music by Hazeem, his new EP is on the way.


Audio: KUTMAH - Chill Shit Vol. 1

Ha. new raw sample beats by Kutmah to inhale. Make sure you check out his Sketchbook Radioshow, one of my fav's on the web. oY (Full Stream & Download)


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Audio: Black Milk - Black and Brown Instrumentals

 edit.08.jan.: full instrumental version available right here.

The instrumentals of Black and Brown, the collaboration Ep between producer Black Milk and rapper Danny Brown will be available on or around 20 January. Enjoy the instrumental of the opener "Sound Check". If you missed the Ep, stream it right here.

der fernbediener

Audio: Hodgy Beats - BKLYN prod. by Thelonious Martin // MP3

Hodgy Beats works on his solo album, this is possibly the first gift. Sounds good to me.


Audio: Midnight Kids Academy - Class of MMXII

If you need a wayward musical highlight for your well-deserved sunday, then play this compilation. Eclectic collection of beat-music. Not for the faint of heart. saludos. one for mogda.
(-> Full Stream and Free Download)


Friday, January 6, 2012

Video: Hiob - Blankocheck feat. Morlockk Dilemma prod. Mecs Treem

Hiob's "Drama Konkret" Platte hat so mancher Hip Hop Pusteblume den Kopf weggeblasen.


Audio: Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No) - Vodka & Ayahuasca

Last month we received the Press-Release of Gangrene's "Vodka & Ayahuasca", and we can tell you, this LP is fuckin NUTS. Take a deep breath of Gangrene gas above, Alchemist + Oh No = Intoxication. Thx Sureshot! °Previous Gangrene Posts°


Audio: Lewis Parker - Game of Charades // Download

This track is a remake of the 'Fake Charades' song that featured on Lewis Parker's debut LP 'Masquerades & Sillhouettes' back in 1998'. This is a reworked SP-1200 version SP-1200 and the vocals have been Spit again! Instrumental included.
Thx. 2 John Robinson for spreading the word! DOWNLOAD


Audio: Eligh- What's In A Name // Remix Contest Contributions

Pic. Anni Becker



Abstract Prophets:

Here we have some good remixes of Eligh's "What's in a Name", results of the official Eligh & Amp Live remic contest. There are many more remixes on soundcloud, but the four above catched my attention. Let me know if i missed a gem. oY