Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Audio: Papervehicle - Papervehicle

Papervehicle dropped this album already last year via Decorative Stamp. Obviously a netlabel which drops quite unorthodox gloomy and always slightly crooked hip hop affiliated music. Their whole catalogue is worth a visit if you are into so called "experimental" Rap... Going through there already the entire morning.

About this album:

"Birthed in San Francisco, breathes a new odd complex weave of unpredictable sound structure, eclectically dark & captained by four cynical gut spilling poets rhyming without the blind folds of stanza. Independent in all aspect of creation, design and production. Papervehicle is a living entity of sound alive artists reaching further within themselves and deeper into the unknown. The west coast super-group consists of the near-legendary Edison, Home, Mildew and The Beastmaster. Expect impossible musical perfection at every turn."

Günther Netzer

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