Saturday, March 3, 2012

Audio: DJ Soulscape meets David Ellis

There we go, we start our inside on the Asian Hip Hop scene series. It's about time we introduce a very special Funky Korean Music retrospective mixtape by renown Korean DJ Soulscape (360 Sounds) to you folks. There is a world out there and if you are interested, usually we don't post external interviews, but his private homepage is down, so go with the flow on Vice's Creators Project. They did a lovely Job.

On of a kind insider and amateur beat digger from the heart of a vivid pop culture that, which we must admit, was not only a mere copy of American pop, but was able to develop a unique language of her own. Thanks to Soulscape a lot of excellent tunes were archived and survived intellectual holocaust even through the 80s military dictatorship.

DJ Soulscape meets David Ellis (Stream after the Link)

Mandy Mozart

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