Thursday, March 1, 2012

Audio: United Virations - Galaxies not Ghettos


A little while back touring England London was calling. Brixton to be precise - Yes, as we Germans on Voyages prefer to be mistaken for. We only found out way later, that London Afro Funk is sexy as hell. And we noticed a beautiful record shop located in Brixton Market United80. The day we went there, doors were locked, but luckily enough this young brass focused band, with it's members all in their early 20s managed to put their release also on renowned First Word Records and we purchased their beautiful debut black 12'' Galaxies not Ghettos. Word is Up! It's courage to make music, but to bring joy is divine. Catch up on this Ra inspired self-made jukebox. (Album stream right here)

Mandy Mozart

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