Monday, March 5, 2012

Video: Metabeats feat. Dubbledge - EyeSeeYou

Metabeats from the associated minds comes with a new and neat video of EyeSeeYou featuring Dubbledge on the rhymes. Get further informations about AM here and stream the video after the link. There's more to come.


Continuing to stake our claim as one of the leading labels releasing consistently quality hip-hop in the UK, we at AM are more than proud to present the brand-new video for Metabeats's 'EyeSeeYou' single featuring Dubbledge.
The video, directed by rising star Mike Tyler, perfectly translates the pearls of wisdom on racism, the media and UK police profiling that Edge drops throughout the track and is a must see for anyone who appreciates their hip-hop with a touch of intelligence. We hope you enjoy

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