Monday, April 30, 2012

Audio: Keor Meteor - Sabotage // Beat EP

Keor Meteor on his conspiracy shit. Dope!
This dude is putting out a new beat tape every other week. Check his other tapes here.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Video: Psycho Realm - I`m Gone

This is for all of my people that got fucked up last night.

Senf Boy

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Audio: Myth Syzer & Perrion - From Paris With Love

Just found this one at rcbln. Producer Myth Syzer from paris with Perrion from harlem. The beat is bananas and got me exited. But I already got bored listening to the rest of the tape while typing this.. the down pitched tyler-like voice..  anyways, not that big - but some nice track on it. listen & download the whole thing for free here. j

Friday, April 27, 2012

Audio: The Ruffcats - Dr. Cosmo

Are you ready to get your freak on tonight? Turn this up! The Ruffcats have just recorded a super funky instrumental album dropping at the end of may and this is the first leak.Enjoy.


Video: Suff Daddy - Pattern Select/Giscar Sob

Geile Karre, hammer Beats, sympathische Leute, Cognac und Weed, MPC,  Kölle..
love it!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Audio: Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt (Hype Williams) - Black Is Beautiful

This is for my man tilman! Weird stuff on the fantastic hyperdub-label. You´ll find some nice things between all the noise.. bingbambum.

Audio: Armani White - One Bad Apple

Armani White - One Bad Apple Feat. Dev Ultra by crisp52baby

In Preparation of Armani White's debut "The Opening Act" he presents another teaser. "One Bad Apple" features Dev Ultra and is produced by MG. Nice Flow and a special voice like Mr. MFN eXquire or Danny Brown.


Video: Sean Born - Lights on // MMG

This is the first Video of Sean Born's new Album "Behind the Scale". Lights on is produced by Kenn Wood and the Video is directed by Kaimbr.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Video: Gangrene - Walk Hard

I have to say it again: Jason Goldwatch is a fucking genius! My favorite part is at 1:09 when the cut is right on the guitar sample.
This EP is a free download or you can by the picture-disc here.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audio: Apollo Brown & OC - People's Champ

You can't go wrong with this combination! KlitschKlatschDiesdas. Yet another Apollo Brown sure shot.

Michael Ammer

Monday, April 23, 2012

Audio: Action Bronson – A Simple Man (Prod. By Tommy Mas)

I am so fucking slow today and I take ages for everything I start doing. This is the soundtrack for this day.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Audio: fabulous arabia - The Ballad of State Highway 1

"´s late, ice cream looks good, to my red eyes.."
Some sugarsweet sunday morning music.. free download.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Audio: Gangrene (Oh No & Alchemist) – Odditorium // Free EP

This EP sounds like a fresh new Madlib record and it`s free. Grab it here


Video: Ka - Summer

This dude has his own unique style and he is sticking to it. I like that.
Check out his other videos too.


Audio: Alpha Male Society - Super High 2 // Mixtape

The inbox is crammed with 100s of unread emails. This cover doesn`t look promising to say the least, but the music is cool and I am glad I didn`t delete the email immediately. Obviously they rap about getting super high on every track and that`s about it. Sounds pretty good though. Check the entire tape here and download for free.


Video: LA COKA NOSTRA - My Universe ft. Vinnie Paz

The "Master of the Dark Arts" are coming to us in July. Here is the newest Track of La Coka Nostra's Sophomore Album. Nice Dark Beat produced by Statik Selektah featured by Jedi Mind's Vinnie Paz.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video: Moka Only & Ayatollah - Come Along

Dope song. Check out this other song off their new album and buy some good HipHopMusic.


Video: Morlockk Dilemma & Dexter feat. Audio88 - Der Elfenbeinturm

Sehr guter Track zu einer sehr guten EP. Punkt.
Zur Diskussion bitte drüben bei den Jungs von Youtube vorbeschauen. (Maximaler-Opfer-Zirkus).


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Video: Gza – Frames

It sucks Liquid Swords 2 with the RZA never came out and I don`t know what his latest song would be. What was his last feature? Can we just get one more song, please?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

XXX: Amewu - Democrazy // MP3

foto credit:
    Amewu - Democrazy // Download by rApohnelizenz

Download: Amewu - Democrazy // MP3

Dieser Song ist Amewus (Edit) Beitrag zu Dj Werds letztem Mixtape "Democrazy" gewesen. Das Mixtape das kritisch die politische Lage weltweit thematisiert, gibt es hier zum streamen und downloaden. (Ja auch in deiner Dackel-Schinken Landschaft gibt es Politik. Wörd drauf Katze.) Amewus selbst produzierter Track glänzt mit einem Hammer part und als ich ihn kürzlich getroffen habe, fragte ich ob er auf Rapohnelizenz zum Download verfügbar gemacht werden kann. Und ja, here you go. Amewu, ich schulde dir ein Geträäänk. Danke auch an den homie Dj Werd, am 18.Mai gibts dann das nächste "Whoop Whoop" Beatcase im Atlas Pancakes. Nähere Infos kommen baldigst.

(Amewu Interview hier Nachlesen)


ashraf aka. keinname aka rapohnelizenz.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Audio: Libretto - Gangsta Jazz EP [Free Download]

Libretto's Gangsta Jazz Ep is part of the collaboration between Slum Funk Entertainment and Liquid Beat Records. Libretto's productions representing the minimalistic oldschool attitude using loops and basic drum patterns. The Gangsta Jazz Ep is an hommage to his city Watts in California and West-coast Gangsta Rap of the 90's. Also check his new Ep "Gangsta Boogie" and his single "Ride To Dat" featuring Guilty Simpson below.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Audio: I.N.T. - Loops N shit

The Amsterdam-based and Eindhoven-raised producer I.N.T. (the one featured in the nodnavigators series) completed this exclusive loop-tape for W_Music using the breaks, loops and samples he has collected over the years. The 60 minute collage of beats, loops, edits and remixes totally fits my taste. Well, sometimes there is one intro followed by another intro followed by... but thats the concept I guess. overall pretty good stuff! Download it here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Audio: Diggs Duke - Black Gold

This amazing song by Diggs Duke opens the summer season. Is it not enough that you have my heeeaaart? This is dedicated to my homies G-Rahyd, Jones, Tilman and Törky Türk. No homo. Stream the Ep after the jump and cop it for 2 bucks if you like what you hear!
(♥ Lina, Else, Poulou, Olga)


Audio: Whosane - Dear Moleskine (Remix)

While in the studio in Capetown South Africa putting the finishing touches on his upcoming EP ( Brooklyn - Capetown) The Brooklyn MC Whosane heard the gift that Just Blaze & Jay Electronica gave all MC's and was inspired to add his story to it. Whosane is noted for his cameo with Mos Def on "Taxi" prod. by Ski Beatz & was part of the Ecstatic Tour in 2009.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Audio: GLK - when I was twenty one

"A live mix made at my parents house when I was twenty one - straight off cassette." - GLK
That´s how I like my mixtapes! I still listen to old mixtapes of my own or my firends in the kitchen. It might be nostalgic, but I believe there is a difference in recording one take to a cassettedeck, just for your own or your girlfriend or recording to your computer and overwrite every fault because you think the whole world is going to copy this.. nothing breaks a vibe but too much perfection.

Video: Take Away Show - SENI GORMEM IMKANSIZ

Take Away Show _ SENI GORMEM IMKANSIZ from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.

Not only Grup Ses is innovating the Turkish European peninsula. From Istanbul Girl Power Beats by Seni Gormem Imkansiz.

Best Mandy

Audio: Homeboy Sandman - Chimera Out Now

Homeboy Sandman - Chimera Out Now by Stones Throw Records

Download: Homeboy Sandman "Chimera Out Now"

Download: Homeboy Sandman "Cops Get Scared of Me"

Today is Homeboy Sandman's official release date for the his "Chimera" EP, released by Stones Throw Records and Groove Attack. "Chimera Out Now" is a free download gift, also "Cops Get Scared of Me" is still available. Homeboy Sandman proves once more his lyrical steam engine. Every track on Chimera is a feast for the eyes. Crucial, articulate and simply dope.! Yo.


Video: Quelle Chris - Live Alone Die Alone prod. by Dibiase

Live Alone Die Alone is of the "2dirt4tv" Ep with Dibiase, dropped last week.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Audio: X-Ray Da Mindbenda Ft. Roc Marciano - X-Ray & Roc // Mp3

Short little track by Roc Marciano and X-Ray Da Mindbenda. Ancient sample and the Marcberg. One Verse and out. Dope.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

XXX: Hey Nazi! Du Besser Nix Kommen Neukölln! Ärger@(13.04.2012)

Anti by AntiKaka

Das Brötchen will jetzt wirklich mal keine Wurst. Die Röstzwiebeln werden Blaschkoallee erwartet, aktuell ist es Marienfelde. Knoblauchfahne ole. Freitag wird die Remoulade geklaut! 18 Uhr U-Bahnhof Blaschkoallee o. Marienfelde ohne U, aber Updates folgen.

Die "„Zeit zu handeln – kein Platz für Nazis" Demo beginnt 17.30 Uhr Lipschitzallee, falls jemand dies das.


Audio: Madvillain - Running Around With Another // Fancy Clown Rework

Madvillain - Running Around With Another by Stones Throw Records

Stones Throw Records announced the re-release of Fancy Clown from "Madvillainy 2 The Madlib Remix" on vinyl. STR: "But this reworking (we hate to say remix) was so good that after we sat with it for a while, we decided that we had to make it available". prät


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Audio: Yassin - Altlasten // Mini-Album

Yassin holt ein paar extra knusprige Hühnchen aus seinem Gefrierschrank. Schön schwarz das alles.
Jetzt noch schnell die Altlasten los werden und dann demnächst mit dem neuen Scheiss angreifen. Man munkelt von einer EP mit Audio88 und Torky Tork. Klingt viel versprechend!
Hier ist der Link zum kompletten Album.

Yakuza Jacuzzi

Audio: Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty // Skelethon

I know some of my friends and also myself waiting wistful for Aesop Rock's "Skelethon" album, which drops July 10th. Rhymesayer's doing a great a job. shit is dope.


Video+Audio: Lute – West1996

Last week i've seen the video (Thx Breaque) for Lute's "80Proof" with legendary Pete Rock on the beat. Today i recognized the complete mixtape at Ekrem's blog.big
(Free Download not longer available, any link to cop this one?)


Audio: fLako - The Awful Dynne // MP3

The Awful Dynne by fLako

Download: fLako - The Awful Dynne // MP3 

One of the best Beatcats in europe unbagged a killer cat for free download. The Awful Dynne appears on flako's "Mini Tollbooth" EP, released (PMC) back in 2010. Wax version still available at HHV online store. whOop


Audio: Raiza Biza, Konflikt, Jane Deezy & Ray Tait - Quote, Unquote prod. Mono:Massive

"Quote, Unquote." - Raiza Biza, Konflikt, Jane Deezy, Ray Tait by Raiza Biza

Mono:Massive peeped me his latest collaboration with Raiza Biza, Konflikt, Jane Deezy and Ray Tait from New Zealand and Rwanda. The actuation is: "Every rapper searches for his/her own timeless quotes to share with the world. This song is dedicated to that quest. Sometimes we find that inspiration in the places we least expect". Get you free download of soulfulness above. *ß


Audio: True Masterz - The First Atom // Album

These cats remind me of Dead Prez or Brooklyn Academy with wu-beats and Phil Da Agony`s delivery. Very good music by MighGawd on the beats, JMega on the mic and DJ Grazzhoppa. Listen to the 27-track strong album by these Long Beach natives above or spend 5 bucks on any of their three great albums.


Monday, April 9, 2012


Kev Brown - The RANDOM JOINTS PROMO EP by Redefinition Records

Download: Kev Brown - The RANDOM JOINTS PROMO EP 

Kev Brown has that cozy, soulful and laid back sound. RANDOM JOINTS PROMO EP is a gift before the official "Random Joints" release drops on vinyl. Download this treat for free above and spread the word!


Video: Furious - Neubeginn/Laut sein (prod. by DJ Vadim)

Again, I was spammed by my homeboys mum, that mentioned to me, that somebody special is back in China-Turkey Town. Coming to Berlin, super maniac Globetrötter DJ Vadim (OGS) and all time digger of the deepest crates, is coming to Berlin with one of his latest projects. Furious (Editent) is releasing his new album "Sex and Selters" as you may have heard.

Release Party is 13.4.  Raumklang, Berlin, Friedrichshain

The track is kicking. Dancy melodic and as always Vati Vad quality.


Audio: Hippie Sabotage - Vol.3

Hippie Sabotage extending their Volume series with issue nr. 3, the third installment is multilayered like the previous tapes and shows a bunch of different looks. If you haven't already, you should check the coolaboration with "The Rock" of Heltah Skeltah and download "Monstas Ball". We also received a banger for the new ROL Beat Tape, shit drops early may. Album stream and further informations after the jump.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Audio: Oh No + Dolemite = Ohnomite - Sound Off feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money

Oh No - Sound Off feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money by ohnomite

This Ohnomite track is online since a year, the album which only contains samples of Rudy Ray Moore's Dolemite had its first announcement some years back. May and June are the new release dates, we will see what happens. The guestlist is doozie: MF DOOM, Evidence, Alchemist, MED, Guilty Simpson, Roc C, Damani, Prozack Turner, Ea$y Money, Pok Dog, LMNO, Phife Dawg, DJ Romes, Chino XL, Erick Sermon, Rapper Pooh, Phil the Agony, Jose James, Frank Nitt, Wildchild, Sticky Fingaz, Termanology & Roc Marciano. Cover art by Charles Munka, art direction by Jeff Jank.


Audio: Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine prod by Just Blaze // MP3

Finally a full version of "Dear Moleskine" is available. You may know the short video 3 years back (check it here). Jay Electronica's debut album MW3 will hit the stores in 2015. äöf.


Audio: Konrad Kuhn - I know where Jim Sullivan lives (Mix)

In March 1975, the singer-songwriter Jim Sullivan mysteriously disappeared outside Santa Rosa, New Mexico. His VW bug was found abandoned, his motel room untouched. Some think he got lost in the desert. Some think he fell foul of a local family with alleged mafia ties. Some think he was abducted by Sun Ra and his Arkestra to be the band's new...

1. Friedrich Gulda - the air from other planets 
2. Gary Bartz ft. Duke Ellington - perihelion and aphelion / ballett of the flying saucers 
3. Lou Rawls - down here on the ground 
4. Charles Earland - interplanetary love song 
5. Richard Pryor - flying saucers 
6. Marvin Gaye - a funky space reincarnation 
7. Lonnie Liston Smith - visions of a new world (phase II) 
8. Atmosfear - dancing in outer space 
9. The Undisputed Truth - ufo 
10. ESG - ufo 
11. Arthur Russell - this is how we walk on the moon 
12. Stargard - three girls 
13. Parliament - p*funk 
14. Dam Funk - let's take off

From Upitup Allstar DJ Konrad Kuhn to all of you for the celebration of the eternal disappearance of JESUS!.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Audio: Showbiz & A.G. – Walk With Me

Always good to hear those two making music whether it`s their old stuff or this new song. New album Mug Shot Music Pre-Loaded is coming in May.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Audio: Quelle Chris & Dibia$e - 2Dirt4TV // EP

Hell, 2 of my fav producers "Dibia$e" and "Quelle Chris" boiled up this dope "2Dirt4TV" EP. Great beats by Mista Dibiase as always and QC deliveres masterfully entertaining lyrics. I need to light one up. Cop it for 5 $ bucks and you are upgraded. Lean Back and relax.
(full Ep stream)


Audio: BoomBaptist - The Lost Files Vol. 1 (2003​-​2005)

The homie Boombaptist shares freshness. The Lost Files Vol. 1 represents material which is produced between 2003​-​2005 and never been released. Nice to get stuff  of his early days. Support good music and cop that album.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Audio: Artifacts - Easter (prod. by Khrysis)

Artifacts - "Easter" (prod. by Khrysis) by Diamond Media 360

First official Artifacts track since 15 years and im still listening to "That's Them" & "Between A Rock And A Hard Place". Khrysis delivered the beat and DJ Dutchmaster on the cuts. Digging This. Nuts!


Audio: A El Fata - London City

A beautiful NET 7'' (first time I hear about that) for all the Flash Player Lovers. The B-Side Riddim is produced by Disrupt. (I skipped A, cause the beat is dope and I don't even know who done that.)
The whole thing is released on Jahtari. A sick Netlabel all about all the words with "Jah". Jahpan, Jahmiroquia, Jahsus, Jah la la la la, a boom boom boom.

dedicated to Shalom Salon's "Atari Kid". prepare, the future is digitally remastered 8bit.


Audio: Quasimoto - Broad Factor

Quasimoto - Broad Factor by Stones Throw Records

Reissue of Quasimoto's "Broad Factor", Quas & Madlib's answer to Mad Skillz "Nod Factor". 12" is available again on Stones Throw Records. You should also take a listen (+download) to Dexter's Broad Factor remix below.

  Lord Quas - Broad Factor (Dexter Remix) by MPMCGN 


Monday, April 2, 2012

Audio: Rejoicer - 100% Rejoicer and friends 2012

100% Rejoicer and friends 2012 by Rejoicer

Download:Rejoicer - 100% Rejoicer and friends 2012 

The homie Rejoicer is back on tracks with a new mix representing his productions plus family and friends. I bought Bajka's and Rejoicer's first common wax "Just the Truth" last week, amazing sound. Check more Raw Tapes releases at their Bandcamp catalogue.

The Rafash

Audio: Knxwledge - karma​.​loops​.​prt​.​1

No month without a release by Knxwledge and no month without heat. If you aren't familiar with his sound, ahhahhaa, make sure you check his 109804847 releases right here. You can also digg his stuff by checking the previous posts right here. OyyO


Audio: Haz Solo - Ness Radio (360 .wav Mix) // Download

Ness Radio (360 .wav Mix) by HAZ.SOLO

Download: Haz Solo - Ness Radio (360 .wav Mix)

Haz Solo was on air on This is the nice result, 1 hour of dope beats and raps. You will find stuff of him and featured artists with the likes of Blu, Ohbliv and Damu the Fudgemunk.Get your free download before the 100 dl limit expires.


Video: Mettphonic - Loomyside (MOMIJIGARI EP)

Our friends of Marinadenpodcast working on the release of "Mettphonic's" new instrumental E.P. which will be available 10.04.12. Loomyside is the foretaste on MOMIJIGARI EP, make you sure you cop your Tape asap, only 50 pieces available. Yo Limba.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Docu: Keep In Time - A Live Recording

The good homie jo! peeped me this amazing documentary a while back. Follow the drummers Paul Humphrey, James Gadson, and Derf Reklaw, and DJs; Cut Chemist, Babu, J.Rocc, Madlib, Nu-Mark and Shortcut while delivering gems in live sessions. continue...


Audio: OHM Dedication Series #1: Beautiful Swimmers Present Don Cherry

OHM Dedication Series #1: Beautiful Swimmers Present Don Cherry by alexchase

OHM: We're pleased to announce a new series of DJ mixes from our artists, collaborators and friends: the OHM Dedication Series. Over the next year we hope to offer you twelve mixes which explore our musical universe in the best way possible: through the music itself. First up are Beautiful Swimmers from Washington D.C. who offer us a glimpse into their love for Don Cherry, the pocket trumpet player who explored everything from traditional Indian music to disco via spiritual jazz, proto-breakbeat and much more.


Audio: Heltah Skeltah – Never Ending (Prod. by Kount Fif)

Very good song with a catchy hook off a solid album. Get the album via itunes. I like!
Sing along, dieters!


Video: Homeboy Sandman - Mine All Mine

Sandman is dropping a lot of stuff these days and it all sounds very promising and relaxed. I wonder who they sign next?
Via Dexy ihm sein FB.