Saturday, June 30, 2012


Oldschool Future by Figub Brazlevič

Am 30 Juni holen wir im Cafe Wendel das nach, was uns beim letzten Beatcase von Polizei und lieben Anwohnern '*`?`'`?'`?'?'$&/$§%"%§". Deshalb haben Dj Werd und wir in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Cafe Wendel einen neuen Termin und eine neue Location. The Beat. The Funk, The Good.
Eintritt ist wie immer real.

Wann: 30.06.12 // Ab 22 Uhr 


Figub Brazlevic 
DJ Werd 
Torky Tork 

Wo: Cafe Wendel Schlesische Straße 42 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg


Friday, June 29, 2012

LOVE: Dibia$e - Collectin' Dust

Best things happens on fridays, a new Dibia$e Beat Tape and fresh weed. Enjoy this amazing collection of Beats and Loops from the young Dibia$e, stuff is 10 years old and strictly produced with the MPC2000. Im a huge fan. Crusty Dusty.

Dibia$e: It's just a collection of old gems made on the mpc 2000 which were lost for over 10 years or so collectin' dust in my grandmas patio or some of my old friends archived some of these. Nothing overly done just some dusty loops that would get cyphers going. I had to spice a few of them up with efxs and other soundbytes. But it's all pretty much young DIBIA$E at work.
(Purchase via Bandcamp.)



Audio: Prodigy – Who You Bullshittin Feat. Havoc (Prod. By Sid Roams)

Latest leak off the new H.N.I.C. 3 album dropping this Tuesday. Alchemist, Sid Roams and Oh No supplying nothing less than greatness and the rest is... eh.. ok, too. Make shure you check it out.


Video: Odd Future - Sam Is Dead

Good to see/hear some new Odd Future. Earl is in the video, but not on the song. Next time right?


Skelethon: Aesop Rock - ZZZ Top

Get More:

It's really hard to wait for the complete release. 10 days remaining.
Pre-Order: Aesop Rock - Skelethon (Itunes)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Audio: Young Zee And Mr. Green – Those Dayz

First it was Pacewon and now it`s Young Zee collaborating with Mr. Green and it sound good, too. Next step would be an Outsidaz album entirely produced by Mr. Green.
The cover? I don`t know... Looks similar to this one here.


OoY: Bud's Best - Die Welt des Bud Spencer // Doku

Kleine Dinge die uns glücklich machen. Es gibt zwar viele überflüssige DingoKommentare von Dingos, aber Terence und Bud rasieren. Ein Fausthieb auf das Gong-DingTschakk Konzept.
Jetzt ein Sterni Gold.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Audio: Val-Inc - Du

If it comes to innovative MPC skills, no one that we ever posted about made an effort. Well, beating the pads like a monkey could be one way to enhance them Roger Linn babies, but well, it's more like playing a flute, real fast. Val-Inc is a Brooklyn based producer/performer that we followed around the interweb through the path of New York voice artist Sxip Shirey. This woman has it all. Watch out for her blend of African Rhythms, Jazz, and Electronic music. She is releasing her sound with innova Records that also showcased her at SXSW this year. Dope photo from that event above. And let's hope to have her over in Europe some day. Teach em boys and gals!

Peace out!


XXX: Waffels & Swaffels Vol. 2 - Seoul

The whippiest creme de la waffle in Seoul of we is you in beats. Rapohnelizenz's Mr B is asking you to Get ready for a beat journey, so fasten your headbang belts, for some underground DJ's as well as some more renowned musicians and sound selectas.... 
Line UP: 
MR.B (Rapohnelizenz / Shalom Salon)
JUSTINRHYME (bibimbeats / BEATnyc)
QUE (Potty Mouth Productions\Professional Dreamer) 
KING MCK + special guests. 

Thursday, 28th 2012 at Union Lounge/Itaewon

목요일 밤 Union Lounge에서 열리는 Mr. B의 두번째 Waffles and Swaffles 파티에 놀러오세요! 다양한 비트를 선곡한 음악을 편안하고 열린 분위기에서 함께 즐겨보세요!

kilamanjaro: Chemo pres. "My Mate Does Beats" V.A.

Respected UK HipHop engineer and producer ‘Chemo’ presents a compilation of some of his mates wot does beats?
Chemo curates a collection of instrumental musings, abstract Hip-Hop cuts and rough beat sketches into a compelling whole, showcasing the exciting wealth of talent amongst British Hip-Hop producers and beat makers.
Serving suggestions: Perfect for impressing subordinates at a dinner party, soundtracking a fight between angry farm-hands or even suitable for a long meditative drive to Perpignan.
(Stream and Tracklist)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weed: Quelle Chris - Delicious Vinyl DTV Session #5

Quelle Chris dropped his fifth edition of his "Delicious Vinyl DTV Session". Best selection in a while. ‎Grab a titty and put yur guns in their! You should also lookout for "I'd rather be making bread". ha!.
(Tracklist and Download)



We like things describing themselves: "orginal track/song is by JOHN COLTRANE entitled "NAIMA" off the ALBUM "Giant Steps". SPACESHIPS and LASERS added by... ME....... nigga. the "POWERMAN" sample is from FURY FILES off DISNEY XD's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN the other one is from... you know. -iz (i did all the singing too)"
Yo Real Iz.


Killed: Death Grips - Double Helix

bangin bones on roland
jungle rottin
chicken skeletal system bombin
unidentified genre abductor
hit it from the back
formula fucker
hooded executor of
cookie cutter
cant wait ta pull dat trigger shut gunner

 Is that the Newschool? woo.



Fresh gift by Mister Denmark in celebration of his upcoming "I'd rather be making bread" Ep. Denmark Vassey and Quelle Chris are two of my personal favs actually. BOOP.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Audio: The Alchemist - The Turning Point (Feat. Roc Marciano)

Second leak off Russian Roulette. This time the producer features Roc Marciano. Alchemist revealed that he has a number of different collabo-projects in the making. The list goes like this: Kool G Rap, Evidence, Curren$y, Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, Boldy James and Durag Dynasty. There is another bonus cut off RR with Durag Dynasty which you can stream here.



Brown Bag: Tenacity & J57 - I Don't Get Them feat. Gameboi

Here is the first leak from the Tenacity & J57 EP dropping later this year. The rumor mill says that J57 will also serve some productions on Homeboy Sandma's upcoming album. Looking forward on the EP, "I Don't Get Them" is vast.


First Word: Yosi Horikawa – Wandering EP

As mentioned previously Yosi Horikawa’s debut EP for First Word Records is out now! Yosi Horikawa is a Japanese producer whose sound truly deserves the adjective original. This EP is the perfect introduction to his sound – from the ping-pong ball driven electronics of ‘Bubbles’ to the pounding atmospherics of the woodland influenced ‘Wandering’ Yosi’s idiosyncratic talent shines through.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

21.06.12: Fête de la Musique Berlin 2012 Blogrebellen Programm

Die Blogrebellen laden auch dieses Jahr wieder zur eigenen Stage auf der Fête de la Musique in Berlin ein. Die Bühne findet ihr in der Cuvrystrasse 1 und das Programm läuft von 16:00 – 22:00 Uhr. Danke den wunderschönen Ämtern wird alles pünktlich vollzogen werden, d.h. auch pünktlich Schluss, also kommt pünktlich und erfeut euch bei den Rebellen Freunden an folgendem Programm.

16:00 Uhr MOGREENS (DJ) 
18:00 Uhr PEESH-BAND (live) 
18:30 Uhr MOGREENS (DJ) 
19:30 Uhr ZOE LEELA (live) 
20:00 Uhr ROBOT KOCH (DJ) 
21:00 Uhr JAHCOOZI (live)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Auwee: Label Love Vol. 4

Oh my Goodness, its here: Label Love Vol.4 with:
This is a massive compilation and its for free, go get your copy.
(Check the full stream and download here)


Stones Throw: Karriem Riggins Produced That #74

Download: Karriem Riggins Produced That #74

The latest Stones Throw podcast (74) is mixed by Mister Karriem Riggins, the drummer and producer gives us an insight into his work of 30 years in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Rock. Candy.


Audio: yU - I Believe (ODDISEE Remix)

Oddisee pulls out something that sounds like a left-over from Illadelph Halflife. What`s up with a new Diamond District album?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Humble Beast: Beautiful Eulogy - Satellite Kite

Beautiful Eulogy - Covet (Satellite Kite) by rApohnelizenz

Braille, Courtland Urbano (Xperiment)and Odd Thomas are Beautiful Eulogy. The two Mcees and Beatmaker Xperiment are part of the Humble Beast family. Today they celebrated their common debut "Satellite Kite" which is available for free digital download and for purchase on CD. Stream the intro track "Hello from Portland" above and get a taste of what to expect on "Satellite Kite". Appearances: Josh Garrels, Catalina Bellizzi, Propaganda and Lee Green.
Have a look on the official video for "Entitlement".


Ripl Music: Dimlite - Abscission

Ripl Music and Dimlite aka. D.Grimm bringing you the excess material of Dimlite's wonderful "Grimm Reality" album. Enjoy your forenoon with 2 forerunners "Hubris for hubris" and "Cogwheel Gag". The full release will be available tomorrow. äIgHt


Monday, June 18, 2012

Jakarta Records: V.A: Some Jewels From Jakarta

The Jakarta Records gang digged some unreleased gems from their hard drives for your pleasure. The compilation comes along with the likes of BLU, Looptroop Rockers,J.R. & PH7, Shuko and many more. Purchase the Tape at HHV or get your free download after the jump.


Raw Tapes: Plusga - Blasphemy Instrumentals

Our friends of Raw Tapes have new releases in the tow. Plusga's "Blasphemy instrumentals" and Identical Testicle's with "Galaxy Cross". Play Beats for a better day. Yo Juv my homie.
(Stream both releases after the jump)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

R³ - Rough Rap Rave & Cutcannibalz

Video: Jeremy Ellis + Fader (AV Demo)

There is a lot of beings that become necessary in dark rooms. Some might use fluroscent deep sea fish to light their way, others crack a leg at a rave in Goa, and than even outrages others don't even ask the question, and leave what ever they gonna see to their generic LED screen Audiovisual Programming Skills. They use their MPC or in this case the Machine by NI to show some respect to crowd. Lovely production by Fader and Jeremy Ellis. Also in the video, you will find some of the generic patches by CPU. Man to watch.

Video: Astrobal - Science & Poetry

Most confess, this is the sexiest piece of music video that I have seen since "The Presets - Are You The One (Lifelike Remix)". There is a certain coloring, and emptiness that really drags you. nice floating images, beautiful sound. Indeed LA based label PlugResearch published a beautiful piece of DATA of French pioneer musician Astrobal.

Lord, their is hope!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Video: Lil Chuuuch - Good Luck

The Boss told me to be a bit more provocative with my posts. Here you go Bitches.
I don`t know much about the dude other than this: he is a Wu-Affiliate and Snoop has got something to do with him getting a bit of shine as of late. Best youtube comment: Your shirt look like a curtain. (ODB)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

who: devonwho - perfect strangers vol. 1

New Devonwho EP is available for purchase, official release date is the 16th of june. "makinglists" is my personal fav after the first course. Take your choice, Full Stream after the jump.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

rAp: Joey Bada$$ - 1999 // Mixtape

The "Survival Tactics" video came from scratch a while ago, with Joey Bada$$ and Capital STEEZ of Progressive Era. Joey Bada$$ released his new Mixtape today featuring beats by Freddie Joachim, Knxwledge, LeeKix and more usual suspects. Ah, half of the tracks are already released by the way, so may you are familiar with PRO ERA. Get your free Copy and Tracklist after the jump.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

AHH: The Alchemist ft. Danny Brown & ScHoolboy Q – Flight Confirmation

God, Damn! This is how the shit sounds when Bruiser Brigade and Gangrene coming together with ScHoolboy Q in tow. Shit is hardly blunted, sick and monstrous at once. Flight Confirmation will appear on Russian Roulette, The Alchemist's new album ( of July)
YO MostBlunted


Video: J-Merk - R.I.E.M. Feat. Gore Elohim (Prod. By Brenk Sinatra)

One of the best behind the boards. Here is another example for you. Plus the two rappers bring the ruckus! Nice.


beauty: Jesse Futerman - Fuse The Witches EP

Beautiful Instrumentals from 19-year old Canadian producer Jesse Futerman. Very warm tracks based on soulfull jazzsamples. Who likes it can download EP for free above. When you want more, download the forerunner that is just as good as the recent EP here.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video: Hassaan Mackey – On The Fly (Produced By Quater Pound)

Nice video by Hassaan Mackey. The beat sounds like something Pete Rock found on one of his old Floppy Disks instead this is produced by Quater Pound. Good music.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr. B straight from Tokio is bringing in some dopio sound to Atlas Pancakes. Anatol Atonal is making his first appearance and his 30th's birthday beatset. Mandy Mozart is helping out, and all the best is coming from the last weeks Italy trip. Review, chill and speak out loud.

6PM - 10PM

Cats & Dogs: Evidence - The Liner Notes feat. Aloe Blacc

New Evidence video for "THe Liner Notes", One of my favs of Cats & Dogs. He is on Europe tour from june to july, great live show.

19.06 - Thessalonki, Greece @ Eightball Club
20.06 - Athens, Greece @ Gagarin
21.06 - Catanzaro, Italy @ L'Orso Cattivo
22.06 - Naples, Italy @ Bosco Di Galu
23.06 - Wohlen, Switzerland @ Touch The Air Fest
25.06 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Bitterzoet
26.06 - Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
27.06 - Brussels, Belgium @ Bazaar
29.06 - Duisburg, Germany @ High5 Club
30.06 - Borlange, Sweden @ Peace & Love Festival
02.07 - London, England @ Jazz Cafe
06.07 - Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival


"Proud of Rap" mit V.Raeter, DJ Breaque & Da Kid

WAS: HipHop Party in Berlin-Friedrichshain
WANN: Freitag, 08.06.2012 // 23:00 - 06:00 Uhr
WER: Ecke Prenz aka DJ Breaque & DJ V.Raeter & Da Kid (Cutcannibalz)
WO: PRIDE Club // Colbestr. 26 // Berlin Friedrichshain
ÖPNV: U5 Samariterstr. / Tram 21 Wismarplatz/Boxhagener Straße
WIEVIEL: Eintritt: 8,-

Die ersten 50 Gäste erhalten das "Prenz of Rap"-Mixtape von Ecke Prenz, gebrannt auf CD und von den DJs signiert.


BeatTape: Waajeed Beat Tape 2008 Part 1

Download: Waajeed Beat Tape 2008 Part 1

Wajeed dropped this surprise today. A bunch of unreleased beats from 2008. Also this project is for Bling47. Check the BLING47 BREAKS DILLA EDITION: feat Waajeed - NO. if you missed it. GAWS.


MP3: St. Joe Louis - Say A Prayer // Prod. Flying Lotus)

Sexting is not direct enough for NJ / Texas trio St. Joe Louis. Each group member delivers a phone call full of game on their freshly minted first single 'Say A Prayer,' from their upcoming St Joe Lotus EP. Say A Prayer capitalizes on the lush Flying Lotus production.


free tracks: Kae - Quattro

my good friend luigi send me this some time ago. and I really like it. so, here it is: Kae over some old flako instrumentals. for more info check kae´s bandcamp or soundcloud.
Yours truly, mario

Video: Evil Dee vs Diamond D spinning 45´s

Evil Dee vs Diamond D (vs Rhettmatic vs Apple Jac) at the 45's Battle @ A3C (Oct 8th, 2010). Each DJ got a ten minute set spinning nothing but vinyl 45's. check rhettmatic & applejac and the other parts here. Dopeness! jo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

whOOp: Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought - Different Guidelines

Download: Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought - Different Guidelines

Del The Funky Homosapien teamed up with Parallel Thought to realize his new album Attractive Sin, dropping June 19. This makes really hungry for more. Appetizer mode.
Yo 2 the fellows of PIMB.


Bruiser: Danny Brown - Grown Up

Great song, very nice video shoot. Danny Brown will be at Splash Festival this year. Big Move. Bruiser!


Sponsored Video: Introducing Samsung GALAXY S III : A Day in the Life

Ok, das neue Samsung Flaggschiff "Samsung GALAXY S III" ist kurz vor dem Dock. Das All-Round Talent verspricht mit dem Slogan "designed for humans and inspired by nature" einiges, was das Smartphone Herz schneller schlagen lässt. Es ist mit einem HD Super Amoled display sowie einer 8-Megapixel Kamera ausgestattet und somit bestens ausgestattet für das Freizeitvergnügen und dem damit verbundenen Socializing.
Have S III, Have Fun! (sponsored article)



The series’ latest episode speaks about the sample source for Dilla’s “No”. Waajeed describes it as
"one of his dirty, most underground, nasty, pornography type" beats.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Video: The Doppelgangaz - What Am I

I just love their approach to these songs. Basically what I want to say for the 9999th time: I like this video/song and you should check it out.


Beat: Ja:Kova - One for JMG

One for JMG by JA:KOVA

Download: Ja:Kova - One for JMG 

Sunday heat by austrian producer Ja:Kova. One for JMG is a tribute project for hammond organ star Jimmy McGriff. This one needs a rapper.


AreYou: Big Brother & Soosh​*​e - John EP // prod. by Rufio

Download:  Big Brother & Soosh​*​e - John EP // prod. by Rufio

Sacramentos Rufio (RU) is straight busy. Release nr. 5 in 2012 without all that features and leaks in the meantime. The "John Ep" is a cooperation with Big Brother and Soosh*e. He's also preparing something new with C-Plus, video insight available right here. Rufio also has a monster beat on Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape 3. Grab your free download above. yeaeh // previous Rufio posts.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Video: Serge Severe - Rare Flow feat. Jon Belz

Download: Severe - Service Without A Smile EP

New video for "Rare Flow" by Serge Severe feat. Jon Belz. This track is featured on Serge Severe & Terminill's EP, Service Without A Smile which is available for free download on mediafire. Ep is entirely produced by Portland producer Terminill.


ILLUS - Extraordinary feat. BLUEPRINT

On Family First, Illus collaborates lyrically and sonically with some of the best emcees and producers in the business. Each emcee featured is also the producer of the track they appear on and this collaborative process is a first for any Hip-Hop project. Family First is also co-produced by Public Enemy luminary DJ Johnny Juice and the star-studded guest emcee/producer list includes; Apathy, Ill Bill, Blueprint, J-Live, Erin Barra, Headsnack, Phashara, Chuuwee, Esoteric and more.

FakeFour: Sixo - God Cops feat. Poindexter & Heir Max

Fort Worth producer Sixo presents the EKP Pictures-produced music video for "God Cops" featuring Poindexter and Heir Max. "God Cops" is featured on Tracking Perception, Sixo's eight-song EP featuring former Anticon member Sole, AWOL One, Onry Ozzborn, Ceschi and Gregory Pepper.