Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rapohnelizenz: Shakkalaka Disco mit Dejoe,Ecke Prenz,MR(Beat) & Two.Two.Old.Boys

Das Jahr geht dem Ende zu, damit ein neues anfangen kann. Am 1.ten Dezember wollen wir das ganze unter dem Motto SHAKKALAKA, gebührend mit Euch feiern. An den Plattenspielern kochen an diesem Abend:

MRB(EAT) // (Rapohnelizenz Tokio)

Nach zahlreichen Beatcases in 2012 wird dieser Abend
von unseren DJ Freunden gestaltet, bevor es in 2013 mit
Produzenten-abenden aka. Beatcases weitergehen kann.
Fangt die Fliege, kommt vorbe, lass feiern.

Cafe Wendel
1.12 // 22 Uhr


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jonwayne - Watching Me feat. Quelle Chris & Zeroh

Jonwayne, Quelle Chris and Zeroh teamed up to bring you a piece of astronaut music. Light one up and dont take things to seriously. yarp


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dice Game by Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Nasty (feat. Planet Asia) // DL

Dice Game aka. Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson is an amazing release, get your free download of Nasty featuring Planet Asia and check the full project right here ->


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Download: Mo Kolours - Brave

Two brand new cuts from the Mauritian marauder Mo Kolours as a warm-up to the final EP in his trilogy of releases for One-Handed Music.

..were released on a 7" 2 month ago. now you can download the a side for free. nice one!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

XXX: Mr B(eat)'s Waffels & Swaffles - Vol. 5 - Octopus in Space

Octopus in Space invite you for another precious edition of Waffles and Swaffles
taking place at UNION in Seoul. . . . A special guest  is late (got laid) and will be causing nothing
but hot crepes in space. Once we will stop by the moisty way of space where Mandy
Mozart will nourish us with his new gadgets and treasures, that his little squids were able
to conquer on their space oddyssey. Luckily we could free Ida Grändås-Rhee  from being captured
by the mean tentacled Jahquayquay Squid.... Thanks for hosting us to the tripple sticky king DJ Conan and the late Ojingeo Jinbo aka Superfreak and Stonedfresh for jumping in the gourmet soup.

to be continued from 10 to 4 with selections by Jay-Minor and Mr B(eat).

Of course just a little start, but we are seriously trying to convince our slowly growing zoo to keep doing their own shit. Fresh and unreleased we like it best.

Don’t sleep on it.


BUT FEEL FREE TO DONATE FOR THE ARTISTS ... from 5,000 to 15,000 WON all be happy for the next waffelcocking sessions.

Monday, November 19, 2012

HIT+RUN Presents "ROAD KILL" Compilation // V.A.

Hit+Run Volume 3 is out and contains works from Kutmah, Teebs, Sonnymoon, fLako and many more great artists. Support the projhect with 10 bucks, its available on Bandcamp and itunes.


Video: Waldo - Pray for me

> Forthcoming release // Waldo - pray for me // <

> entirely produced by Sango <

> out on Soulection Bandcamp this saturday (24th NOV) <

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

17.11. BeatGeeks feat. JDillas last Album "Rebirth of Detroit"

Konzert start: 21:00
Party start: 23:00

feat. Rebirth of Detroit
(Detroit Rap, Dope Beats & other funky s*#t)

performing JDillas last album "Rebirth of Detroit"

FRANK NITT hat leider abgesagt. Dafür kommt SUPA EMCEE der auch auf dem Album "Rebirth of Detroit" vertreten ist.

DJ Expo (Escapism/ L.A.), The Beatevolutioners aka iGadget, Grizzly Adams & LeBob

Bumbas B-Day Floor:

Millionaer (Beatevolution), Zyde-Fx (Royal Roses), BumbaYeah (Machlauter)


Cassiopeia Berlin
Revaler Str. 99,
10245 Berlin-F'hain,

9th Wonder & Buckshot - Crazy

New music from 9th Wonder & Buckshot's album, 'The Solution,' out now at major retailers on Jamla/Duck Down Music. Music Video dropping Monday, Nov. 19th.


Friday, November 16, 2012

XCLSV: Anatol Atonal - Windy (Broadcast - Echo's Answer Edit) // DL

Download: XCLSV: Anatol Atonal - Windy (Broadcast - Echo's Answer Edit)

Anatol Atonal made this wonderful Re-edit of Broadcast's amazing Echos' Answer (2000).
This is dedicated to Trish, Rest in Peace Madame. Thx Anatol for highlighting my day!


FRESH DAILY - Submarine Bass Face feat. Suede Jury & MeLo-X OFFICIAL prod. P.U.D.G.E.

.....from the Converse Sponsored project: "The Brooklyn Good Guy"


fLako - Mating Dance // ‘Eclosure’ EP

Download: fLako - Mating Dance // MP3

Always good to get new stuff of Flako. His new Ep "Eclosure" is going to be released on the 26th of november via "Five Easy Pieces". Purchase Eclosure 12" Vinyl EP (First 300 Copies on Clear 12" Vinyl, Black Wax After) via Goes out to Jonas&Olga.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Action Bronson & The Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers // Free Album

Download: Action Bronson & The Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers // Free Album

Long awaited and now its landed. Grab your free copy of Action Bronson and The Alchemist's "Rare Chandeliers". This goes out the Brous: Jonez & Tork. Alohaejahejaohahejahejajajndxeo.


J Bizness - Giraffes (feat. The Black Opera)

Since taking off this past August, J. Bizness’ instrumental album Flight Plan has gotten much mileage with fans and critics alike. The album, the first in Mello Music Group’s Instrumental Series, is a collection of 24 selections with a crisp, spacey sound inspired by the freedom of flight.
Back when Flight Plan dropped, as a celebratory bonus, MMG leaked a track by The Black Opera over one of J.’s heatrocks. The result was “Giraffes,” a testament to the sinister seduction of addiction. Now the involved parties are proud to share the visuals for “Giraffes,” directed by Andy Madeleine. The video features our perpetually loc’d out duo narrating the story of a fine young woman descending into the habit of getting high. Over J.’s smooth, electronic and airy production, TBO’s morality tale is a banger.

The Underachievers - Herb Shuttles

ready for this? hellyeah -Ready for this! The Underachievers out of brooklyn with another booming video. 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Audio: Verrückte Hunde - 1 : 1 = 1 - Remix Shit

Unsere verrückten Hundefreunde haben es vollbracht ihr letztes Album komplett remixen zu lassen... und es ist dickkk geworden! Schauen Sie sich nur einmal die Gästeliste an: Kallsen,Torky Tork, Chillig, Mortis One, Seize Beats, Geraet, Kova, Marcus B., Doze, Mecstreem, Al Dente, Lump & Fetterjunge, Shur Beats und Khromov Armageddon.
Einfach mal play drücken und dann hier den Vergleich zum älteren Model ziehen.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Black Opera - Black Lair (feat. Melody Betts) // (DL)

Masked and unseen, The Black Opera have created an identity in hip-hop using anonymity to standout in a world of hyper-exposure. While most struggle to shine, TBO calmly dress in all black and treat their verses like sermons.
Step into The Black Opera’s “Black Lair.” This high-energy track takes us to a place “blacker than Mutombo,” illuminated only by the musical light of French producer Astronote. A dusty piano begins to pound as a subterranean bass line travels through. Melody Betts lends her haunting but angelic voice to add to the ethereal vibe of the track. Our other-worldly Creators complement the frenetic pace of the song, warning listeners that “perception is king, you never know who’s the diablo.”

Monday, November 12, 2012

Torky Tork - Signale

This track appeared 2 years ago on our Beat Tape Volume no. 1. Now we have the video. Torky Tork sampled the music and sounds of the original "Signale" movie. Video footage is also of the original East-German flick from 1970. Spread the word!



  SCHAUFEL UND SPATEN - UU - NWDDSZHIBDZU (VÖ 14.12.12) Album Snippet by SchaufelundSpaten

 Ostdeutsche Besserwisser, Fresse Wixxer!:

Glück Auf Kumpels,

Nach 29 harten Jahren unter Tage haben die neuerdings unter Berlin buddelnden
Untertagelöhner Schaufel und Spaten ihr drittes Album ans Tageslicht gefördert.
Das gute Stück heisst: Nur wenn dir die Sonne zu hell ist, bist du zu untergrund - (ja das ist wirklich der Albumtitel)
Über HHV erscheint am 14.11.2012 die 2LP als normale und handgestaltete Version. (Die Deluxe Version ist bereits ausverkauft)
Eine auf 50 Stk. limitierte Version wird auf Tape über dem Marinadenpodcast erscheinen.
Natürlich sind wieder die Funkverteidiger Kumpels dabei, diesmal Mase und Maulheld.
Neo Kaliske sowie SS Häuptling aka Sonne Ra und Ronni Bettla waren auchmal im Schnitzelwood Studio zu Besuch.
Wie gewohnt wurde das Album ausschließlich vom Diego Maradonna der Akai, Jay Spaten produziert und Dextar Mastering war für den letzten Spatenstich zuständig.
Bereits gibt es die erste Hörstation in Form eines Snippets zu hören.

Schaufel & Spaten aka. Thomas & Hagen.
♡ ღ ♥


Postrap: Audio88 & K The I??? & Epilog

Audio88 - Guter Vorsatz feat. K-the-I??? by postrap
  epilog - Morgen danach (prod. by locoto) by postrap

Anfang Dezember feiert eines unserer Lieblingslabels gleich 3 releases. Die Audio88 (Hi Schnukkikatze) 7inch plus digital Album "Resteficken" und Epilogs neues Album "Vakuum" produziert von locoto,soda smokey und mehr. Geniessen, weitersagen und alles 3fach kaufen bevor es bei ebay 1000 Euro kostet. Und im notfall mir schenken. ->


Mr. Bibal - Mirror rorriM

After dropping his first LP "F A I L U R E" last year featuring international artists such as Black Spade, John Robinson, Wildchild, Kris Mars, ... December 2012 marks Mr. Bibal's return with a 5 tracks EP called "Champs Elysée$". Claiming Paris' cultural richness and influence on his own work; this young and prolific music producer reached a new step handling both microphone and production. In each track, he found a way to blend jazzy nonchalant bass line and 70's funky arrangement. At 24 years old, Mr. Bibal is positioned to take up the torch and continue the tremendous work of artists such as Sa-ra creative partners and Hawthorne headhunters. His project can be pre-ordered here:


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stones Throw & Leaving Records presents DUAL FORM

“..where your labels - wonky, lo-fi, ambient, body music, nerd shit, beat scene, No Wave, pysch, pop - begin to fall apart.“  

Leaving Records is an L.A. based cassette label run by Matthewdavid and his partner/visual director Jesselisa Moretti. Their releases are carefully curated, designed and silkscreen-printed. All very much handmade and experimental, just as we like it.

Now, Stonesthrow teams up with Leaving Records to release some kind of a best of compilation of unreleased stuff from the L.R.-artists.

This music and even more this DIY-aesthetic reminds me of a band I used to hear a lot: Folk Implosion. By looking up the band now, I found out that they were also in the kids soundtrack back then. So maybe they are not as unknown as I thought they are..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zara Mc Farlane - Police & Thieves

again and again and again. this blows me away everytime I hear it!
I first got to know this incredible voice by the song below which is just as good as the police and thieves cover (that she recorded to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th Birthday as an independent state.)
..And there is plenty more to discover of brownswood´s first lady

even lina loves it.


Inkswel - She Likes Techno Feat. Reggie B

dedicated to atari"chaos"kid.

Maseratay - Never Let You Go

fonky shit! j.

Friday, November 9, 2012

vect - Altitudes / / Submotion Orchestra

..and if this is too cheesy for you, get deep with this one:

Raiza Biza - Dream Something LP (free download)

Nr. 4 is good, even if the beat would be much better without the annoying pitched vocalsample! Love the original.

Fresh Daily - Feel M E

Bombe! Get the whole picture --->.

... I knew I saw this guy before (but here homeboy sandman is destroying it!):

Kuthma - Fact mix

I´ve been too busy, or maybe just too lazy in the last weeks.. but, I´ll post some good one´s for you now!.
Let´s start with this superb mix that Kutmah did for fact-mag:

check also the worldwide 2 compilation he did for brownswood rec. and the other mixes on his soudcloudpage (like this all-Dabye-mix).

XXX: Mr B(eat) ' s Waffles & Swaffels Vol.4 Tokyo

This Sunday happens to be the 11.11.2012, for this occasion we have a special guest from Austria,

predatory Mandy Mozart

young and gifted beatmaker Child Midori (Paris//Tokyo)

Mr B(eat)

Fractions of this evening will consist of a unique joddel showcase accompanied by an indulging set of beat frequencies and rare grooves. Event Location is Lounge Moscow in Tokyo ( for more info&directions: contact A mellow way to start or end the week depending on your religion.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Video: Joey Bada$$ (feat. Chuck Strangers) - Fromdatomb$

Quality music once again from Mr. Bada$$. This time with Chuck Strangers and Statik Selktah. Off "1999".


Audio: Luk & Fil - All That Glitter Ain't Soul // Album

Ganz normale Sichtexot-Qualität. Die beiden Mainzer sind erfrischend relaxed mit ihrem Rapp und ganz schön musikalisch... mein lieber Junge. Mit im Gepäck der gute V.Raeter (Megabrett), Tufu und Eloquent. Frisch Scheiss.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Audio: Shawn Kemp - External Files ( Lil Ugly Name EP )

We just love it, if there is a bunny on the cover and it still sounds good. Thank you mister Shawn Kemp from Richmond. Wonderful piece of beats. Lil Ugly Name

Friday, November 2, 2012

Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

After the hype, ahhh,only Earl and Domo catching my attention. I heard he's working on projects with Jon Wayne, Alchemistand Action Bronson. Really looking forward what this kid is going to drop. Dope. CHUM! VIA