Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stones Throw & Leaving Records presents DUAL FORM

“..where your labels - wonky, lo-fi, ambient, body music, nerd shit, beat scene, No Wave, pysch, pop - begin to fall apart.“  

Leaving Records is an L.A. based cassette label run by Matthewdavid and his partner/visual director Jesselisa Moretti. Their releases are carefully curated, designed and silkscreen-printed. All very much handmade and experimental, just as we like it.

Now, Stonesthrow teams up with Leaving Records to release some kind of a best of compilation of unreleased stuff from the L.R.-artists.

This music and even more this DIY-aesthetic reminds me of a band I used to hear a lot: Folk Implosion. By looking up the band now, I found out that they were also in the kids soundtrack back then. So maybe they are not as unknown as I thought they are..

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