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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dj Houseshoes - DREAMS: B.I.G. Reimagined // Full project

Download: DREAMS: B.I.G. Reimagined // Full project

This is the best remix project in a while. BigUps to DJ Houseshoes for bringing this dope compilation together. DREAMS: B.I.G. Reimagined features some of your favorite producers in the field. Fresh Fresh Dope Dope.
Biggie Rest in Peace°! YO 2 PIMB


Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah! (Rejoicer Remix)

My Gee Rejoicer comes along with a nutty as a fruitcake remix of Busta Rhyme's "Woo Hah!" from beyond. Raw Tapes in the building. See you soon Juvi. a.


Dexter - You & I // "The Trip" + Album snippet

Dexters long anticipated album "The Trip" will be finally available on Beat BBQ in may in cologne. The snippet of the album promises some bangers. Get your first psych dose below and give the snippet a listen. päff.


Roc Marciano - D.O.A. (Lewis Parker Remix)

This remix appeared on Lewis Parker's ‎"Put A Beat 2 A Rhyme" back in 2004. Originally its "The U.N. - D.O.A.". Get further infos on LewisParker's Discogs page. Nuts.


Condensed Milk - Dusty Milk Crates Vol.3

Full Stream and Free Download

...Compiled & Curated by Amin PaYnE & Jackson Miles

....Mastered by Amin PaYnE

...Artwork By MåSēlf AKA Mathias T

The aim of the compilation is to increase awareness, raise support, and expand the scope and influence of the emerging beat scene, both generally as a genre, as well as on a regional level.

In a climate where commercial media has set a prescribed and formulaic approach to the dissemination of art, Condensed Milk is an independent collective of like minded graphic designers, beat makers, DJs and crate diggers. Condensed Milk is a digital hub for music as well as art and culture, sourced from varying media sources from all corners of the globe. The collective features artists from Melbourne, Auckland, and Paris, and will continue to cultivate, promote and represent talent from as many diverse backgrounds as possible.

This is our final installment from the 3 volume series of Instrumental Compilations. Condensed Milk have carefully selected a number of beat makers that we feel embody the essence of creativity outside of the status quo and represent a part of their city’s involvement in the beat movement. Condensed Milk are proud to have each artist on board the Dusty Crates project as we hope to bring theIr music to a much larger audience.

Much love and respect to all the great talented individuals involved in this compilation, and of course the supporters.

One Love
-Condensed Milk
[Amin PaYnE x Jackson Miles X MåSēlf]


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Defekto - Listen! [Snippet]

Ein Puzzlestück-Sortiment. Man schüttet sie alle aus. Man sortiert sie oder nicht. Man packt sie vielleicht auch wieder ein. Zu gunsten der Motivation macht man das vielleicht sogar zu zweit. Zeigt man sich kooperativ und teamfähig, so entwickelt man die Muße aufmerksam zu sein und einander zuzuhören. Listen!
Der Schlüssel zu vielen verborgenen Geheimnissen, der einfach zu finden scheint. Aber weil ein jener oberflächlich ist, versteht er die Lösung nicht und versagt auf dem Weg. Listen!

Der Produzent Defekto aus Leipzig veröffentlicht über das hauseigene Label Resistant Mindz seinen dritten Tonträger "Listen". Veröffentlicht wird der Tonträger auf 12" sowie digital und kann ab dem 31.03.2013 in der Hand getragen werden.

Wir wünschen den Jungs alles Beste und hoffentlich wird der Schaltplan gelüftet.


Friday, March 22, 2013

XL TheRedOne - Around The World And Back

This is dope and doesnt need a discription, but : 

Some time ago I realized that there is a bunch of records in my collection where the producer only uses samples of the music of just one country. So I had the idea to put all these records together into a mix and pay homage to the global hip hop(especially the beat-)scene. grew bigger and bigger and became a musical world trip. I wanted to consider every continent and as much countries as possible. Sometimes it´s just the name of the track that belongs to a city or countryside or whatever. Maybe you´ll not immediatly get the context every track but there is one. (feel free to ask!) I´m German, so of course the journey starts in Germany (after a short intro) and follows more or less the red line you can see in the map. As it takes much time to do a world trip, it takes its time to listen to this mix. Two hours to be exact.

Well....have fun with the soundtrack for your next holiday! Like the outro says: Love to the World!

Peace, XL 


IAMNOBODI - Heavensgate // stream

Straight Banger by Iamnobodi, which appeared on Soulection Radio - Show #122. Give it a listen and check more Iamnobodi music on soundcloud.


Dnte - Translucent 12'' // Mad-Hop Records

For all the early birds, you can pre-order the limited 12" vinyl Dnte - " Moments " Ep of just 300 copies now. Translucent is the first drop to enjoy before his EP drops on 12" vinyl 24th of May.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Video: Provo feat. Edgar Wasser & Fatoni - Pretty Girlz (MONACO MOLL)

Fettes Gerät. Die Jungs können rappen und der Beat zündet. Man hört die beiden basteln an einer gemeinsamen Platte?

johannes rasierwasser

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Audio: Quelle Chris – 2Dirt4TV Ep. 2: Niggas Is Men (Free LP)

Quelle is my new hero. "That`s how it`s done", is what I am thinking listening to this tape.
Grab this one for free now. Free download will expire this weekend.
2 my man Anatol... this is for you.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chemo Presents: My Mate Does Beats Vol. 2 Sampler

Chemo announced the release of the second issue of the instrumental / beat compilation 'My Mate Does Beats' on the 25th March. Dope music and great illustration (above), which is also available on t-shirt with the premium pack of the release. Further infos -> .


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bjorn Eric Schaufel - Upstairs At Bjorn Eric`s [Album Infos]

Neues aus dem Hause Schaufel und Spaten. Rapper Bjorn Eric Schaufel liefert mit "Upstairs At Bjorn Eric`s", ein Soloprojekt ab und ändert die normale Kombination mit seinem Partner Jay Spaten, der die LP komplett produziert hat, zu einem warhaftigen Ohrgenuss um. Das Projekt umfasst 14 Tracks und hiefte Freunde wie Jay Spaten, Pierre Sonality, Fresh Face, Der Plusmacher, SS Häuptling, Ronnie Bettla, Rino Mandingo und die Dramadigs in die Aufnahmekabine.

"Unterm Untergrund 3 1/2", wird als Vinyl, Kassette sowie Digital erwerblich sein und leitet eine Reihe von Veröffentlichungen aus dem Hause Schaufel und Spaten ein.

Die ersten Audiobeiträge in Form visueller Darstellungen werden euch demnächst erreichen.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Telemachus 'Scarecrows' ft. Roc Marciano (Harry Love Remix)

Black Moon 'Enta Da Stage' 20th Anniversary Teaser

20 years after Black Moon's debut album "Enta da stage", this documentary delivers a deep insight what they Black Moon is representing in 2013. Get insight from Buckshot, 5ft, DJ Evil Dee and Dru Ha as they discuss the early beginnings of Black Moon and what went behind their debut album. Stay tuned for the full clip which will be released later this year on   

Clear Soul Forces feat. Kooley High - Freq Freq

Freq Freq is off the upcoming Ep by Clear Soul Forces and Kooley High. Good Foretaste. Looking forward to get the EP. Freq Freq is produced by Ilajide.



Dibia$e - 10k

Free Download: Mr. Dibia$e - 10k

Mr. Dibia$e recently dropped this free gem in celebration (hahaa) of his 10k Facebook fans. Check his own msg below and enjoy a nice beattape with 7 knocking instrumentals and track with B. Stilt, Tone Liv and John Robinson. Enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tom Delay Beats - The Living Dead

Tom Delay Beats presents Sharks in the Sky, a 12 track collection of contemporary hip-hop instrumentals that has landed March 5th on Brake Fast Records. 




This is vast. Video and Track scuppers houses. Dope. TT


Co$$ - HEROIN feat. Kemizt & Blu (prod. by PSYMUN)


Download: Co$$ - HEROIN feat. Kemizt & Blu (prod. by PSYMUN)

Psymun, a 21-year-old producer from Minneapolis sent over this brand new single that he produced for Co$$'s upcoming full length LP, Black Hockey Players. The track is called "Heroin" and features Kemizt and Blu


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Odd Job - Snippet (Preset EP)

Der Leipziger Produzent Odd Job steht fünf Tage vor seinem Release "Preset", dass über das Tapelabel O.F.D.M erscheinen wird. In gewohnter Werbemanier erschien nun das Snippet zur EP. Das Tape gibt es bei HHV und digital bei Bandcamp zu erstehen.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

J-Ro – We Ain’t Playing

J-RO "We Aint Playing" "Stupit Amerikinz" from .

J-Ro’s latest video for his track We Ain’t Playing. From the Wheres The McDonalds? album that will be released in Europe only.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

radio: sitting in the park

This is the perfekt spring soundtrack: sweet soulmusic from a chicago radiostation. There are over 100 Radioshows recorded from 2006 until now. No fancy stuff. Just downloadlink, artists, tracks & labels. nice. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Audio: Freddie Gibbs - Devin The Dude, Starlito, Killa Kyleon And Propain – Rollin’

       Can`t go wrong with the Dude. Produced by TrakkSounds. Light up and smoke on.


Quelle Chris - Long Tokes (f. Cavalier)

March 19th, Quelle Chris will be proud to present a new project "Niggas Is Men" that he put together with the help of some lyrically gifted friends: Cavalier (who holds down 9 tracks in remarkable fashion), Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily, Denmark Vessey, DJ GroWeyez, and more. The dusty, sharp cornered 13 track project is a mere prelude to Quelle's upcoming Mello Music Group debut proper, but is none-the-less a head-nodding, intoxicating journey through reincarnation, long tokes, the poisoned food supply, addiction cycles, and even hot & crusty hoes. Quelle is ready to remind you "Niggas Is Men".


Saturday, March 2, 2013