Friday, March 22, 2013

XL TheRedOne - Around The World And Back

This is dope and doesnt need a discription, but : 

Some time ago I realized that there is a bunch of records in my collection where the producer only uses samples of the music of just one country. So I had the idea to put all these records together into a mix and pay homage to the global hip hop(especially the beat-)scene. grew bigger and bigger and became a musical world trip. I wanted to consider every continent and as much countries as possible. Sometimes it´s just the name of the track that belongs to a city or countryside or whatever. Maybe you´ll not immediatly get the context every track but there is one. (feel free to ask!) I´m German, so of course the journey starts in Germany (after a short intro) and follows more or less the red line you can see in the map. As it takes much time to do a world trip, it takes its time to listen to this mix. Two hours to be exact.

Well....have fun with the soundtrack for your next holiday! Like the outro says: Love to the World!

Peace, XL 


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