Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taktloss - Uhrwerk 47

Chabos wissen wer der Blonde ist! Takti aka Taktloss aka der Blonde ist back mit einem neuen unglaublichen Zaubertrack. Abrakadabra, mit diesem Zauberspruch zaubere ich alles schlechte fort, und alle sind fort, keine Menschenseele mehr da. Teil vom Sydney 2 Keyza Projekt. Ab Samstag erhältlich.


Jeremiah Jae & Oliver the 2nd - RawHyde // Album

Enjoying this "Rawhyde" project of Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd right now. Rough and unfiltered, topnotch shit anyways, especially songs like Pistols, P.M.B.N.(could be shorter ;) and Blood Money. Get your dosis of Jae and Oliver and purchase it if you like what you get.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paul White - Find A Way ft. Homeboy Sandman // Watch The Ants EP out on July 29

i love Onehandedmusic for the dope releases they constantly dropped in the last years. Paul White's new EP "Watch The Ants" is going to join the story. Also iam really looking forward for the next Danny Brown Album which is entirely produced by Paul White. TschikTschak.

EP pre-order: //
Animation by Plastic Horse -
Taken from Paul White - Watch The Ants EP out on July 29
Thanks to Homeboy Sandman.


Audio: The Purist Ft. Big Twins, Havoc & Sean Price – Cold Hearts

This came out half a year ago, but since I am listening to the new Big Twins album I stumbled across this little gem produced by The Purist off the TR-ill EP. Some cold shit!!!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Denmark Vessey - CultClassic prod by Scud one

Denmark Vessey is one of my fav rookies. give this a listen and you know what iam talking about. Shit is nuts. Stop playing ad vids on youtube and spread the word about Denmark.


Jake One - Behind The Beat (De La Soul - Rock Co.Kane Flow)

Jake One gives us an exclusive "behind the beat" tour of De La Soul's Rock Co.Kane Flow.


Elaquent - Believing (Album)

Finally its here, Elaquent's lon awaited new LP "Believing". 13 juicy pieces of beatizm. Purchase your Vinyl on Bandcamp. For further infos visit


Friday, June 21, 2013

Denaun Porter - Dutch Master Roland (Porter Chops Glasper)

Denaun Porter of D12 presents his first preview on his upcoming next Mixtape "PORTER CHOPS GLASPER" which is going to drop on the 25th of june. His debut solo album "The Memo" supposed to come out at the end of 2013. Dutch Master Roland is a good promise to have a good album in my hands soon.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dibia$e - Sun Rayz ft. Xuice Hades x Kidd Steve

Wasnt able to find any further infos about this project. Enjoy this fresh Dibia$e prodcued track above featuring Xuice Hades and Kidd Steve. By following this link -> RANM , you will find the complete Sampler with a bunch of dope tracks. Y to the O


Friday, June 14, 2013

Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) - Bend But Don't Break

Last week Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) announced the new album Bend But Don’t Break will be released on Tuesday July 9th on Weightless Recordings. Now the first preview is available with the first single “Bend But Don’t Break,” which is the title track of the album. yabba.


Dj Adlib - Uschi feat. Hubert Daviz & Adi Dick

Uschi appeared on Dj Adlib's long player "Haus & Garten", which has been released by Melting Pot Music. This is one of my favorite tunes on Haus & Garten and features one of the best german producers (if you ask me ) -> Hubert Daviz.  If you missed the follow-up release "Tofu & Alter", give it a listen right here ->
And now, enjoy your day. Its Friday!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Video: Bishop Nehru - Fickle Mind$

Another very young rapper sounding very old and we like it.
Download his album here.
Via Hubert Daviz.


Eastkoast - Tango & Cash

Blunted Astronaut presents the opening track from Eastkoast's new 12-inch vinyl, produced entirely by IceRocks of DXA.Dudes are on my radar now. Tango & Cash, btw, who knows the movie? Actiontrash!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Paul White - Watch The Ants EP

Yeah baby, thats exactly my cast:
"Alongside regular sparring partner Danny Brown, White has recruited genius wordsmith Homeboy Sandman, New York heavyweight Sean Price and our favourite grime MC, Trim. All this, and a dazzling array of instrumentals ranging from straight-up hip-hop bangers to explorations of his krautrock, new-wave and psych influences."
if I wouldn´t be so broke, I´d preorder the ep right away. but the first track is not only a good appetizer, it´s also free. yiihha!


Workspaces Compilation by

You wanna listen to a very dope Beat Album with various artists which is not from Rapohnelizenz ;) -> Workspaces Compilation by Double Salut to the homie Ekrem for bringing tihs big piece of beats together. Its like a Pizza, everybodies darling is on and in it.
Pre-Order the Vinyl here -> HHV. The album is mounted with beats from The Beep, Brous One, Hieronymuz, Keor Meteor, Torky Tork, Sterio, Morlockko Plus, Jimbo Matsumoto, Errol Barnes, Brenk Sinatra, Telemachus, Twit One, Plastic Surgeon, Kurt Kauzig, Retrogott, Steezo, Hulk Hodn, Maxwell Ferry, Rob Who, Hade, Anatol Atonal, Grup Ses Beats, Lazy Jones, Rufus Grimes, Beatvadda, Figub Brazlevic & Memyselfandi. Limited vinyl only release. 500 LPs.
Dope artwork by: Stream the full album here!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Video: Prodigy x Alchemist feat. Domo Genesis - YNT (Young and Thuggin)

This album is going to be fire. Fuck people hating on Alchemist and his "new" beats without drums. Who are you?
If you haven`t done so, check out "No Idols" with Al and Domo.