Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Audio: Boikutt - Hayawan Nateq // Album

The homie Boikutt just dropped his debut solo album called Hayawan Nateq. You might know Boikutt as one of the members of Ramallah Underground as well as being part of Tashweesh. This shit gives me goose bumps. All the pictures from my time in Ramallah creep up in my head and mix up with video footage of the intifada, check points and tanks... Even if you don`t speak arabic you feel what he is saying. Voicing his opinion about oppression, injustice and the paralized Palastian youth living in stagnation. Boikutt doesn`t have time to talk about insignificant bullshit. He is trying to settle the score with the entire fucked up situation. The backdrop for his lyrics are old arabic samples over dusty drums, but it almost feels like he took these sometimes super sweet arabic samples through the actual Palestinian history from the past into the future, ending up being deluded, frustrated and angry, but not broken.
With all that being said this is a brilliant and beautiful piece of music. Big up, Jad.
Support him through bandcamp page or download for free here.


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