Monday, November 4, 2013

Audio: Sample Science 11 - Results

It is almost time to celebrate. For almost a year now DJ Werd, Amewu, Kenji451 and Trommel Tobi have been doing this lovely get-together of sample enthusiasts and beat makers in Berlin. The hype started at Atlas Pancakes and found a new home at Cafe Wendel now, where they are also doing their Turntable Tutorial every second Saturday.

Amongst the past participants have been many who are ready to drop their pants in front of an audience right after creation. Remember, it takes some balls to get a sample you never heard, chop it up in two hours and show it to a super critical expert audience. Just to name some of the most furious of the scene that certainly support this point with their well-know life skills are Dejoe, Hazeem, Flowin Immo, Taktloss, and lately also Yarah Bravo joined the reign of one-the-fly production with her latest beat featuring some serious Martin Luther King vocals.

Of course its also a place to discover some talents, and also meet people from various genres, since its the passion of samples and beats that unites, but of course its a lot of BummTschak as well!

So check out this weeks beats and feel free to give some love to the last 10 editions.

Keep it up dudes! We are really excited here where this is heading.

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