Sunday, December 29, 2013

Radio Juicy Vol. 81 (From The Vault by Joscha Creutzfeldt)

Joscha hat mich beim Beatgeeks vor ein paar Monaten im Monarch schwer begeistert. Umso schöner diesen Radio Juicy Mix zu entdecken. 60 Minuten unveröffentlichtes Material. Dope Alter!


From the Vault
I've always wanted to do a mix of all the unreleased beats that friends have been sending and giving me over the years, a few ones in the mix are older than a decade by now and still sound amazing. Kinda happy to get this one out of my system since this is not really the music i am playing out these days. At the same time it would have been a shame to leave those things unheard on my HD, so i've actually been sort of waiting for a good occasion to do this Mix. All unreleased as far as i know, a few full tracks and unofficial remixes, lots of loops and sometimes not more than a quick rough idea, still... hope you like this, i for one think that there is some amazing music in there.
Shouts to all my myspace people, long live the Internet.
Happy holidays!
Yayor: Moo x Ill Dubio & Soulsociedad x Flako x Dela x Hubert Daviz x TBRCK x Illiaz x Croup x Feux x Berghem x Jackhigh x 1000Names x 00Genesis x Powell x Lokid x Rez x Incise x Ki En Ra and all those i forgot.
Joscha Creutzfeldt, Dec. 2013
No Tracklist, enjoy anyways

Friday, December 20, 2013

Blossom ft. Jehst - Dusk // Video

In diesem Dezember veröffentlichte der polnische Produzent Blossom sein Debut und sein Sophomore Album über das Berliner Label Project Mooncircle. Das LP trägt den Titel "Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey", welches jeweils die zwei Titel der einzelnen Alben sind. Als kleinen Schmankerl gibt es für den Hörer einen Gastauftritt vom Londoner Rapper Jehst, der vielen Leuten wahrhaftig ein Name ist. Als Aufhänger wurde
der Track "Dusk" bebildert vom Project Mooncirlce Team und Dalai Limba.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tu-Ki – 2013 End of Year Mix (AllCity)

The Year is comingto an end. Everybody is settling down and waiting for the holidays between christmas and n.y.e. So now is the perfect time to sit down and record a mix.
I´ll try to post some of the mixes that come across the next weeks. Let´s start with the End of the year-mix from Tu-Ki, who recorded it for all-city-dublin. Pretty versatile with a lot of diffeent electronic stuff (mostly uk) and some us-rap goodies thrown in.

via: getnloose

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Telemachus feat. Jareth - Grey Skies [Bambooman Remix]

Digital single feat. remixes from Bambooman and KRTS - OUT NOW!
Original version appears on the album Telemachus 'In The Evening'.


Waldo The Funk - Toykis Remixed

Letztes noch Toykis und jetzt schon Toykis Remix EP. Waldo the Funk noch Freitag in meinem Wohnzimmer, jetzt schon im Internet drinne. Schöne Remix EP mit den üblichen Verdächtigen, Dexter, Bennett, Hade, Fid Mella and Jan Frazier. Hade und Dexter Remixe sind nach den ersten Plays meine supa Favs yo. Schnell kaufen.


S.Maharba - Jed & Lucia - Spins Against The Wall & Gonjasufi - Love Of Reign (Remixes)

Always good to have some new S.Maharba in the box. Vibing with both remixes, and also loving the originals. Waiting for an Ep called "S.Maharba meets his Favs".

2012 Unused/Forgotten Remix initially made for :


Der Pole und der Tscheche (Pierre Sonality & Lukutz) - Mega Drive / Oktoberallee

Ich und mein Sega, Ich spielte kein Mario Kart sondern Mega Driiiiive. Richtig entspannte Jungs machen entspannten unterhaltsamen Rap. Mal so mal so du weißt!. AHjajajajaj. Im Anschluss noch geht der Play Button auf die jazzige Oktoberallee, alte schöne Stadt! Funkverteidiger. _°°_


Larry Fisherman - I Come In Peace (prod. Big Jerm & P. Fish)

raps that i think are good right now but in 3 days i will ask myself what the fuck i was talking about. "Larry Fisherman"

Random soundcloud found, iam sure some of you know that gang, hmm but not me. Like the track!


Friday, December 6, 2013


Quantize is part of the "CLASSIC DRUG REFERENCES VOL​.​" with appearances of Knxledge, Ras G, Blu, Dibia$e, Danny Brown and Quelle Chris. Iam a big fan of Quelle and Dibiase, and all the better to get something fresh. Enjoy the full release below and have a look at the Bandcamp page for the "CLASSIC DRUG REFERENCES VOL. 1 BOX SET".
Read the full story and stream the entire project after the jump. 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fatima – Family / La Neta

New Fatima EP – produced by Flako.
This is Eglos christmas record. Sweet music for the whole family. You can hear Flako is using more and more real instruments on his production from release to release.. less raw&dirty. Great as always, just a bit too "nice" for me at the moment.