Sunday, December 29, 2013

Radio Juicy Vol. 81 (From The Vault by Joscha Creutzfeldt)

Joscha hat mich beim Beatgeeks vor ein paar Monaten im Monarch schwer begeistert. Umso schöner diesen Radio Juicy Mix zu entdecken. 60 Minuten unveröffentlichtes Material. Dope Alter!


From the Vault
I've always wanted to do a mix of all the unreleased beats that friends have been sending and giving me over the years, a few ones in the mix are older than a decade by now and still sound amazing. Kinda happy to get this one out of my system since this is not really the music i am playing out these days. At the same time it would have been a shame to leave those things unheard on my HD, so i've actually been sort of waiting for a good occasion to do this Mix. All unreleased as far as i know, a few full tracks and unofficial remixes, lots of loops and sometimes not more than a quick rough idea, still... hope you like this, i for one think that there is some amazing music in there.
Shouts to all my myspace people, long live the Internet.
Happy holidays!
Yayor: Moo x Ill Dubio & Soulsociedad x Flako x Dela x Hubert Daviz x TBRCK x Illiaz x Croup x Feux x Berghem x Jackhigh x 1000Names x 00Genesis x Powell x Lokid x Rez x Incise x Ki En Ra and all those i forgot.
Joscha Creutzfeldt, Dec. 2013
No Tracklist, enjoy anyways

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