Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pragmatic Theory - Forces Within The Framework

Pragmatic Theory, in conjunction with Rhythm 22 an underground culture and music blog, starts off 2014 with an emcee album filled with such acts as UK's Melanin 9 aka M9Essa (formerly known asYoungun), The DoppelgangazPseudo SlangTASK1neStik Figa & more! 
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MecsTreem - MondayMorningMassacreBot // Drunken Robots 7“ preview

Save the next 1:58 minutes for the latest MecsTreem Banger of his new 7" Drunken Robots. The homie is killing it. Play a preview of the entire release on HHV (including a german review). Pre-order the 7" right here. Show some love -> XXX. Diggie, save mir eine.


Torky Tork - PR110 - Der Tote Zahlt (1987) // free gem

So proud of my boy Torky. PR110 is the art of dope you cant smoke but makes you higher then a Vaporizer. He knows how much i love that beat. Still some vinyls available, check the links below and stream the entire album after the jump.


Another free ride... LP available.
Berlin producer Torky Tork is bringing the extra rare heat with „PR 110“. The album is a homage to the Eastern German cult crime series „Polizeiruf 110“ and entirely made from the original TV scores. Sampled from VHS tapes and spiced with obsucure dialogs, „PR 110“ is mad scientist trip into some of the most remote regions of diggerdelia. This private press LP is limited to 500 copies.
Torky Tork is part of the Beat Geeks collective from Berlin. The bi-monthly event at the Monarch bar in Kreuzberg is one of the mot hapening beat producer nights in Europe. Torky is currently working on a yet untitled album together wirth Suff Daddy (Melting Pot Music).
New project with Suff Daddy:

Radio Jakarta 001: Jannis of Jakarta Records - "Arab 60s/70s Vinyl Mix"

This is exactly the stuff you can make me happy with. BigUps to Jannis of Jakarta Records, Neukölln neighbourhood yo.

Thru the "Sawtuha" project and Blitz The Ambassador playing quite some shows in Morocco I've had the pleasure to travel North Africa quite frequently lately and whenever possible I did some record shopping. This is a selection of some of the finds, music from the 60s and 70s from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Some known some not yet.
This is also a kick off to a new loose series of mixes by us, people we work with or people we are just friends with. Enjoy.