Thursday, March 27, 2014



Its all about too much hiss. Whenever you see a Dibiase post on ROL and think, Dibiase again? Yes, two points. 1. Iam a huge fan since years. 2. This cat is too productive, in a positive way -> see it as a reference :)

More Infos

This project I went back to my roots. Running stuff through the 4 track then through the tape deck. Also ran stuff through the 404 then dumped back into Ableton. Back in the day i was just all about hardware and against using any software. Through time, I learned to utilize both and combine them like Voltron. I remember making beats on a 8 second sampler, a yellow Sony walkman and a tape deck, just layering loops. Each time I would layer sounds, I would get more tape deck hiss. People would criticize that sound the most about my old beats "there's too much hiss." Then I kinda dreaded the tape hiss for that reason but nowadays people are more accepting of the tape hiss. So, if you like your beats squeaky clean...please excuse the tape hiss.

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