Wednesday, April 9, 2014

how I like it

It´s going to be a good year for house music. Some of my favorite producers got new records out or coming..  First to mention is the o.k. Moodyman-LP, that got way to much already heard stuff on it, but still some unbeatable detroitsoulishmoodystuff like you see in these videos:

(version of the funcadelic cosmic slop

(Check the second beat at 3:50 something - - dancin') 

(With amp fiddler, who showed jay dee the first tricks on the mpc)

Second is the other big detroiter Theo Parrish, who seems to have some new stuff going:

Another great LP is coming from cologne, where between a collection of vintage analogue synthesizers "Vermont" came to life:

Two more favorite synth-loaded releases on my favorite Recordlabel PPU:

OK, Done.
Back to RAP.

j .

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