Friday, June 27, 2014

Dexter feat. Audio88 & Yassin - Dies das // Palmen & Freunde

Wir waren spazieren in der Hood, vor der Cam für den Sommerhhit Nr. 1.
Verschiedene Dinge und so weiter! Dexter's neues Album "Palmen & Freunde" erscheint am 25.07.
Ole und Ganja für alle. Dexter killt mit maden Rapflows. :)


NO PEACE AMERICA // #Graffiti #NewYork LAFS & D30

R.I.P Nekst!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busdriver - Ego Death feat. Aesop Rock and Danny Brown prod. by Jeremiah Jae

First drop of Busdrivers new album (Rel. 9th/septermber) "Perfect Hair". This features two of my favorite mcees. Cheecckkkk Aesop Rock and Danny Brown cold and cool as fuck. Dope Track Thou!


Dilated Peoples - Good As Gone

Dilated Peoples - Good As Gone from Rhymesayers on Vimeo.

Good as Gone is the first Videosingle for Dilatedt Peoples new Long Player Directors of Photographywhich is going to see the daylight in the mid of august. Features with Aloe Blacc, Gangrene and Krondon highlighting the album. Looking forward. Schwubidoppy.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Bluestaeb feat. LaNó - Out Of The Blue

Out of the blue appears on Bluestaeb's 1991 Extraterrestrial EP. Nice to see that the homies (Robert Dinero) visualized this fantastic tune. More to come from the young talented berlin based Bluestaeb. :)


Friday, June 13, 2014

Rejjie Snow - Nights Over Georgia

Official video for Rejjie Snows, Nights over Georgia. Can Rap be more Laid Back compared to this guy? Shit is nuts! Happy Weekend!

More Rejjie Snow:


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Verrückte Hunde - V zu dem H (Official Video) - TOHUWABOHU

Am 27.Juni ist es soweit, Deutschlands realstes Rap Album erblickt das Tageslicht. Verrückte Hunde veröffentlichen ihr 2. Album "TOHUWABOHU" (2LP/Digital) über Keep It Movin. Heute um 10 Uhr war es Zeit für eine weitere Videoauskopplung aus ihrem Longplayer. 
Der Name ist Programm: "Das V zu dem H".

Bestello Vinylo:!
Oder beim Plattendealer eures Vertrauens:


Busta Rhymes - Woo Haa! (Kurdish Jackson Remix)

This is fuKKn dope sisters and brothers. Kurdish Jackson!


Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8 // V.A Beat

The Mad-Hop family just dropped there latest comp feat. Pixelord , Slugabed ,  Evil Needle , 1000 names , Joe Kickass , Daisuke Tanabe,  Emufacka , Himuro and many others. 
Full-length releases are available for digital download and free stemming on :

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Audio: Kenji451 – Trust (Album-Stream)

Spheric instrumental album by Kenji451 from the edit-ent. camp (Berlin). Maybe not suitable for your summer bbq, unless you weren't invited. The album sounds like you'd feel in that case: sad.

Soooo, this fine piece of music is for the lonely ones (you poor bastards.. hehe) ... and for everybody who's still up after midnight thinking about the perfect bolognese-recipe :*

Kenji451 - Trust on Bandcamp
Kenji451 on Soundcloud

Last but one ...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Audio: Geraet | Cutcannibalz – »Grump« (Beattape – Stream + Download)

Some 'Homibusiness' for a change :)
Geraet from the Cutcannibalz-Djs just load up a new beat-tape which is more or less a sequel to his »Sampo«-tape. Basically the way of creating didn't change much – tools remained reduced, attitude kind of unpolished.This time there is a slightly bigger emphasis on cuts and scratches though ...

Download for free (type in 0.-) on bandcamp
or direct Download from mediafire

"Grump isn’t a nice guy. Actually he’s a pain in everybody’s ass. Formerly he was known by the name of “Sampo” and was a nice creature from the woods – until he moved to the city and decided to stay. The city cocked him up: cheap beer, peppermint liquor, pot, mdma and cheap amphetamines, electro-raves and poorly performed rap-concerts, doddle girls … Grump works as a shaby call-center agent for a fucked up shoe mail-order. Grump is never sober, doesn’t have a life scheme and pretends he isn’t giving a damn about anything (actually he is though). Slowly he became a bitter cynic and a disgusting smart-aleck wisenheimer. Every now and then, Grump is helping out Geraet building some beats half-assed (he thinks he’s got some talent but it’s just unnoticed yet). These instrumentals is the outcome of their sessions .. "