Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Geraet | cutcannibalz: »Memonome« Stream/Download + Vinyl purchase

New instrumental album release outta RoL-Gäng!

Geraet (cutcannibalz) is dropping this 12 track LP. with just 24 minutes playtime. Hum. Actually way too short for a 'real' long player. But you know, call it a short player if you want to. Anyway, it seems like it has been a very dusty job to produce those beats. howling sax, not-in-tune bass, half-assed played synths all paired up with some tin-canish drum grooves and atmospheres, that are just carved to let you feel even worse when you sit there, alone at the bar starring at your cheap blended. Hey that sounds fun! Whoop!

»Memonome« is published on vinyl and as download (you can stream for free, download and order vinyl directly at [Geraets Bandcamp-Page]).

You might want to get some other records too anyway? In that case it's recommendable to order your copy via [Vinyl-Digital or [].

[] (Vinyl at
[] (Vinyl at Vinyl Digital)

Ey, btw.: there's also one lost rap song in the end of the album. It features Redrama form Finland. You still know that guy?

Pfeww. This is it for the next 3 month on this Blog.


  1. I was excited to hear this new instrumental album.All the sound tracks of this album are fantastic.They are perfect party song.Way to go man!

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