Beasts of the Leaks

ROL - Beasts of the Leaks 2 - Mixtape - mixed by Dj Geraet

creature: Ignacio Mendez artwork: Jonas Schulte

Rapohnelizenz "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Vol.2 mixed by Dj Geraet (Cutcannibalz) // V.A. by the-Rapohnelizenz

Download: Rapohnelizenz - Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr. 2


01.Kyo Itachi feat.Stahhr - Noire
02.Naughty by Nature - Gotta Lotta
03.Eagle Nebula - Waiting (Beat)
04.Cortez feat. Miss Jay - Make A Star (prod. By Oddisee)
05.Large Pro - Hardcore HipHop Remix (prod. by Geraet)
06.Jehst - Return of the Drifter Remix (prod. by Silenzio)
07.Muneshine feat. Sean Price - What Now Remix (prod. by Vinyl Frontiers)
08.Black EL x Durkin - Hi(GH)
09.Serengeti & Polyphonic - Mega Zoo
10.TassNata feat. Elzhi,Adam Bomb,& DJ Docta - Heavyweights ( Northern Profit)
11.Epsilon Project - Today (prod. by Archives)
12.Yayes feat. Capo - Oooo
13.Crown Royale feat. Kam Moye - After All
14.TASK1ne - Mic Check (prod. by Lee Bannon)
15.The Left feat. Guilty Simpson - Reporting Live
16.Suff Daddy - Comin2ULIve
17.DLRN feat. cplus x task1 - trill cosby 1.5
18.Young De - Watcha Gonna Do
19.The Doppelgangaz - Doppelgang Affiliation
20.Earl feat. Wolf Haley - Pigions
21.Kaine Karrera - Ready to Explode (prod. by Lee Bannon)
22.Mello Music Group feat. Roc Marciano,X.O. & Tranquill - Helpless Dreamer (prod. by Apollo Brown)
23.Malkovich Music - Air Iran
24.Dibiase - Lumberjack
25.Emay - Douche Lincolns, "So Live"
26.Glasses Malone - Still In The City (prod. by Merlin the Wizard)
27.Geraet - Shunsuke (Beat)

Hi to all music lovers in the field. Today our new mixtape "Beasts of the Leaks Vol.2" is dropping. Energetically mixed by Dj Geraet, part of Cutcannibalz - the dopest Dj-Crew the world has ever seen. Host of this splendid piece of audio-history: KAINE KARRERA (make absolutelly sure you listen to his enormously magnificent E.P "Me Myself & Music" produced by Lee Bannon).

Like i told you before, this Mixtape-series contains FREE LEAKS ONLY by artists recently crossed our auditory canal.

We hope you'll enjoy the mix.Worship and adoration to everybody supported us making this happen:
Geraet, Kaine Karrera, Jonas S, Ignacio M & dasSchmott
plus especially all artists serving tons of amazingly dope Hip Hop music.


Your Rapohnelizenz Family!

proudly supported by Shalom Salon

ROL - Beasts of the Leaks 1 - Mixtape - mixed by Dj Pratt

Rapohnelizenz "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr.1 mixed by DJ Pratt // V.A. by the-Rapohnelizenz


01. Movements(intro) - Jansport J
02. Do It To Death - Rhymefest (feat. Little Brother and Supastition)
03. Hungry - Apollo Brown (Big Pooh & Black Milk)
04. On The Regular - Skeem Price (prod. J. Bizness)
05. WhatChooWant - Vice Verse (prod. Young RJ)
06. The Richers - TiRon (feat. Blu & Asher Roth prod. Oddisee)
07. Pump - Jon Phonics
08. Get The Money - Mic Geronimo (feat. Royal Flush)
09. Madabotit - Leonard Dstroy (Higher Vibrations)
10. Time/Leap - St. LaRok (Time Leap EP)
11. The Veteran - Marco Polo (feat. Grand Daddy IU)
12. Day After Day - Rots One (Junktion Sampler)
13. Yaa I Get It - Shad (TSOL)
14. It Aint Hard To Tell - Nas (Paul Mighty Remix)
15. Lock and Load - M9 (Chemo (Telemachus) RMX)
16. It's Funny - Eternia & MoSS (ft. Joell Ortiz)
17. Staff Style Stickfighting - Methuzulah (feat. DINCO D(LEADERS THE NEWSCHOOL)
18. Try Force - Elaquent (Elaquent - Freebies (2010)
19. Brainwash - yU (feat. Finale, Grap Luva, Op Swamp 81 / prod by Slimkat78)
20. Who's That - OPhrap (feat. Aliso Black / prod. by Science)
21. Fuck The Money - B.o.B. (feat. Asher Roth)
22. Killer - Guilty Simpson (prod. Oh-No)
23. Black Diamond - Pangaea (Whosane / prod. Oh-No)
24. Deranged Vets - Epsilon Project (Prod. V.I)
25. Aint Nobody Better Than Us - Fortilive (Mush-Mouf & Slo-Mo feat. Illmind)
26. Lowerface - Cloudy October (The Aviator is Dead E.P.)
27. Hurry Up and Wait - Nocando (Jimmy the Lock LP)

Yo. Here it is. Our first Blog Mixtape "Beasts of the Leaks"", mixed by Homie and appealing figure DJ Pratt from Chicago! The idea behind the Mixtape was to drop some of the freshest leaks that crossed our blog with the time, on one Mixtape. In these times of acocalyptic winds and cloudy days, we try to rescue dope tracks before they sink into obscurity. Caution: The Mixtape reflects the likes of Dj Pratt & Rapohnelizenz and has no warranty for yours. So go and take a listen, we appreciate that. Thanks for reading, supporting, sending us your music and giving us so much Love! Rapohnelizenz & DJ Pratt. (Next Issues mixed by Geraet & Dj Wretch).