Monday, June 2, 2014

Audio: Geraet | Cutcannibalz – »Grump« (Beattape – Stream + Download)

Some 'Homibusiness' for a change :)
Geraet from the Cutcannibalz-Djs just load up a new beat-tape which is more or less a sequel to his »Sampo«-tape. Basically the way of creating didn't change much – tools remained reduced, attitude kind of unpolished.This time there is a slightly bigger emphasis on cuts and scratches though ...

Download for free (type in 0.-) on bandcamp
or direct Download from mediafire

"Grump isn’t a nice guy. Actually he’s a pain in everybody’s ass. Formerly he was known by the name of “Sampo” and was a nice creature from the woods – until he moved to the city and decided to stay. The city cocked him up: cheap beer, peppermint liquor, pot, mdma and cheap amphetamines, electro-raves and poorly performed rap-concerts, doddle girls … Grump works as a shaby call-center agent for a fucked up shoe mail-order. Grump is never sober, doesn’t have a life scheme and pretends he isn’t giving a damn about anything (actually he is though). Slowly he became a bitter cynic and a disgusting smart-aleck wisenheimer. Every now and then, Grump is helping out Geraet building some beats half-assed (he thinks he’s got some talent but it’s just unnoticed yet). These instrumentals is the outcome of their sessions .. "

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